Friday, 30 April 2010

[Daemons] Khorne Daemon Army Showcase

Hey all,

Last Monday while I had some time off work, I spent the day photographing my 40k armies to be ready for blog articles, ready to be fired off whenever.

Today I thought I'd show my Daemon Army unit by unit, just in a kind of showcase article. Talk a bit about anything interesting and generally just show them off...

The brief of this army was two-fold. After playing a LOT of games over the space of 12 months with my Orks, I decided I wanted a very different army that I could make all plastic and on the cheap.

I'd gone round and round with ideas what to do, and liked the sound of the Daemons, and at the time I had a Khorne Heavy Chaos marine list, so the two would link well. In August, the army was born getting about 1,250pts for £50. I then expanded this in October with a £30 investment and rounded it up to over a 2,000pt force - all plastic. "How've you managed that?" you may ask. Well read on...


This is my take on Skulltaker. He took a bit of a hit in the transition between 4th and 5th Edition, due to the changes to rending rules, but I still think he's a really cool character. Most people's gripe is that for the extra points, it's not worth it when you can just take a normal Herald on a Juggernaut, but like I say, he's cool. He's made from a normal Bloodletter, holding a Skull and with a Khornate shoulder pad and chainmail tabbard thing.

Originally he was going to have a cloak, but the brief of the project was "Quick, Cheap and Dirty" and it would have meant sculpting work, which I didn't fancy doing at the time.


This guy is a pre-painted Dungeons and Dragons mini which I bought for £5 (1/7th the cost of a Metal one) and all I had to do was base him with sand. Bargain! Think he's called Ba'Lor or something...

Bloodcrusher Heralds

This is one of my 2 Heralds on Juggernauts. Now I know what you're thinking... "He's not riding anything!" and you'd be true to spot that. My reasoning behind this is that since Bloodcrushers count as Infantry because "the massive armoured Juggernaut is too slow to be considered Cavalry", I envisioned some kind of Incredible Hulk style Bloodcrusher.

So these guys are made from Ogre Ironguts with big 2 Handed weapons. I figure they fit the role of S5, T5, Power Weapon armed with Iron Hides pretty well.


These guys are probably the only standard unit in the army, and were the test bed of the paint scheme. The army is divided by Green and Blue detailing on the tongues of the Bloodletters to split the units on the battlefield.

They're painted Mechrite Red (flesh), Boltgun Metal and Shining Gold (Hellblades) and Dheneb Stone (bones, teeth, claws, horns). Then they're washed over with Badab Black. Simples!

I'm not one for large amounts of time spent painting...


These are 1 of the 2 units of Bloodcrushers I use in my 2000pt list. This is the green half, and each unit runs with a Herald attached into it.

Flesh Hounds

These Flesh hounds are made from Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warhounds, simply because they're £12 for 10 of them - a full unit or 2 units of 5. They're painted in the same way as the Bloodletters, but I've kept the fur black, like the old style Bloodletters and the Bloodthirster's mane are.


This is Karanak, the leader of the Flesh hounds. He's simply a standard Flesh Hound, but one that's stood howling. I'm thinking about maybe adding some more details onto the base to make him stand out. Personally, I think Karanak is always worth taking if you take the hounds.

Original Daemon Prince

This is my first original Daemon Prince made from the Be'Lakor model from Warhammer Fantasy, as firstly, the model is awesome. But then the fact it's £3 cheaper than the 40k Daemon Prince AND already comes with wings attached.

He's painted in a much brighter shade of red, as he originally led my Khorne Chaos Marine army into battle. However, he's been sidelined as my list called for 3 Daemon Prince units.

New Daemon Princes

These are my new Daemon Princes. Fire Elementals from Dungeons and Dragons, as I really liked the transparent orange look. However, I think these guys will soon get retired in favour of some more fitting models, they look a bit too Tzeentchian. I have some ideas for the MK2 versions, but we'll have to wait and see!

The Khorne Family Photo

And finally here's the army in all it's spikey, bloody glory:
- Bloodthirster
- Skulltaker
- 2 Heralds on Juggernauts
- 20 Bloodletters
- 8 Bloodcrushers
- 10 Flesh Hounds
- 4 Daemon Princes

Next step is maybe some better fitting Daemon Princes - depending when GW decide to release that elusive plastic prince!.

As usual... any questions, comments or feedback, let me know :)


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

[FTW] Unifying and Theming your Armies

Hey all,

Recieved an email from Ron at FTW not long ago, with the topic of this month's collaborative post. This time we're going to be talking about how we theme and unify our armies outside of what units are actually in the force.

For me, there's 3 areas we can do this in - Painting, Converting and Basing and I feel all 3 are in my Ork force, but I'll try and chop some other armies in there to spice things up.

The first and most obvious personally is the painting work undertaken on the army - whether it's Eavy Metal, Golden Daemon winning standard, or something as simple as a variant colour scheme.

I'd then say there's 3 sub-categories inside of painting that can define an army theme - Paint Scheme, Painting Method and Colour Palette.

Paint Scheme

First off, the paint scheme chosen by the player can tell as much of a backstory to knowledgable 40k players as could a 100 word piece of background fluff. From something as simple as the colour your paint your Space Marines, generally signifies their chapter or founding chapter, or what type of Ork clan you wish to play as.

This is my Looted Boom-wagon, painted in lucky Deffskullz blue, to match to rest of my force, showing their heavy focus on looting equipment, vehicles and their general luckiness on the tabletop!

Painting Methods
Once you've picked your overall scheme, it then comes to how you paint your army. An honourable Marine or Eldar army will obviously be highly polished, very cleanly layered and highlighted, whereas an army mid-conflict or a grimey evil army will be less cleanly painted and use more washes and drybrushing.

This is my Necron army, the Soul Reavers, who I wanted to look like standard Necrons, however when painting them I used heavy drybrushing to try and emphasise these are ancient robots who've slumbered for a long, long time and awoken. Time has taken it's toll on their shiney steel!

This is one of my Bloodletters from the Daemonhost of Khorne. These guys I wanted to be very quick to paint, but also emphasise their extreme evil and bestial nature with dark colours overwashed by Badab Black. The use of the wash to darken the models makes them look less cartoony and more evil to me.

 Colour Palette
Another choice in your overall army scheme is the Colour Palette you stick to. I've seen extreme ends of the scale for this, with a Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elf army that was painted in Blues, Greys and pale Browns as a winter theme and it looked amazing. However, just by using a limited palette of specific colours can give such an impression too.

