Monday, 8 April 2013

April Painting Pledge - Eldar Vehicles - Progress #2

Morning folks!

Productive weekend of hobbying for the most part, I managed to get my 3 Wave Serpents painted up fully, apart from the guns as I'm planning on doing them as one big batch later on for all the vehicles.

So yeah, these are done now. Not completely happy with them as the large flat bone coloured areas look pretty messy so I'm thinking about touching them up when I've finished the Falcon.

Speaking of which, I got my Falcon basecoated black last night and then while I had 10 minutes spare in the morning today I got the chassis and metallic areas drybrushed with metal. I ran out of time for getting the brass areas finished though, so that's a job for another time.


  • 3 Wave Serpents
  • 6 War Walkers
  • 1 Falcon
  • All the Wave Serpent, Falcon and Guardian platform weaponry.
  • Soul Grinder
  • Black Spray


  1. I was about to say, if you feel they're a bit messy, just touch them up lol. But you beat me to it. Hope you're enjoying painting them though. I know from personal experience that sometimes it can become a bit of a repeat thing with some models. But when you have them done, you feel so... can't think of the word, but it's similar to prideful lol.

    Playing with painted miniatures is always the best as well in my opinion. I just can't play with non-painted. Doesn't feel right to me.

    1. For the vast majority of the model they look alright, it's those flat bone areas that look really messy. I did try and re-do them, but problem is I still need to wash them to darken them down and match the rest.

      Maybe I'll just cheat and paint those panels black, or be very careful with how I apply the wash.

      As for playing with painted minis, I always try and wait until things are painted before using them - it gives me a push to get them painted up if I really want to use an army. I played using some un-painted and proxy things last night and it was really jarring to look at.

      No paint, no play!

  2. Stop knocking my unpainted models. I can't knock a unit out a month let alone a whole army :p

    1. Maybe you'll have to hire "Badger's Brush" miniature painting service.

  3. Pfffft zero chance of that happening with the latest developments & her out of work for the next 5 years. I'll have less to paint when I eventually sort through my stuff & get some sold

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