Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spamtastic Beard Boy

Hi all,

Angryman here.  We had a regular Monday night gaming session yesterday, at MAWS we try not to play net lists or spam lists or anything 'internetty'.  Last night one of our regulars, Col Straken, broke this carninal rule!!! he was playing one of our newer members who was using Imperial Guard.  Col Straken was using his Grey (cough broken!!! cough) Knights.  He decided to piss all over the mega spam rule and brought this

look at him, so proud, dreadnought boy!!!
DIRTY SPAMTASTIC BEARD BOY (minus the beard) - THAT IS 2000 POINTS!!!!!

Sorry for the rant straken, its new mikes turn next if he brings all those venoms!!!

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Friday, 24 February 2012

40K spares

Hi all,

Angryman here with a very quick post.  Following a recent article on the 'Bell of Lost Souls' blog I thought I'd do a quick reference post to a 'spares' website.


I've had a quick look on their site and there are some fantastic bits for conversions for your fav 40k models (I really like the big momma cannon).  Before you ask, no, I'm not on commission from them for advertising!!!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

[News] Tyranid and Space Wolf Second Wave!

Well then, it's been a while since I last posted. Lots going on at work and home, not much hobbywise. I've been meaning to post about my Necron progress, but constantly forget to take pictures.

Anyways... I spotted this a few moments ago thanks to Bell of Lost Souls and thought it was worth sharing on here!

Thunderwolf Cavalry3 MinisMar 03$54.50Plastic
Fenrisian Wolf Pack5 MinisMar 03$24.75Plastic
Hive Tyrant / Swarmlord1 MiniMar 03$53.75Plastic
Tervigon / Tyrannofex1 MiniMar 03$57.75Plastic
Arjac Rockfist1 MiniMar 03$24.75Finecast
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf 1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Hunter with Wolf Standard1 MiniMar 03$24.75Finecast
Cyberwolf1 MiniMar 03$16.50Finecast
Boneswords Set3 x BS pairsMar 03$19.75Finecast
Bonesword / Lash Whip Set3 x BS & LW pairsMar 03$19.75Finecast
Ragnar Blackmane1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Ulrik the Slayer1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Njal Stormcaller1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Iron Priest1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Terminator Rune Priest1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Rune Priest1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Wolf Guard1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Wolf Guard with Wolf Claws1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Lukas the Trickster1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Bjorn the Fell-Handed1 MiniMar 03$49.50Finecast
Deathleaper1 MiniMar 03$24.75Finecast
Old One Eye1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Biovore1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Spore Mine Cluster9 MinisMar 03$24.75Finecast
The Red Terror1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Ripper Swarm Brood1 MiniMar 03$13.25Finecast
 I'm a bit too excited for a plastic Hive Tyrant. It might be the thing that drives me towards buying Nid stuff...

Also nice to see with the way Finecast is going, that GW are starting to do Bitz packs again, as they shown with the banner for WHFB stuff and whatnot.

Anything on there interesting you guys?


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It's been a long time

Hi folks,

Angryman here!! Its been a while since anything has been posted on the blog (I've been trying to write this for 2 weeks now).  There have been many reasons, Col Straken and his wife have had a baby boy, Suicide Badger has been working none stop and his wife is expecting, I've been crazy busy at work and had real life interfere and Taffah has been mad busy with work.  All that said let me bring you upto speed with whats been happening in our little corner of the wargaming universe that is MAWS. 

The new year started with a desicion to play more specialist games,

Blood Bowl

Battlefleet Gothic


All of these games have had a revival at the club.  Ive changed from my Chaos BFG fleet and run out my Imperial one, Col Straken has been using his Space Marine fleet and left his Eldar one in drydock and Taffah has started using a Space Wolf fleet.  The gaming has been going well, Warp core explosions rock!!!!!

Col Straken and Suicide Badger have played some Blood Bowl recently, we are thinging of getting a league going soon.

We will be running a Necromunda campaign after the clubs AGM in April, it gives us time to remember the rules, paint up gangs and get used to playing again.

I've painted some more of Salamanders, I know have another Ironclad and a venerable dreadnought to add to the sons of Nocturne.

4 of us attended a 1 day tournament held by the Northern Warlords. 

I used my Tyranids
Mike used Dark Eldar
Taffah took Imperial guard
Paul took imperial guard

Here is a link to the rules pack
CA Smackdown

My first game was against a space wolf list
The missions was kill points. I was quite worried about this list as it had 3 units of long fangs, each with 4 miss launchers and a las/plas razorback.  As it turns out it wasn't that bad a list to fight against, I lost the game due to my Tyrant getting JOTWW cast on him, I needed to roll anything but a 6 to survive and guess what, I rolled a 6, my Tyrant died and so did my attack.  It was a good game though and my opponent was a good guy to play against.