Take my Ork Warboss, who was painted as "How all the rest of his Waagh! should look". By using a pale brown and cream colours for the clothing, I've tried to get the feel like they use really poor fabrics like 41st millenium potato sacks and such, to make them feel more like scavenging Raiders.

Also, I've not used gold on any of my Orks. I figured that a bunch of Looting Raiders would have either spent or lost the gold, so I went for very dark metal colours like battered steel.

The next step players take to theme their armies is converting - which can be something as simple as most of my Ork conversions are, or very heavily converted armies like Traitor Guard armies made from Catachan / Beastmen Hybrids or such.

My Orks, as I've said previously are major Lootas and since most of the time they are fighting Imperial opposition, they tend to loot their leftovers. Things range from small conversion jobs like weapon swaps and "Orkifying", to kit bashing and other conversions.

These are my Meganobz who thought the Beakies had it too good with their Terminator armour, so crumped a bunch of them and cobbled together the left over armour to make Mega Armour. They've also gone for a variety of colours, signifying they've fought lots of different Space Marine chapters in their time.

Themewise for the army, whatever the Orks can't loot they capture various types of Squigs and get them to do the same job! This is a Warbuggy count-as, that the Orks were more than happy to strap some Rokkits to and charge towards the enemy. This gets further reinforced in the army with a Squiggoth that doubles as a Battlewagon and an "Biological" Drednaught.

Back to more simple stuff now with my Lootas who are the poster boys of the force. These have simply had lots of Imperial and Xeno weapons cobbled together to make their Deffgunz, along with some Space Marine backpacks to tie them all together and make it so I can split the unit into 3 small squads of 5.

The final area for this article covers basing the army to tie it all together. Which can be as simple as my basing scheme which I use for all my forces - or more elaborate things like small puddles or swamp areas on bases to show the army is fighting in a marshland style environment, or something like snow basing.

Firstly, I started basing with this method when I used to play Lord of the Rings and first moved into 40k and wanted Urban themed Imperial Guard. I start by using Sand or Gravel (a mix of the two also works well) and then paint this with Chaos Black. Once dry, I do a heavy drybrush of Codex Grey and a second lighter drybrush with Fortress Grey. Then I re-paint the Rim of the base with Chaos Black, before putting patches of Static grass on.

I've continued using this method since then, as I envision all my armies are taking part in the same conflict on an un-named planet in the galaxy which forms the background for all my forces.

That way, when displayed with one another, or fighting each other, they form the basis for further background story on the planet whose Imperial Guard regiments face siege daily from all sides by the Orks, Necrons and Chaos Daemons (and maybe a Zombie or two).

So there you go, unifying and theming your army in 3 easy steps. So try and take this into account when you start a new army, or even add to your existing one.

What do you guys do to unify and theme your armies - and do you have any other tips?


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

[Battle Report] The Weekly Waaagh! vs Chaos Space Marines

Morning all,

Last night was the final league game for me in our Warlord tournament for 2010, which was against Rob's Chaos Space Marine army, led by the tag-team of Lucius and Kharn.

The scenario was Cities of Death Plant the Flag, with 8 objective buildings (4 ruins and 4 fuel containers).

With both armies being agressive assault armies, the battle lines were drawn and the race was on for who could cripple the other army quickest in the centre of the field. Facing me down on the field were:
- Lucius
- Kharn and unit of Berzerkers in a Land Raider
- Unit of Berzerkers in a Rhino
- Unit of Khornate Raptors
- Defiler
- Noise Marines

The majority of the army set up facing the Orks, ready to speed forward in their armoured safety, while the footsloggers had to bash the tin cans. The Noise Marines set up at the far ruin as a firebase, as did my Lootas.

The match was extremely bloody (as should be expected between Khorne and Orks).

Lucius managed to hold a 30 strong Ork boy Mob on his own for a full turn, until finally succumbing to the horde.

Kharn, for the first time in the league, killed 2 of his own Berzerkers in combat and was dragged down by a charging unit of 30 Boyz.

The Tankbustas whooped a Land Raider in close combat (which they're quickly getting a reputation for) after shaking, stunning, weapon destroying, immobilising it and then finally getting a destroyed result.

The moment of the game for the Orks was the extremely infamous Burna Wagon, which rolled forward to a disembarked unit of Khorne Berzerkers and unleashed 15 Burna shots.

Now you see them....

Now you don't!

90 flamer hits on the unit was enough to wipe them off the table. Shortly afterwards, the Raptors in the background jumped over and managed to swamped the Battlewagons via Melta fire and Power fist attacks.

In the end, the game resulted in a Wipeout for the Orks, finishing off the only unit left on the board, the Noise Marines, via heavy shooting from Big Shootas and a firebase of Lootas.

It was a fun game, and for a while, the prospect of Lucius and Kharn chopping through the Orks really, really worried me. If it hadn't been for some lucky decisions, such as removing a key Ork boy to prevent Kharn and the Berzerkers charging, and where the other Berzerkers had to disembark from their vehicles, it could have went very differently.

Peace out,

Monday, 26 April 2010

Death Squads: A new way to play 40k

Hey all,

Saw this a while ago, but forgot about it, then found an email with a rulebook update for "Death Squads" - a fan based set of rules for 40k based around small scale detailed skirmishes.

"Death Squads" goes back to 4th edition style Kill Teams and borrows a lot from Necromunda and Mordheim to provide some very detailed options in your 40k play.

I've not had a full look through the rules, but it's free to get hold of (you just need to register on their forums) and worth a try.

Download Link: HERE

See what you think and maybe MAWS can give it a go sometime soon :)


[Chaos] Converting a Plastic Abbaddon

Howdy all,

I've been away for the weekend, and since I was starting to thin out my Ork pictures and articles, I decided I'd go through my Necron army and Chaos Daemons, taking some pictures ready for a bit of discussion.

However, I opened my Chaos Daemons box and found my Plastic Abaddon conversion inside it. The last remnant of my old Chaos Marine army and the leader of my next Chaos force (should I start one).

If memory serves, I bought a Chaos Terminator Lord box so that I could get some more Lightning Claws and Chainfists for my Ork Killa Kans - however, I then decided that the Terminator Lord remaining parts could be worked with to make a plastic version of Abbaddon - which is easier to transport, less prone to breakage and costs the same price as the Metal version, and gives me a ton of extra bits!

