Friday, 30 September 2011

Pictures from the Warrington G.T

Hi all,

Angryman here,

Stuart, one of the G.T. organisers was kind enough to share with me a link to the pictures that were taken over the 2 days of gaming so I thought i'd share with you all,


All comments welcome

Thursday, 29 September 2011

40K Lore in "About a Minute"

Thought I'd share this with people. Made me chuckle!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

When is it acceptable?

So, I am sat on the tram with my new phone and I was wondering how long do you have to leave the flavour of the month before it becomes acceptable?

This has bugged me because after my absolute trouncing using an un-optimised chaos list at the last tournament, I wanted to use something a little more competitive.

I looked at the army and thought this looks like Marines nothing chaosy except the look. However, Space Marines aren't overly competitive themselves. That made me look at Space Wolves and I was tempted, but I already have a Space Wolf army. So that made me turn to Blood Angels and I saw a connection. I can still take two special weapons in assault squads, the Vindicators can move 12" and still shoot!!! But mostly they have psychic powers "fear the darkness" and "shackle soul" perfect!

I then looked deeper and saw that my Heresy era World Eaters would fit these rules as well. Everyone could get furious charge and fearless for 3pts less per model if I take assault squads.

So am I a horrible person for using my Night Lords with the Blood Angels codex? (not using mass jump packs). Will counts as ever be acceptable? Is there a point when the Bandwagon leaves and it is safe to grab the old flavour?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Warrington - The aftermath

Hi all,

Angryman here.  The Northern Warlords tournament is over, so on this extremely rainy morning I thought I'd share with you all how my tournament went.

All the games have a primary mission (8 points to the winner or 4 each for a draw) a secondary mission (4 points to the winner or 2 each for a draw) and victory points differnce (a sliding scale from 8 - 0 to 4 - 4).

I took my Tyranid hivefleet 'Tattybogangles' in my 1750 list I took

Hive Tyrant with 3 guard
2 units of 3 hive guard
The Doom of Malan'tai in a spore
2 units of 12 Termagants
2 Tervigons
2 Trygons

My first game was an extremely close loss for me, 11 - 9 tournament points.  I was facing a White Scars force

My second game was a complete draw, we drew on primary and secondary missions and victory points 10 - 10, I was facing an ork army with a battle wagon conversion that was amazing

My third game was against a Chaos Space Marine list, it had 4 oblit's, 2 land raiders and Abaddon.  I managed a close win in this game, from memory it was 11 - 9 on tournament points

For my fourth game I was playing a Crimson fist space marine army, I won this game 18 - 2

Fifth I was up against a Blood Angel army with 3 predators all armed with 2 lascannon and an autocannon.  I had appaling dice roles, horribly bad, i lost this game 18 - 2
(unfortunatly I didn't get a picture of this army)

For my last game I was playing against a Tau army.  I won this game 11 - 9

I finished 24th out of 52 players, as it was my first time at this tournament I was very happy with my placement.

Pete one of the newer members of MAWS had his Imperial Guard army nominated for best painted, i got some pictures of his army

Unfortunatly Pete didn't win the best painted award but the guy who did had an amazingly painted force

The freehand work and green stuff modelling was unbelievable, really good stuff.

There was also a Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament being played, I managed to get a picture of a really well painted warriors of chaos army

Now I'm going to finish painting my Salamanders, build and convert my new Trygon and await the next tournament

all comments welcome.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Road to Warrington - The way home!

So I did promise a couple of battle reports, but the games were so close I forgot to take any pictures. Now that the Northern Warlords GT is over, I thought I would go through what happened for me, and what I ended up thinking about the tournament.

To begin with I got everything painted to the minimum three colours and based, all that I have remaining is the lightning detail. I also plan to do a bit of freehand painting some Skulls and squad Icons on the back of the Rhino's to distinguish each squad.

So here is my painted army on the whole after the fourth game of the tournament.

My tournament didn't go quite as planned, I was expecting to lose the majority of games, as I am only an average player, and I was taking a "sub-optimal" Chaos Marines list. In my first game, I got really unlucky as was drawn against a "leafblower" list with the Spearhead deployment. It ended up with me being completely wiped out, I didn't even manage a single Victory Point, let alone a Kill Point. So that put me at the bottom, with a 20-0 loss and -1750 Kill points.

