Tuesday, 27 April 2010

[Battle Report] The Weekly Waaagh! vs Chaos Space Marines

Morning all,

Last night was the final league game for me in our Warlord tournament for 2010, which was against Rob's Chaos Space Marine army, led by the tag-team of Lucius and Kharn.

The scenario was Cities of Death Plant the Flag, with 8 objective buildings (4 ruins and 4 fuel containers).

With both armies being agressive assault armies, the battle lines were drawn and the race was on for who could cripple the other army quickest in the centre of the field. Facing me down on the field were:
- Lucius
- Kharn and unit of Berzerkers in a Land Raider
- Unit of Berzerkers in a Rhino
- Unit of Khornate Raptors
- Defiler
- Noise Marines

The majority of the army set up facing the Orks, ready to speed forward in their armoured safety, while the footsloggers had to bash the tin cans. The Noise Marines set up at the far ruin as a firebase, as did my Lootas.

The match was extremely bloody (as should be expected between Khorne and Orks).

Lucius managed to hold a 30 strong Ork boy Mob on his own for a full turn, until finally succumbing to the horde.

Kharn, for the first time in the league, killed 2 of his own Berzerkers in combat and was dragged down by a charging unit of 30 Boyz.

The Tankbustas whooped a Land Raider in close combat (which they're quickly getting a reputation for) after shaking, stunning, weapon destroying, immobilising it and then finally getting a destroyed result.

The moment of the game for the Orks was the extremely infamous Burna Wagon, which rolled forward to a disembarked unit of Khorne Berzerkers and unleashed 15 Burna shots.

Now you see them....

Now you don't!

90 flamer hits on the unit was enough to wipe them off the table. Shortly afterwards, the Raptors in the background jumped over and managed to swamped the Battlewagons via Melta fire and Power fist attacks.

In the end, the game resulted in a Wipeout for the Orks, finishing off the only unit left on the board, the Noise Marines, via heavy shooting from Big Shootas and a firebase of Lootas.

It was a fun game, and for a while, the prospect of Lucius and Kharn chopping through the Orks really, really worried me. If it hadn't been for some lucky decisions, such as removing a key Ork boy to prevent Kharn and the Berzerkers charging, and where the other Berzerkers had to disembark from their vehicles, it could have went very differently.

Peace out,

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