My second game was against a Blood Angels army
The mission was objectives (5). This was a fantastically painted army, very elite, very fast (and surprisingly didn't contain Mepheston).  I went into this game expecting a win due to the high amount of troops I can produce but luck was against me and I crapped out with both Tervigons in the 1st turn.  I lost the game as in the last turn my opponent held 2, I held 1 and he contested my 2nd.

My third game was against an Ork army
The missions was objectives (3, 1 in each deployment zone and 1 central).  The army was a lot of fun to play against, I've not played against an Ork list for a very long time and it didn't disapoint.  My opponent was a great guy to play against.  I won the game quite convincingly (I virtually tabled him, I feel the need to gloat as i lost my other 2 games!!!)

At the end of the tournament we counted what armies there were and it turns out that out of 24 armies, 6 of them were Blood Angels, 3 were Imperial Guard, 3 were Grey Knights.  Unfortunately I think the Tournament scene is now dominated by netlists of the same 3 or 4 armies.  I think that spoils the tournament scene as there is less variety of builds to play against.

Taffah was nonimated for best painted and won and Paul got a nice bag of sweets for finishing last.

The results are here

1st- Andy Oakham - Necrons
2nd- Ben Evans - Chaos
3rd- Harry Allen - Dark Eldar
4th- Massimiliano Putignano - Imperial Guard
5th- Tom Gould - Grey Knights
6th- Gerard McLaughlin - Grey Knights
7th- James Clarke - Blood Angels
8th- James McGlough - Dark Angels
9th- Paul Turner - Blood Angels
10th- Chris Houlding - Eldar
11th- Chris Varney - Space Wolves
12th- Pat Divers - Space Wolves
13th- Richard Gillett - Blood Angels
14th- Jonathan Brown - Grey Knights
15th- Pete Rees - Imperial Guard
16th- Ste Oneill - Tyranids
17th- Liam Williams - Blood Angels
18th- Mike Barlow -Dark Eldar
19th- Nat Hoyle - Space Marines
20th- Paul Bona - Dark Angels
21st- Jay Davies - Blood Angels
22st- Rob Hoyle - Orks
23rd- Chris Yarwood - Blood Angels
24th- Paul Bennet - Imperial Guard

Overall it was a good day and we're looking forward to the next tournament (whenever that may be).

We are planning on having an apocolypse Sunday on 18th March, Chaos V's the Imperium, so expect pictures and a battle report, lots of superheavies to blow the crap out each other!!

all comments welcome

Friday, 10 February 2012

Taffeh's Blog: Thunderhawk Build - Complete!

So 2 weeks later and a lot of progress on the Thunderhawk when I've had the chance and now it's build is complete. Actually, it was finished about a week ago however I've not really had the time to post up my progress report.

First off I continued with the inside interior of the craft, but in the loading bay below the cockpit. For this I masked off the outside and was able to use Chaos Black primer to get the undercoat done. Following a heavy drybrush of Boltgun Metal and a wash of Devlan Mud I painted the lights and buttons. Lastly, giving ambient lighting a try-out I used a medium drybrush and built up from Red Gore to Blood Red the affect seen below.

As you can see in the next shot I tried to use the ambient lighting from the underside of the cockpit piece in the area in front of the assault ramp section.

I then went back to working on the outer hull -which required a few water baths to straighten out the back pieces so that the main hull, the upper hull and the tail cone fit together. I glued the engine front and rear pieces onto the wings and tail cone and fin - all pinned on where possible. Next continuing with the use of the rare earth magnets I magnetised the Turbo Laser Destructor to the upper hull.

The forward area of the hull was the next focus, magnetising the nosecone, the cockpit to the upper forward hull [which is capable of sliding out] and the lower hull - thus having a Thunderhawk that has full accessibility to gain access to the rear detail of the cockpit. Then I've worked on the forward Heavy Bolter sponsons and front wings - gluing the latter in place whilst the former are removable for now to paint. The resultant is the following:

As I have built various sub-assemblies that fit together via magnets, etc I'll be working on these in sections as best as I can. As I am looking to use my new airbrush quite a bit on this I'll be learning as I go - butterflies are there however I hope to prevail.

Now, lets get the primer out and start painting the hull...