The first thing I had to do was look at the official model and rules - then break it down into components I needed to make:

So looking at the model and rules, the following are important components:
- Bald head with Topknot, no biotics or mechanical parts.
- Talon of Horus, lightning claw with two bolt pistol sized weapons on top.
- Drach'ynen the Daemon sword, more ornate than Techno
- Trophy racks that are huge.

Apologies first of all for what looks like sloppy painting. He was converted, undercoated, sprayed and based over the space of about 36 hours.

Body Style
The body was made from the standard Chaos Terminator Lord parts, with the spikey chest, rather than the "bulls head" style design. I used a blank shoulder pad on the right shoulder and the Eye of Horus on the left side.

His head was made from the bald Chaos Terminator Lord head, with the most scale-correct Ork top knot I could find.

Daemon Sword
His Daemon sword Drach'nyen was made from the sword of a Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warrior, with the pommel cut off and placed onto where the Chaos Lord's Power Axe was originally.

Talon of Horus
The Talon of Horus was made from the Chaos Lord's Lightning Claw, with two pistols from Khorne Berzerkers trimmed down and placed on top. The dangling ammo belts were cut from the side of the pistols and moved to a more suitable location to match the official model.

Trophy Racks
The other major detail on the official model was the Trophy Racks, which the Terminator lord comes with some big ones that I've not actually shown on the pictures.

As for painting Abaddon, I really tried to go for a dirty, grimey Chaos look - using a lot of Badab Black wash - as a test bed for a possible Black Legion army.

- Metal: Boltgun Metal and Burnished Gold
- Tabbard and Hair: Blood Red
- Power Cables and Gems: Ice Blue

The skin was a weird one for me to paint, because I'd not painted human flesh for a long, long time and Abbaddon's skin was a sickly pale colour. In the end, I went for Fortress Grey and let the Black wash do the shading for me.

So there you go guys, I'm really happy with how it turned out, especially since it's the same price as the metal model and a LOT less hassle for me. Hope you guys like it, and let me know what you think!


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Brotherhood of the Forge

Afternoon all.

Last night, I was doodling away with an idea I've had going around for a while. I really enjoy the concept, models and background of Dwarves in Warhammer Fantasy, however, we don't play enough of it at the club to warrant a second army.

So the idea began - How can I get Dwarves into a 40k Army?

The Brotherhood of the Forge are colonies on Miners spread around Imperial Space, designated as Abhumans by the Imperium, but have become new allies in this time of darkness.

The Brotherhood are a single unit, with a hierarchy, split between different Guilds across space.

The fluff behind the Brotherhood is still under development, but they're based mostly on getting Dwarf units from Fantasy into an similar style army for 40k.

This is a concept sketch of a Forge Brother I drew yesterday. The actual models would be converted from Fantasy Dwarf Warriors with Bolters, extra sculpted armour pads and a custom made Visor.

The idea behind the visor is that the Brotherhood double up on their equipment, with it being Welding / Forge gear in times of peace, and extra protective armour in battle. It also adds a bit of mystery to them - the hope being their faces and exposed skin are never seen. Could they actually be human... or some kind of cyber-construct?

The idea is, the actual army will be able to cover 2 armies at once - a Scout heavy Codex Marine army and a Witch hunter army.

Witchhunter ideas:
Cannonness - Forge Lord
Inquisitor Lord - Forge Priest
Arcoflaggelants / Repentia - Oathkeepers (Slayers)
Sisters of Battle - Brotherhood Warriors
Stormtroopers - Brotherhood Rangers
Celestians - Longbeards
Rhino - Rhino
Penitent Engines - Forge Guardians
Exorcist - Rhino / Organ Gun construct

The Witchhunters list made sense to me as it focuses a lot on Melta and Flamer weapons, which a Forge would make use of. Also, the fact they are S3 T3 with a 3+ save sounds a lot to me like they could be Dwarves in heavy armour. Plus faith points are always cool...
There's a couple of staple Witchhunter things that are missing from the list, specifically Seraphim - however I'm not sure on how Dwarves would feel about flying around places - if you've got any ideas though, feel free to suggest!

Scout heavy Marine Codex list:
Space Marine Captain - Forge Lord in MKIV O-D-I-N prototype armour
Librarian - Forge Priest in Prototype armour
Techmarine - Forge Priest?
Sternguard - Longbeards
Dreadnoughts - Forge Guardians
Scouts - Brotherhood
Drop Pods - Tunelling Vehicles
Whirlwind - Organ Gun
Bikers - Bikes...
Land Raider - Mag Train
Land Speeder - Gyrocopter style thing

So that's the idea at the moment. I'm looking for a heavily converted army I can take my time with, steadily paint it up to a high quality and create a bit of unique background inspired from the Squats and Demiurg races.

Hopefully I can get some tester pieces built up in the next couple of weeks and start using them in

If you have any other suggestions or ideas, or some feedback on the proposed ideas let me know. I'll admit, I suck at drawing... so don't comment on the quality of the sketch, it started off initially as just the Visor concept and went from there.

Peace out!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

[FLUFF] The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

(Now I don't mean to steal Uriel's thunder, but I have been waiting to hear his next part of the Ultramarine / Blood Angel story, so I decided I would take a stab at adding a part. I dont think it is anywhere near as good as his writing but I wanted to add in my my favourite Space Marine Unit in the game... so read on and I hope you enjoy.)

His Prey was close, he could smell it, the sickly smell of taint, the metallic tang of freshly spilt blood and the anger radiated from its body all this he could pick out from the dense cloying smells of the jungle. He knew it hadn’t noticed him yet it was too busy butchering its latest find and drinking deep from the heart of the last Ultramarine. It must have been the Ultramarine that sent the request for help on a broad frequency. Lukan’s ears pricked as he heard a muffled step and cursed in his head, his fellow Wolves should be quieter than that. The Wolf Scouts stopped as one when their newest recruit stood onto some damp sticks, but it appeared their prey was too intent on its kill. Lukan started forward again and his pack followed, only the super heightened senses of the Space Wolves able to know where each member was, it was even more enhanced than that of a normal Space Marine, if such a creation could be called normal. Lukan caught sight of his prey for the first time and was disgusted, he knew what his squad had been sent to do, they were here to quell the Red Thirst from the Blood Angels before the Inquisition found out, but to see a fellow Astarte standing over the body of the fallen Ultramarine sickened the Wolf. He drew his power sword, but didn’t activate its power field to keep up his current stealth, his enhanced hearing picked out the sound of the rest of his Pack as they did the same. He was only five strides from the Blood Angel when the trees of the jungle came to an end, reaching the clearing he waited until he knew his pack was surrounding the prey. After only a few heartbeats he leapt from the trees, the Blood Angel finally looking up from its horrid food to see the snarling face of Lukan bearing down on him. To his credit the Blood Angel did not freeze in horror as most mortals would when faced by a charging Space Wolf, he bared his own fangs which were thin and needle like compared to the Wolves thick Dagger like fangs, he brought up his own chainsword just in time to parry the wolves power sword, luckily the power field hadn’t been activated yet.