My Dreadnought (best painted model so far) and a glimpse of my Terminators and Possessed

So, in my second game I thought, this should be closer, and a more fun game, but boy I was wrong, I faced an almost Identical list, but with one less Vendetta and two less Hydra's. This time it was Dawn of War, and I thought I stood a chance, all I needed was for my Missile Launcher to hit a few times and it looked good with the first shot blowing up one Vendetta. But he then shot his remaining shots at my Vindicators blowing them both up through their smoke. This left me struggling and although I managed to get around 500 kill points, it ended up with a 20-0 loss again!!!

Third game, should have been easy then, I was still on zero points, and I got drawn against a Blood Angels, jump pack list. Great! I have two Vindicators that love to munch Marines, unfortunatly those two Vindicators missed four times over two turns, the Missile Launcher couldn't hit the Storm Raven (so far he had hit two things in three games). The game should have ended in a draw, but due to some miss-information, I gave the game away for a 14-6 loss. My opponent was gracious and offered a draw, but I didn't mind as I had enjoyed the game, and let him keep his win.

My Chaos Lord with Daemon weapon, being followed by his possessed retinue.

So, in my fourth game, I was put against a Space Wolf player from Aus, this guy had missed the first day due to illness. He had four Thunderwolves, and a Lord on a Thunderwolf, along with 15 Missile Launchers. I managed to kill his Thunderwolves (first time I had fought them) due to some bad rolling on my opponents behalf, It ended 15-5 loss because I couldn't get rid of the last couple of men in each squad.

Fifth game I got put against a judge as my opponent hadn't shown up, he had Daemons and I thought it would be an easy game, but this guy could Roll 5+'s like his life depended on it. I just couldn't compete with his good rolling and ended up getting flattened, though my Possessed and Lord killed 17 and a half Fiends of Slaanesh. So I was quite happy, so once again that's a 20-0 loss.

My Possessed Champion whipping the Possessed forwards being closely followed by the Terminators.

Last game, I faced an Ultramarine player with Cassius and Khan. He outflanked with Khan and 10 bikes, and his Land Raider with Cassius and some Termies, thankfully the Land Raider turned up on his side of the board. Khan managed to kill all but one Possessed and my Chaos Lord, and he and his squad then got swamped by two units of Chaos Marines, and my Lord rolled a 6 for his Daemon weapon! If the game had ended on turn 5 it would have been a high win to me, but due to the game continuing until turn 7, it ended in a complete draw of 10-10.

So all in all, there was around 15-16 Grey Knight Players, 6-7 Guard Players, 4-5 Blood Angels, and various other armies, including at least two Lash Prince, obliterator spam Chaos lists. I went away from the first day disappointed and quite bored with the game, thankfully the people I played day two were much more fun and it felt more like a game rather than just me turning up and putting my models away.

The guy I played third game (where I gave the game away) had apparently gone and spoken to the judges about what had happened and nominated me for best sportsman, which I was amazed at as I was just there to have fun. So, I would like to that Gareth Massey for that, and am glad to say I won best sportsman and so didn't leave empty handed. I ended up third from last in the tournament with 21 points.

My trophy!!!

I would also like to add that Pete, one of our newer players to the club (not the game) got nominated for best painted, but unfortunatly lost out to a Chaos Marine player that had done ALOT of brilliant freehand work, even on individual models aswell as the vehicles. I believe Angryman got a few pictures of this guys work, but still. Congratulations to Pete for getting into the top 4 of 52 armies!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Warmachine Journeyman League

Another one I thought I would share with people, is Privateer Press' "Journeyman League".
The link can be found here:

Basically it's a league between players starting from scratch in a game or with an army. Each player picks a faction and then earns generalship points for winning games in the league, along with earning hobby points as they paint each of their units.

The player with the most generalship points earns an award, the player with the most painted units also earns an award and the player with the best combined total also earns one.

