Friday, 2 September 2011

Road to Warrington Pt:2

So as promised I am going to show you what I have done so far (and what I have left to do).

First up is my 10 men I have painted, they took me 45 minutes per man (need to speed up) I have yet to base or detail the men. They will all be based in a similar manner to the Dreadnought (as below), as for the detailing I may leave that until after the tournament, though I am aiming to get at least 50% of the models detailed before.

As you can see, they have they are not gold like the Night Lords in the Codex, as I prefered the Silver with the Idea of Moonlight. I also painted all the faces with skull plates, which I found out about in the Night Lords Novels. There is a mix of Chaos, and Vanilla Space Marine bits that helpt to make them look like scavengers, 10,000yrs is a long time to keep wearing the same armour and using the same weapons.

I am proudest of this model in my entire collection, it took me roughly 5 hours from undercoating to finish, though I was playing on FIFA at the same time. It is using the exact same colour as the men (I brewed up a batch that is ready for use on the rest of the army).

This is the basing I am planning on using with the rest of the army. It was just a base coat of Adeptus Battlegrey with a Devlan Mud wash. However, its the detailing I am proud of, I painted cracks onto the base, as this is a warzone, the pavement isn't going to be undamaged. I got a blood effect by mixing Scab Red with PVA glue, this gave it a chunky liquidy look which suited the purpose perfectly, and I will be repeating on other weapons and bases.

Here you can see the lightning effect I am planning on using on the rest of the army, this took very little time and produced a good effect (though my picture doesn't do it justice, if I say so myself) It is simply, Ice Blue with a Skull White topping. I used the same technique as the cracks on the base, which was start fat get thin, I then added various offshoots and painted the White slightly off centre to give it a moving and light effect.

Next up, two of the Rhino's still to be painted, there is still one more to be built, just waiting on some more Night Lords Doors. The hatch, guns, and gun turret hatches have not been glued down so they can be opened, removed, changed and so on as much as I want.

The remaining men to be painted (The terminators need to be built as those are old model I used as stand-ins) I have base-coated and put the silver trim on 9 of the men, ready to be finished at weekend.

And lastly, a VERY blurry shot of my Vindicator (on its side?) This has been undercoated and is ready for painting. There is a second Vindicator waiting to be built next to the Rhino.

So this weekend, among moving junk and keeping the room tidy, I am planning to get every model built (excluding the Rhino, and a few heads/shoulderpads I am waiting on) and to have my remaining 20 troops painted, and the two built Rhinos. That then will leave me with, 5 Terminators, 2 Vindicators, 9 Possessed, Rhino, and Chaos Lord to be painted the next weekend.

Bring on Warrington!

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  1. excellent start mate, you'll get them done for Warrington, if not you'll be painting in the car on the way up there.