Lukan turned with the force of the Blood Angels parry, he was stronger than he had thought. Lukan brought his sword round again this time activating the field and cut deep into the leg armour of his prey, out of the corner of his eye he saw his fellow pack ready to strike if he fell. He was determined he wouldn’t. The Blood Angel was unhindered by the cut to his leg and fought with a madness seen only in those who have fallen to the Red Thirst. Lukan knew he had to end it quickly and put all his effort into breaching his preys defences, time after time he scored a hit, but the Angel refused to fall, he could smell other Blood Angels approaching, they had to leave before they arrived. He pushed himself to his limits and releasing the inner wolf he managed to get inside his preys guard, his sword bit deep into the side of the Blood Angels army piercing both hearts and coming out at the shoulder snarling fiercely into his preys face, the Blood Angel didn’t even blink, he brought down his own chainsword and only Lukan’s wolf like instinct kept him out of harms way as he dived around the back of his prey twisting his sword and pulling it free. The Wolf pack had vanished by the time the Blood Angel fell to the ground, short seconds later a Sanguinary Priest arrived to find their fallen comrade lying next to the last Ultramarine, he believed they killed each other. Lukan could smell the shame radiating from the Priest and the other Blood Angels lurking in the tree line, he waited in the shadows until the Priest had left before going back to the hunt.

(As with everything, feel free to comment.)

[Orks] Objective Markers

Morning again,

Along with my Warbuggies last weekend, I also started making some Objective Markers for the Ork army. I'm attending a 1,500pt tournament at the end of May and they rules pack calls for you to have 2 - 3 objective markers for your army.

I initially thought the simple and quick route of things like Guns lying around, Dead Orks... that kind of thing. But then thought about the fact MAWS players are starting branching out into special missions, and some that we play every so often are from the Cities of Death book.

Then I got onto the train of thought of making objective markers that can be re-used as my 3 stratagems in Cities of Death. I don't normally have a specific 3 stratagems I use, as it depends entirely on the mission being played - however, I went with what I could make look good and at the same time, be functional.

Ammo Dump
The first stratagem that's invaluable in a building with Shoota Boyz or Lootas is the Ammo Dump, letting me re-roll failed To-Hit rolls, which with Ork ballistic skill... is well worth taking.

To make the objective, I simply raided my Ork Bitz box for as many guns, ammo boxes and backpacks as I could - then stuck an Eldar vehicle bit upright, with an Ork glyph on, to make it stand out more and give me something I can pick up easily before, during and after a game.

Command Centre

The Command Centre stratagem is one I used to use before I got my Ork army, during the days of 4th Edition Khorne World Eaters list. Chuck the command centre in the middle of the table and watch your units get the Counter Attack special rule - always handy. I guess it's even more handy when I've got a 30 strong mob of Orks. Admittedly, it's less handy now that the assault rules have changed since 4th ed, but passing the LD test to get an extra attack per Ork - bonus!

The model was made from a spare Predator turret, that I had left over from making my Looted Wagons. The idea / theme is that it's an Ork command post if it's placed on a building in Cities of Death, or in normal games it's a hatch to an underground base.

I stuck a Battlewagon commander in the hatch, as he looks like the kind of Ork that would befitting in a Command Centre. Then I used a spare Battlewagon Zzap gun and Biker banner as an Antenna / Radar kind of thing.

Medicae Facility
The final piece is the one I'm most proud of, and kick started the whole project in the beginning. My Painboy "Klinic" was the driving force behind it. I envisioned an Ork that's been strapped to an operating table, against his will, as a Painboy goes to work on him. Feel No Pain on Orks in a building is extremely handy as it will resolve the loss of cover from Flamer hits and add to their general toughness. At a push, Grots in a building, although lots of things will be stopping the Feel No Pain!

I made the operating table out of a Rhino door and 2 Battlewagon Big shootas as supports. Then the 2 Orks were leftover Battlewagon crew. The patient Ork, originally had a topknot head, but I removed the hair as I liked the screaming look and the fact he's missing an eye. He's strapped down to the table via 2 spare Nob shoulder pads.

The painboy himself is just a Battlewagon crew member with a Scalpel in the form of a Choppa, and his Painboy arm from the Nob boxset. I got the head from a Stormboy, as I liked the look of the surgical mask get up.

So yeah, I had a lot of fun making these objective markers, especially considering I've not had much time for hobbying recently.

It's the first time I've made a set of them and I've already got plans for converting some of the other Ork Cities of Death stratagems.


Monday, 19 April 2010

[Orks] Wargaming on the Cheap - Warbuggies

Morning all,

Figured I'd get my blog post in pretty early, after a busy weekend, I finally got around to finishing off my latest 2 projects - a set of objective markers for my Ork army (which will be covered in a later article) and a set of 3 Warbuggies, to make headway with my "1 of each Ork unit" goal for 2010.

Originally, I was intending on making Warbuggies out of Ork Trukks. Buy4LessOnline have a really good deal which is about £40 for 3 Ork Trukks. However, this would have meant waiting until I had that amount of money clear for spending - which isn't going to happen for a while!

So, last Saturday morning as I meander around the house tidying up, I came across a McDonalds toy of a Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon and thought - "That looks like either a baby Squiggoth or a massive Squig!". Quickly, a plan was formulated. My Orks are Lootas to the extreme, if it moves, hurts people or you can strap an Ork on top of it - they'll use it in a fight.

This is the orginal toy, minus a pair of wings which go on the strange looking (but very helpful) clips sticking out the side of his body. The wings have been left off and to one side for future conversions.