It sounds like a very interesting idea, starting off with the battlebox contents, then expanding on these up to a certain points limits week by week.

I was wondering if there would be any interest in this, either for Warmachine and getting involved in that game - or for new (or even existing, unbuilt / painted) armies for 40K / Fantasy.

Any thoughts?


Friday, 16 September 2011

FREE Tournament 600pts 30th September @ NW Gaming Centre

Hey all,

Spotted this and thought I would share:

There is a free tournament going on a week on Friday at the NW Gaming Centre. It's 600pts, free and consists of 3 games over the night.

Figured it was worth sharing with people if they want a quick and easy tournament to take part in!


Friday, 9 September 2011

Toy Soldier Doubles @ NW Gaming Centre

As promised, rules pack and more info can be found here:

19th and 20th November at the North West Gaming Centre in Stockport.

I'll be attending and teaming up with Sanguinius. Let me know who is interested in playing and we'll try and get a few MAWS teams paired up!


MAWS Calendar

Ello folks

I've added a new link on the right hand side, to the MAWS club calendar. I'm added details for most of the 40K tournaments I can find around, and other members of the club are adding non-GW events to it.

The link is: HERE

If you can think of anything else to add on it, let me know!

Space Marine has arrived!

Morning folks,

Just a quick one to celebrate the arrival of space marine in the UK today!

I've been and picked up my copy this morning. I'll hopefully be getting in some hours on it over the weekend on the Xbox version. Add my gamer tag (SuicideBadger) if you're online and up for some multi playe.

On another note, as part of the 40k community we should really get behind this and support the developers. It's a cracking game from the demo and I would love to see them do more and stop people making idiotic assumptions of the game and 40k universe.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hi all

Angryman here,

We've made it to 300 posts

I'd like to thank everyone who follows us, the immortal god-emperor, everyone that posts and comments, the great devourer, the greater good etc etc etc

We're looking forward to the next 100 posts,  please keep reading and keep commenting..

Badger's Log - Arming up

Today the last parts for my brotherhood of the forge stuff showed up.

10 bolters in addition  to what I have already, to allow me to make some more troop battle sister squads.

20 bolt pistols to make a start on some Seraphim, considering I'm well over due in converting a unit of these. I also picked up some hand flamers to equip the unit with. I'm still not entirely sure on the wording of the.Seraphim pistols special rule though.

Lastly I got a few more special weapons to make flamers and melta guns, which can either go on standard squads or I can look at converting a dominion squad.

That's all for now folks. I'll keep you posted on my progress with these and my Dark Angels.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mobile bloggging!

Now, now. Badger has gone and got himself a new phone that can handle mobile bloggging. So I thought I'd give it a bash and also show off my latest purchases.

So hopefully this works and it shows my shipment of Dwarfs. 54 of the little beggers to convert into various sisters of battle to go with the new codex.


Monday, 5 September 2011

Road to Warrington Pt:3

As promised here are a few more pictures of my "finished" models. I have now got around half of the army painted up and am hoping to take a few more pictures tonight to showcase the army/models and to go with my battle report.
First up are my mass armour, there are two Vindicator's, three Rhino's and a Dreadnought all sat ready to cause pain. I have painted two of the Rhino's and both Vindicator's over the weekend, though they are still awaiting the Lightning Detailing, and a bit of weathering (I got some weathering powder from Forge World with the third Rhino's doors). The third Rhino isn't painted because I didn't get the doors until Sunday, but that will be high on my list of what's left to do!

Here is a close up of my burning skulls on one of my Vindicator's, I thought it would be a good "fear" causer to see your fellows thrown onto a blazing fire on the back of a big gun. It also gave me a reason to have a go at painting fire (which didn't work out too well). Instead of working up to the tips I worked down to the fire, but a quick wash of Baal Red blended the paints together and gave it a passable look.

My tin of 46 guys, not really a good transport system, but it works, and they are so crammed in they barely move! I have 18 painted Night Lords, with 12 men undercoated and ready. My main problem is that I don't get my remaining 10 Night Lord Heads and Shoulder Pads, until Friday, which means, that some men are currently only half built!!! I am planning on just painting them up and then painting the heads and shoulder pads separately and gluing them on last minute (on the day if need be)

Nothing has been based yet as that is my last thing to do, the week running up to the tournament. I hope to get 10 men based a day, easy to do I hope!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Road to Warrington Pt:2

So as promised I am going to show you what I have done so far (and what I have left to do).

