Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Choosing an Eldar Craftworld

Ello folks,

Over the last few months I've been working very, very slowly on an Eldar army that I bought second hand. I've been repairing broken bits, assembling what was still in boxes and converting some other bits and bobs with them.

I'm still not quite ready to paint them yet, however... I've not settled on a particular Craftworld choice and don't really have any ideas of my own when it comes to paint schemes.

I would prefer them to be a different primary colour to my other armies, since I don't really want to be painting something that's the same as another army. I'd like them to be visually different where possible... Anyway, here goes...


I like the idea of a white armoured army, however painting a lot of things Green is putting me off. After 10k of Orks, helping out painting more Orks and then a Dark Angels army - anything that is green is a turn off.

However, I am swayed by the white armour, but would need to find a quick way of painting white over a black undercoat. As I'm stuck in my ways and don't like to base white.


I don't particularly like the fluff of Saim-Hann, however I do think their Guardians and red armour are the nicest looking variant in the Eldar codex.

However... the prospect of painting more red, after a ton of Ork vehicles and a Khorne Daemon army really puts me off. Plus, it's a very vibrant red, which I don't think I'm committed to doing nicely.


Now, I do like this craftworld. Partly because it uses Yellow in the scheme and I've very rarely painted using yellow. However, the downside is that the primary colour is the mottled blue, which is pretty similar to my Dark Eldar army.

I also like the fluff of the heavy emphasis on Rangers / Pathfinders for this Craftworld as well.


The reverse of Alatoic, this one. Again, Yellow is a colour I've not used very much while painting. But the thought of using a white base here puts me off. It's a very warm yellow that I don't think I would be able to achieve without a lot of work.

The other downside to this Craftworld is that Sanguinus has based his Eldar corsairs around the Iyanden craftworld, led by Prince Yriel, and I like to avoid clashing of armies and fluff between the gaming group where possible.


Ulthwe is quite a popular craftworld, due to Eldrad, high number of Psykers and it's quick and easy paint scheme. So far there's at least 1 Ulthwe army that comes to the club, with the possibility of a second.

I originally painted some Guardians last Summer in an Ulthwe scheme and quite enjoyed it, but I'm thinking that the vehicles will look pretty boring. It's quick and easy on the infantry, but I doubt the massive amount of black will look nice on the tanks and walkers.


These guys looked pretty cool in the Codex and I've seen a few armies knocking around online. Personally, I prefer the Red sections to be more Orange in colour, as that's a colour I've also not used a lot in my time painting.

The only downside to this is that my Squat and Imperial Guard armies are both primarily Grey. So it'd be very Grey vehicles and armour plates again.


Again, these guys are primarily Red coloured, which is a bit iffy - especially as I've said before with vehicles. However, I like the background of this craftworld, they appear out of the Eye of Terror after dissappearing and are treated with suspicion.


So what do you guys think? So far I'm most tempted by Yme-Loc, but each day I keep getting drawn to do a Biel-Tan army in a "dirty white" style and focus on white on the vehicles, rather than heavy on the Green.

Any other craftworlds or cool paint schemes you can show me to inspire Craftworld Mystery?



  1. If you want a crisp white then GW now does a white base paint, I am going to try it soon on my Necrons so I will let you know if it's any good. If you want a more bone colour, Denheb stone with a sepia wash looks very nice.

    1. By base paint I mean like Denheb stone not the spray paints.