I then tried to Orkify it up a bit, with a big Iron Gob, Rokkits made from left over Valkyrie missle bits and some spare armour plates from old school missile launcher casing. Then this was topped off with an Ork rider, so it satisfies the Crew shaken / stunned results etc. I then stuck it on some old 60mm bases to stabilise the legs and make it a bit easier to move around.

I would have liked to put more Orky vehicle bits on it, strap more armour plates down, but due to lack of bits and really wanting to speed through the project within a week, these got left off.

So once it had been built, I left it to sit overnight to stabilise, then Sunday afternoon sprayed it Chaos Black ready for painting.

I mimicked the painting on my smaller Squig models - Mechrite Red with a Badab Black wash. This also satisfied the Red Paint Job upgrade that is mandatory for all Ork vehicles within my Waaagh!.

So there you go, hopefully you guys enjoy them and if not, at least I enjoyed making and painting them and they cost me a grand total of £5 to make - which was the 3 snap fit Orks that are sat on top of the Buggies!

In games, I'm running them with 3 Twin Linked Rokkits as a speedy roaming Tank hunter unit and the fact they're Twin Linked is excellent, as I found in a game on Saturday afternoon.

Let me know what you think about the buggies and remember that it was about speed and cost, which I'm very happy with personally :)



Just incase some people were confused by a mysterious "Test" post email or link. I was testing out scheduled posting, to avoid clumping posts together within minutes of one another.

Disregard any "Test" stuff and enjoy the rest of the blog :)


New projects or ideas

Hi all, Angryman here,

As its a rainy Monday morning I thought I'd ask a general question. Does anyone have any new ideas or modelling projects in the pipeline or are you currently working on anything?

2000 points of Salamander Space Marines are almost finished, Vulkan He'Stan just needs adding
This army has been worked on for about 6 months now, buying the models and building them up slowly. I thought I'd splash out on these guys so I bought the Forgeworld Salamader vehicle and terminator bits.

I've also been adding to my on-going and favorite army, the Tyranids
In the past month I've been busy adding some more termagants to my fleet, I've got everything I need to finish of my Trygon Prime (it just needs painting now). I finally got my hands on the bits I need to make my Doom of Malan'tai and the spore pod I use with him. My Alpha warrior has now been converted
as well as my version of the Parasite of Mortrex (forgive the picture quality).

And to finish off I finally mounted all my existing terrain pieces onto hardboard, repaired them and made some new bits with the stuff I had lying around in boxes.
So, What has everyone else been up to? share your projects with the wargaming world.

Friday, 16 April 2010

[Battle Report] The Weekly Waaagh! vs Blood Angels 4th Ed

Well, seems to be a bit of a barren week again for the blog - everytime I look at the "Compose your post" screen, my mind seems to blank out. I'm intending on starting a new series of articles this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

In the mean time, I figured to ease myself back in I'd do a mini battle report on my game from Monday night against 4th Edition Blood Angels (which will be my last game against that Codex).

After all the talk of how uber the new Codex has become, it's easy to forget that the previous codex was no slouch.

First off, I can't remember the exact details of what went on in the game, all I know is I got a proper pasting in it. I was using my highly untested 1750pt list consisting of:
2 x Big Mek with KFF, Power Klaw, Cybork, Eavy, Bosspole
15 Lootas
15 Burnas
15 Tankbustas - 2 Tank Hammers
2 x 30 Slugga Boyz - Nob, PK, BP
18 Grotz - 1 Runtherd, Poisoned Weapon
2 Battlewagons - Red Paint, Deff Rolla, Big Shoota, Kannon, Armour Plates

The mission was a modified Cities of Death game, with the objective to hold the central building with Troop choices. Having the most troop choices within 3" at the end of the game was key to winning and ONLY Troop choices can capture. There is no Contesting, other units are there to annihalate the troop choices.

First turn, I think both Battle Wagons were gone from the sheer amount of twin linked Lascannon Razorback fire, along with Bike and Speeder Meltas. Which put a serious dent in not only mobility, but there seemed to be some mega high rolling to wound the Burnas and Tankbustas inside. Despite having KFFs, I seemed to manage to epic fail on rolling higher than a 2 for any of them...

Throughout the game it seemed to be that what managed to survive the torrent of fire from the Blood Angels, managed to make an impact in the assault phase with turn 1 and 2 yeilding the scalps of the Landspeeders, half a Bike squad and an attack bike Squadron.

The Deathcompany were skulking around on a far flank, and the Razorbacks had formed a wall of Red Steel until their speedier Bretheren were chopped down. So out jumped Corbulo and the lads with their furious charge and after 2 turns causing a big Ork mob to run away after dropping to low numbers.

Turn 4 brought the stand-out moments of the game:

One of the Big Meks and the 1 remaining Burna in the unit almost managed to weather the fire of 4 Twin Linked Lascannons and 8 Stormbolter shots rolling an obscene amount of 5+ cover saves. Unfortunately the Mek eventually fell to the final Lascannon shot.

In the same turn, 2 Space Marine bikers charged the (now 15 man) Grot unit. Charging in, hitting on 3s, killing on 2s and managing to kill nothing. Woe betide the wrath of the Runtherder, seeking vengeance on the bikers that tried to run down his family of Grots. He managed to hit with his 2 attacks, wound on both with his poisoned weapon and the bikers failed their saves. I think he may be in line for a promotion after that show of force!

On turn 5, had the game ended it would have been a draw, with the last remnants of a Boyz mob and the Grotz holding the middle building, along with 2 nearby Tactical squads.

Unfortunately, it went to a turn 6, where the Boyz were pwned by fire from the Razorbacks and tac squads - and the Grots were battered by Death Company. Oh well... Orks never lose... we just leave and come back for more later!!

Things I lacked were some real combat punch to rely on - like a Warboss and some better rolling for Kustom Force Fields.

On the other hand, I had some really good luck with rolling Leadership tests especially for my Lootas who were locked in combat for 2 or 3 turns because of this.

The Tankbustas once again did ok, although I do wish they'd change the restriction on the Glory Hogs rule in the assault phase. Not charging a enemy thats close enough to spit on you, is highly irritating. I don't mind the shooting restriction, but the assault one becomes a pain.

The Burnas didn't get up to much, aside from scalping some Attack bikes and helping finish off a Tactical squad.