First up is my 10 men I have painted, they took me 45 minutes per man (need to speed up) I have yet to base or detail the men. They will all be based in a similar manner to the Dreadnought (as below), as for the detailing I may leave that until after the tournament, though I am aiming to get at least 50% of the models detailed before.

As you can see, they have they are not gold like the Night Lords in the Codex, as I prefered the Silver with the Idea of Moonlight. I also painted all the faces with skull plates, which I found out about in the Night Lords Novels. There is a mix of Chaos, and Vanilla Space Marine bits that helpt to make them look like scavengers, 10,000yrs is a long time to keep wearing the same armour and using the same weapons.

I am proudest of this model in my entire collection, it took me roughly 5 hours from undercoating to finish, though I was playing on FIFA at the same time. It is using the exact same colour as the men (I brewed up a batch that is ready for use on the rest of the army).

This is the basing I am planning on using with the rest of the army. It was just a base coat of Adeptus Battlegrey with a Devlan Mud wash. However, its the detailing I am proud of, I painted cracks onto the base, as this is a warzone, the pavement isn't going to be undamaged. I got a blood effect by mixing Scab Red with PVA glue, this gave it a chunky liquidy look which suited the purpose perfectly, and I will be repeating on other weapons and bases.

Here you can see the lightning effect I am planning on using on the rest of the army, this took very little time and produced a good effect (though my picture doesn't do it justice, if I say so myself) It is simply, Ice Blue with a Skull White topping. I used the same technique as the cracks on the base, which was start fat get thin, I then added various offshoots and painted the White slightly off centre to give it a moving and light effect.

Next up, two of the Rhino's still to be painted, there is still one more to be built, just waiting on some more Night Lords Doors. The hatch, guns, and gun turret hatches have not been glued down so they can be opened, removed, changed and so on as much as I want.

The remaining men to be painted (The terminators need to be built as those are old model I used as stand-ins) I have base-coated and put the silver trim on 9 of the men, ready to be finished at weekend.

And lastly, a VERY blurry shot of my Vindicator (on its side?) This has been undercoated and is ready for painting. There is a second Vindicator waiting to be built next to the Rhino.

So this weekend, among moving junk and keeping the room tidy, I am planning to get every model built (excluding the Rhino, and a few heads/shoulderpads I am waiting on) and to have my remaining 20 troops painted, and the two built Rhinos. That then will leave me with, 5 Terminators, 2 Vindicators, 9 Possessed, Rhino, and Chaos Lord to be painted the next weekend.

Bring on Warrington!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Road to Warrington

So, the Warrington GT is 15 days away and I have a 1750pt army to paint, not only that, but it is my most ambitious project to date painting wise. I plan on taking my Night Lords, I started two weeks ago with 20 Chaos Marines which were bought for me last August, I had painted one, but was unhappy with the results due to an unsteady hand.

On Monday I practiced using a list that I planned to take (the only list tampering game I would be able to play) and decided to drop my Pred (which failed misserably) for a second Vindicator, and swap around my Terminator weapons slightly, the list I ended up with goes something like this:

Chaos Lord
Daemon Weapon
Personal Icon

Plasma cannon

9 Possessed

5 Terminators
Reaper Autocannon
Twin LC
Power fist

10 Chaos Marines
Plasma gun
Icon of Chaos
Power wpn
Plasma pistol

10 Chaos Marines
Plasma gun
Missile launcher
Icon of Chaos
Power wpn

10 Chaos Marines
Heavy Bolter
Icon of Chaos
Power fist

Heavy Support
Daemonic possession

Daemonic Possession

Total - 1749

So there you have it, I will explain my choices now...

