Friday, 5 April 2013

Black Templars pulled from GW Site?

Morning folks.

No painting progress last night due to a poorly Baby badger, but instead this was brought to my attention this morning - the Black Templars section of the GW site is now empty.

See for yourselves here: Games Workshop - Black Templars

So what does this mean? Well... not much is really clear. If you do a search on the GW site for the Black Templars you can still order their Codex and some shoulder pads, but nothing else will show up.

Option #1 - New Codex: Black Templars
For me, this is a possibility simply because GW have kept them as separate entities where necessary in the 6th edition rulebook. There are a few things I noticed in the 6th ed book that were precursors to Dark Angels and Daemon codex updates.

They are one of the few Marine chapters that feel different to others, rather than just giving bikers / terminators / assault marines as troops and a few new vehicles or special units. I would like to see them keep a new codex, but the fact they're not very detailed in the 6th edition rulebook in terms of fluff, makes me think of....

Option #2 - New Codex: Space Marines that includes Black Templars
This might be quite hard to do and get it to feel like a Templar army. Perhaps the Emperor's Champion is a character in the Marine HQ slot which unlocks the ability to add Initiates into squads and replaces Chapter Tactics with some zealous rules.

This is also a likely option simply because the Imperial Fists seem to be sporting the crenellated Templar armour, Templars have the Stormtalon and Stomraven at the same time as Codex Marines and the fact there's now very scant detail on them in the 6th edition rulebook.

Option #3 - White Dwarf Update and switch to Finecast
Another not so likely option and I can't remember if the Templars characters got swapped to Finecast, but it could be that combined with a White Dwarf update to keep the army separate, without the need for a full codex - similar to how the Sisters of Battle got a "tide you over" WD codex.

Again, I'm not so sure on this, but since there's a lack of rumours in general on the Templars at the minute (from what I've seen anyway) it could be anything.

Then there's the possibility of the unknown, it could just be a glitch and mean nothing and the range will be back up in a day or two, but normally this kind of thing heralds something soon. Although there's not been much rumour build up for the Black Templars recently, so who knows?

What do you guys think to it all? New codex for them? New codex for Marines with Templars included? Something else? Anyone? Bueller?


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  1. And now they're all back up!

    Someone at GW web HQ tricking the internet into a frenzy!