All in all, a close game, but one that was poorly played, but well rolled, on my behalf!

Peace out,

Monday, 12 April 2010

[Space Wolves] Space Wolves Theoryhammer overview

Hello again people, its been a while since I have posted on here, this has mainly been because I was “saving” my money, I didn’t do a very good job of that. Unfortunately the set of Work In Progress posts that I was doing on the Space Marine army has come to an end as I just lost the love for them and well any form of building or painting.

Then I decided I would do a Space Wolf army and incorporate the paint scheme I had decided on into them, so I went and bought the codex and read through, they had kept some of my favourite rules for the Scouts and Long fangs so I was happy with them to start with. I then also went and bought some models to get building with, but I still didn’t have the motivation. That is until I started reading the Space Wolf books, which got me right into them, now I have only built half of my 1500pt list which will be played at Marauders in Stockport, Manchester, England (which is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean for any Americans). Before I get them on the table I am going to go through and do a big Theoryhammer blog on each of the units, so be warned, this will be a BIG read.

So for starters, lets look at the basic HQ’s, I will go over the Special HQ’s another time.

The Wolf Lord, well there isn’t much to say here, he is basically a Space Marine Captain with some different and lots of options, comes at a basic of 100pts with a CCW and pistol, and Power Armour, I think he comes with a 4+ Invulnerable but not 100% sure, in general I overlook this option in favour of the Rune Priest and Wolf Priest. The biggest letdown is that for 100pts the other two come with power weapons as standard whereas it costs the Wolf Lord 15pts, but odds on, you will be giving him a Frost Blade for the extra Str.

The Rune Priest looks like a good buy, 100pts basic with 2 psychic powers and a force weapon, I would defiantly pay the extra 50pts to upgrade him to using two powers in a turn, even if you don’t use both it means you can either use two, or use one AND his force weapon, which means you don’t have to be too reserved with when you use your powers. There isn’t too much point putting him in Runic armour as the biggest bonus it gives is a 5+ save against psychic powers, his hood/staff gives him negate powers on a 4+ anyway and for a similar cost you can put him in Terminator armour for the 2+ save and a 5+ inv.

A Quick overview of the psychic powers, everyone raves over the Jaws of the World Wolf which isn’t too bad, but there are other powers which do look good. The Spirit of the Wolves where you get an Assault 3 high Str High AP shot and I think Assault 2 Str 4 (or 5) AP 2 (or 3) which seems like good fun. There is also a power which means any jump infantry, jetbikes, and Skimmers take a Dangerous Terrain test if they move, and because they count ALL terrain as Dangerous (including Clear Terrain) that means they have to take a test when they start moving AND when they finish moving (or not move at all) there are a couple of other powers which are decent but those 3 powers are by far the best.

The Wolf Priest, a cross between a Chaplain and an Apothecary. Any unit he is attached to gains preferred enemy against a unit type of your choice, which you decide at the beginning of the battle, very helpful. He has the basic Stats of a Marine Chaplain but with some extra rules for the same price, starts at a basic 100pts, though I plan to give him Saga of the Hunter, which means he can infiltrate/outflank and stick him a unit of Wolf Scouts, also giving him a Wolf Tail Talisman means he and his unit are protected from Psychic powers. And for those two upgrades he only costs 115pts.

The last basic HQ choice is the lowly Wolf Guard Captain/hero/leader. Basically he is 30pts cheaper than the Wolf Lord, with 1 less WS and BS and also only 2 wounds, good for smaller games, but again I overlook this choice in favour of the Rune Priest and Wolf Priest who give more to the army.

Now For the Elites.

The Wolf Guard, the Elite of the Space Wolves, put into the right section that’s for sure. They have the same stats as a normal Space Marine Veteran with having an extra attack, and a massive LD 9 (which is big in the Space wolf army), but what makes them so good is that they are a basic 18pts, which isn’t too dear compared to the Sternguard and Vanguard Vets of the Smurfs. They can take almost any upgrade, Terminator armour with Power weapon and Storm bolter, only 15pts, everyone can take power fists, power weapons, Frost blades and so on, the cost does rack up, but they are good. If you take Logan Grimnar, they become troops, not just scoring like Pedro Kantor, but actual Troops, which means for 177pts (and a Drop Pod) you can do a Deathwing Army for cheaper than well, the Deathwing. If you take Ragnar Blackmane with 9 of these guys in a Rhino/Drop pod or maybe even 10 of them in a raider, then they get +d3 attacks on the charge! The biggest bonus that these guys give though, is that they can be split off to lead other units, which takes the basic Wolf LD of 8 up to 9, doesn’t sound like much, but it is. Also, giving one of these guys a Cyclone missile launcher and sticking him in a unit of Long Fangs, gives you an extra 2 Missile launcher shots to fire somewhere, good fun.

Next up is the Wolf Scouts, these guys are some of the Veterans of the Space wolves, and it is understandable that they are in the Elites section, but I think it distracts people from them as they aren’t scoring units. To make up for this though they are WS and BS 4 unlike the new Marine Scouts. They can have two power weapons/Plasma Pistols, and they can also take a meltagun, or flamer/plasma gun, but metlas are probably the best choice. They can also take heavy weapons, but I think this would be a waste of points seeing as their biggest bonus is that they can outflank but better, when deciding which table edge on a roll of a 1 to the players left, on a 2 the players right, on a 3+ the player decides out of all four table edges, including the enemies long table edge. For 15pts each, it’s a bargain. As you can turn one into a wulfen with D6+1 rending attacks, two power weapons and a melta, they would be a big threat, especially if you stick an outflanking Wolfguard leader/Wolf Priest or even let a Wolf Guard lead them giving an extra power weapon or a power fist. Big cost, but deadly and adaptable.

Lastly that is unique to the Wolves are the Lone Wolves, I don’t think these guys are competitive but they could be useful and very very fun. 20pts and you get a guy with 2 wounds and FNP that you WANT to die. For 65pts you can give him terminator armour and twin wolf claws, or two Fenrisian wolves for extra protection. This means he is a big threat if he gets into enemy lines, but if they kill him, they don’t get a kill point for him. This could cause the opponent to make bad decisions in annihilation missions where they need the kill point but cant risk letting him loose in their own lines. In this case, you could use him as a sheep dog and herd the enemy where you want them, because if they don’t move, he will kill at least most of them.