From what I have read, the Night Lords enjoy causing great amounts of fear in their enemies, so I thought I would do the same, which is why I have two possessed Vindicators, and a Dreadnought. I also chose the Dread because I bought the Forge World one, and loved the model. I have avoided taking almost anything Chaos related as the Night Lords don't worship the Chaos Gods in general, they are willing to use Chaos though. The possessed are degenerate battle brothers that have been herded up and are kept in line by the Champion (who will be modeled as a un-mutated Night Lord). The Chaos Lord has a daemon-weapon to represent a strong and experienced fighter. The Vindicators are Possessed, to represent the Crew being battle hardend and also, who doesn't want a Vindicator that can't be stunned/shaken. As for the Icons, it allows me to re-roll Leadership tests, again, battle hardend, and they are "Teleport homers" for my Terminators.

I have 15 days to now build, a Rhino, a Vindicator, 5 terminators and 5~ men, and then paint, them and 25 other men, two more Rhino's and a second Vindicator!!!

I am going to do a report every time I get something finished, starting tomorrow, with what I have painted and built to date.

Back in Business

Morning folks,

It's been a while since I've posted around these parts. Work has been absolutely hectic for the last 2 months. I've not managed a game in a long time and I've not even been bothering with building or painting whilst at home - most nights I'll just walk in the door and go straight to bed.

This is my hobby life at the moment... I am sad Keanu.

Anyway, today is my first day of freedom. So I figured I'd start off with a blog, since I've got the time to, and discuss what I'm going to do now I've been released from Deadline Prison.

1. Play some games.
Most important thing on the menu, actually get back to playing. I've had 1, maybe 2 games over the last 2 and a half months and even those, I wasn't really in the frame of mind to enjoy them properly. I either showed up late, absolutely shattered from work or left early to try and get some sleep.

I'm going to go on a gaming bender over the next few weeks, trying out plenty of neglected armies, different builds, etc. Especially now I've got time to make some lists and think about them, rather than grab one of my "Here's one I made earlier" 1500 lists.

2. Get my Deathwing painted.
These guys have been sat waiting for ages now. I managed to get Belial finished off at the start of August and since then I've done absolutely nothing with them, except to stick some sand on the bases. Part of the problem has been that I've not done a check on what paints I need, not had time to undercoat, etc. etc.

That'll all change over the next few weeks. I'm hoping that since there's only 30 models or so, I can get them all painted up in 1 batch, meaning the army is good to go. I can then get the Tac Marine support, Dreds, Pods and bikers done afterwards to give me a bit of variety and balance.

3. Get the Sisters army list.
I don't care what whinging has been going on via the internet, about the WD Sisters codex. It's different, yeah, but it's still a new army and it'll just take some time to get the hang of. I understand it's about the models as well

The army list coming out in the next few days has kickstarted a Brotherhood of the Forge buying spree from me, I've got plans for a few new units to add to the list.
- 2 more Sisters squads
- 1 squad of Seraphim
- 1 Squad of Crusaders
- Celestian Command Squad with conversions of Dialogus and Hospitalier

It's the crusaders I'm most excited about really though. In the last codex, I wanted a unit of Crusader Henchmen, in a Land Raider and charge across the board to beat people in the face. Then I read the 3 henchmen restriction. By the sounds of it, that's gone now for Battle Conclaves - so we'll see.

I've already decided I'll turn my old Inquisitor with the Force Weapon / Steam Drill into Uriah Jacobus by giving him a standard (plenty of spare Dwarf banners) and I've got bitz on order to convert a Forger equivalent of Saint Celestine.

4. Buy / Make some Terrain
I've been picking up bits of terrain off eBay, but I've realised there's only so many trees and hills I need. So I'd like to make a start on building some ruins and buildings on the cheap. I've got plans for cardboard and plaster filler and goin crazy, but we'll see how that gets on.

I've also got a box of terrain that needs repairing properly and varnishing. Lots of bits have fallen off, paint scratched off, etc.

So yeah... that's the plans for my freedom over the next few weeks. I've got lots of stuff to catch up on with family and generally just unwind.


The most AWESOME tank EVER

Hi all,

Angryman here,

I was looking over the forums and came across this

The link to the thread is here

B.F.O. tank

Its a fantastic conversion job and I want one.

All comments welcome