The Space Wolves also have an Iron Priest, which is basically a Techmarine and they also have the Standard Dread and Venerable Dread, but no major changes, except to wargear options.

Onto the Troops

This is a small section with only two choices, the Grey Hunters and the Blood Claws, the Grey Hunters are the Bread and Butter of the Wolves and have some good choices, they don’t have a Sergeant so anyone ca have the upgrades, I will usually take a Flamer and one of the other two weapon options, this is because the Flamer is free, and if you have 10 men you can take a second special weapon for free, which means flamer/plasma is free! Also because there is no Sergeant it means you don’t have to put the plasma Pistol and the Power fist on the same guy, so an unlucky 1 to hit doesn’t mean your fist dies. At 15pts each you get a Basic marine, with Acute Senses, Counter-attack AND a Bolter, pistol and combat weapon. However they are only LD8 lacking a sergeant to boost it up. But at 205pts for a flamer and melta/plasma gun, a Plasma Pistol, a Power Fist and a Mark of the Wulfen (d6+1 rending attacks) which is the same as a standard Marine loadout of Melta and missile/multi-melta and fist, they are pretty good.

The Blood Claws are a decent choice, but don’t compare to the Grey Hunters, they lack the Bolter to start with, but keep all the other options, however, unless accompanied by a Wolf Guard or IC they wont shoot at people as they prepare to charge. So if you are using them, best to stick a guy in there as the +2 attacks on the charge can be devastating, but the downside is they are only WS and BS 3 which means if they get hit back they will be hit a lot. At 15pts each which is the same as the Grey Hunters I don’t expect to use these guys a lot, if at all.

The Fast attacks

Here is where people cry cheese to the Space Wolves. The feared Thunderwolf Cavalry, and from looking at the rules, rightly so. Looking at the rules, and never used or seen them used they do look nasty, two wounds each, at T and S5, however the biggest question is, do you give them any special weapons, with 4 Attacks you would think so, but they come with rending basic and at 50pts basic is it worth the points. I’m not sure, if I used these guys then I would run them in a unit of three with one having a Plasma Pistol and Storm Shield, one with a Fist and Storm Shield and one with just a Storm Shield. This small unit of 3 would cost 250ish pts, but 2 wounds each with a 3+ save and a 3+ invulnerable would be hard to take down, and nasty in combat, however, I doubt I will use them as for 3 models, 250pts is a lot to fork out.

The next up is the Swiftclaw pack, these are basically the bikers, the problem is that they are part of the Blood Claws, which means, unless an IC or Wolf Guard is with them then they wont shoot, and usually the point of a biker is to carry around a special weapon and blow people/tanks up with it, they can also take an attack bike with a heavy weapon, but with a BS of 3 and only shooting with an IC/wolf guard around, these guys seem like a waste of points, they might not be as I haven’t used them but I don’t expect to see them on my army list.

Last of the Unique Space Wolf fast attack units are the Skyclaws, these are the jump infantry, the assault squads, they are also Blood Claws again, but this time, they got it right. They move fast, they don’t care about shooting oh well, I have 4 attacks on the charge and they only cost 18pts each. Here I am happy to put a Wolf Priest in with them to let them shoot a plasma pistol, maybe a melta and the rest of their pistols. I would put the wolf priest in there because with my dice rolls the preferred enemy would be helpful in the combats, throw in a fist and 235pts +Wolf Priest (as for some reason this is the only unit a Wolf Guard cant join even though they can take jump packs) you got a better than average assault squad. I may use a unit of these every now and again just because they seem like they might be good, even if they aren’t on the same level as my Khornate Raptors with two Meltas, plasma pistol and fist, but then again, they are 305pts.

Lastly the Heavy Support slots, and here they only have one Unique choice, but it is an amazing choice.

The Long Fangs, the most seasoned Veterans around other than the Wolf Lords, they are so amazing that they can shoot at two SEPARATE targets. I will always be running a unit of 5 with 4 missile launchers, at 75pts for the 5 of them, they are already starting cheap, you can make them very cheap by giving them 4 Heavy bolters for 20pts, but this means you have 6 shots at two targets, which normally if they have weak armour, 6 shots wont make much of a dint in numbers, so you will want all 12 shots, and if they have good armour then 6 shots wont kill many, so you want all 12 shots to force saves. The missile launchers are 10pts each, so taking two missile and 2 HB’s is an option, but I think 4 missile launchers making the unit 115pts is a good choice, as this means that you can take on armoured units, small units of marines, and large units of low armour troops, also if you attach a Wolf Guard in Terminator armour, with a Cyclone Missile Launcher it gives you the equivalent of 6 missiles to spread between two units, going either frag or Krak, and 6 Krak missiles can make a mess of a squad of marines, or a rampaging Carnifex, but because you also have the option to go frag you can make a bigger mess of a unit of gaunts.

All in all, I am looking forward to getting a game in with these guys, and I hope the the Long Fangs and Wolf Scouts live up to their expectations!

[Orks] Waaaagh! Nobrot!: Nobz

A slow week for blog posting on here it seems - everyone busy working and recovering from the busy Bank-holiday period. It's been a bit hard to get time to write on here, but I figured whilst I'm on a lunch break and trying to get rid of a headache, I'd discuss one of the more versatile Ork units - Nobz.

I've already covered Meganobz in a previous article, and I believe Nob Bikers are a complete kettle of fish to standard Nobz. I'm going to cover Nobz on foot in this article for a couple of reasons - firstly they're criminally underused and living in the shadow of the other Nob units.

Firstly, the footslogging Nobz are not much more expensive than a Space Marine, but you're looking at more attacks and weapon options, along with a 2nd wound.

The best use for the Nobz is to tag team them with a Warboss to make the unit a Troop choice, thus freeing up precious Elite slots and also making them a scoring unit. This tag team of units can easily rip, shred and walk through other assault units, simply through sheer weight in number of attacks, higher strength and initiative from Furious charge. Nobz can take a battering from enemy units and happily bash stuff back - provided you utilise cover well enough.

Even better results can be achieved thanks to the use of special weapons and upgrades to the unit.

First and foremost, Nobz need their armour save improving via Eavy Armour. A 6+ save isn't going to cut it in the world of 40k. Eavy Armour is vital and even though you will still fall prey to Heavy Bolters, the 4+ save helps massively. Although it does pump up the points cost a bit, it's not worth taking the Nobz without Eavy Armour.

Power Klaws

The more obvious weapon choice for the Nobz is the costly Power Klaw. The thing to bear in mind is that each Nob in the unit can take a Klaw, meaning Power Klaws in double figures - as costly as a second unit of Nobz - but the power it can throw down is immense. I like to stick with 2 or 3 in the unit, less so if there is a Warboss in the unit. That way the Nobz get some reliable Tankbusting for high armour Values on the charge.

Kombi Weapons
Kombi Weapons are an upgrade unique to the Nobz and Warboss in this codex and come in two flavours - either Rokkit Kombis for a bit of light vehicle busting or Skorchas which are useful for taking down Hordes.

Personally, with the cruddy Ork ballistic skill, I'd stay with the Kombi-Skorchas as they auto-hit and can deal with a problem for Nobz - the Horde. Hordes can slow down Nobz and just chip away at wounds, especially with the Tyranid Termagant flavour of the month!

Big Choppas

Big Choppas are often overlooked in Nob units because they reduce the number of attacks by 1 (for being 2 handed) and also because Power Klaws are usually the weapon of choice. But for 5pts, the Nobz get a +2 Strength bonus, which combined with furious charge means you're crumping stuff at S7 on the charge - more than capable of battering a monstrous creature, Daemon prince or causing instant death on puny Eldar.

I've given a run out with 4 of these in a unit and was pretty impressed with their use. Higher strength vs an attack less is a risky tradeoff, but it does bring with it a higher chance of wounding. Swings and roundabouts, but the image of an Ork with a massive 2 handed Axe is cool enough, combined with the low cost.

Waagh Banner and Painboy 

The 2 other upgrades available for the Nobz are the Waagh banner, which is definitely worth taking every time, simply to frustrate WS4 opponents with you hitting on 3s. For 15pts, it's pretty cheap and also allows you to go Wound allocation spam.

The best upgrade for the unit, without doubt is the Painboy. He takes your squad from a menacing close combat threat to a hulking melee whirlwind of destruction. Capable of shrugging off tons of small arms fire and puny close combat attacks.

He also gives access to Cybork bodies, providing the squad with a 5+ Inv. save, which I foolishly didn't take in my early days of Ork-dom, then got mowed down by Daemons and have taken them ever since.

He's no slouch in close combat either, with his Poisoned weapon, he's quite often forgotten about until a lumbering Carnifex or Wraithlord shows up and takes a pasting from the 4+ to wound.

The major problem with running a Nob unit like this is getting it safely to its destination. Which means investing more points in transports, of which you have two options.

First off is the humble Trukk. It's fast and means you can pull off a pretty massive charge (possibility of 24" with a Waagh move, if I am correct) which can catch enemy units off guard and crush them under the armoured boot of your Nobz. However, if your opponent so much as coughs near a Trukk, it will blow up - so sticking a hefty point sink unit in there, isn't always the best plan.

On the other hand we have the trundling behemoth that is the Battlewagon, which the Nobz can take as a Dedicated transport. Meaning free spaces in your Heavy Support choices for other units... or simply just filling the table with even more Battlewagons!

I'd choose to take the armoured reliability of a Battlewagon any day, unless you were going for all out speed and a bit of unpredictability.

It is fair enough to say that Meganobz and Nob Bikerz are more popular, but stick a unit of Nobz in a Battlewagon with a Warboss and you have an extremely powerful melee unit that can also take a beating as much as they can give one out.

Give Footsloggers a chance :)


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bankholiday Weekend and Wargaming

Hey all.

Hopefully everyone's had a good and productive Easter weekend in terms of Wargaming. There's not much going on at the minute in terms of news, so just a quick one today.

Me personally, over the weekend I went on a bit of an undercoating Spree. I prepped the remainder of my Imperial Guard Mech-Air Force for painting. The to-paint list for my 2,000pt force now stands at:
- Command Squad: Straken, Melta Gun, Medic, Vox Caster, 2 Bodyguards, Atropath.
- 3 Flamers
- 6 Melta Guns
- 2 Chimeras
- 3 Valkyries

As I had everything outside and the weather was holding off, I decided that I'd also spray my Lord of the Rings remaining stuff - in the hope I can get a game of it soon or sell it off fully painted. Also serves a nice change of pace from 40k stuff having reference images to a film as "this is how you paint this", rather than free-flowing like I do with 40k. I still do change stuff, since I really don't like painting Gold, for example, but for most part I try and keep to the film or book description.

This then led me to decide on undercoating the other half of my Bretonnian army ready to paint, who've not come out of their box for a good 18 months or so. But, wanting to save a job later down the line, I needed to glue sand to all the bases first before spraying. Which took a LOT longer than I first thought - about an hour and a half in total, by which point it had gone dark outside. So, in a box, ready to spray I've got:
- 8 Grail Knights (converted plastic Knights of the Realm)
- Grail Reliquae plus 20 Battle Pilgrims (converted from Men at Arms, Flagellants and a Chariot)
- 10 Errant Knights (old edition Bretonnian Knights I got cheap)
- 15 Men at Arms with Spear and Shield
- 5 Mounted Yeomen (Kitbash of Empire Pistoliers, Men at Arms and Knights of the Realm)
- 2 Damsels

I'm quite eager to get my Brets back into a game and finish painting them. I've found I have to work a lot harder to paint stuff for Fantasy, but I've got a quite quick scheme for painting Knights now that I've been using Citadel Washes a lot.

Lastly, I played a game last night against Mark's Tyranid army which included 3 Trygons, a Tervigon, 2 units of 3 Hive Guard and the Doom of Malan'tai in a Coconut.

In all, it wasn't a very good game for me. Objective was to take and hold the central building, at the end of the game the player with most Troop choices within 3 inches won.

In short, I got annihalated from some bad judgements, not knowing the enemy capabilities (Fleet on Trygons for example) and generally being extremely tired from a busy Bankholiday Monday.

At the start of my turn 5, all I had left were a unit of Grots that had failed to show up from reserve throughout the game, so we called it a white-wash there.

There were a couple of turns that went my way, but generally a spot of bad luck here or there, along with bad decision making and you get what you deserve.

I did manage to topple a Trygon with Tankbustas and was Snake Eyes away from battering a second one with a PK Nob in a slugga mob. Next time I'll get you, you pesky Xeno Worms!

So what have you guys been up to over the weekend - painting, converting, hobbying-wise?