Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Road To Stockport: Week 2

(Last night was an interesting 3 player game involving the Space Wolves of Logan’s Great(ish) Company, the Tyranids of Hivefleet Tattybojangles, and the Guardsmen of Manutia)

As Logan and the Commander of the Guardsmen discussed the plan to destroy the Tyranid hive, a lone Alpha warrior strode forward leaving its pack behind.
Logan pointed to the Alpha Warrior “See how the Xeno scum believes itself better than us, it doesn’t even deem speech worthy of itself.” He appealed to the Commander.
The Guardsman turned to his squad and began whispering among themselves “I think you are right, but maybe we can discuss a truce so that no-body gets hurt!” he said to the two other commanders.
“That sounds reasonable” replied Logan, “Oi, Bug, I suggest you return to your ships or face the consequences.” The Alpha Warrior just stood there.
“That isn’t what I meant by a truce!” shouted the Guard Commander.
“You are willing to consort with Xeno, you disgust me!” bellowed Logan.
“I wonder what wolf meat tastes like?” were the only thoughts going through the Alpha warriors head.
That’s when the hive started to move, the group of Warriors in the near distance moved quickly to join the feast with their leader and the other creatures surged towards the Imperials. The Guardsmen had little time to react and their Commander was too stunned to move. The Wolves were a little quicker and got both squads of Terminators on the ground immediately, while a Lone Razorback surged forward eager to get the fangs of its heavy bolter into battle. The Long Fangs, securely in Position opened fire on the Imperial Valkyries believing them to be consorting with the Xenos but in the confusion the missiles went wide and missed with every one. Logan found his Retinue and regrouped with them after they launched a volley of bolter fire into the Guardsmen.

Then all hell broke loose. The Tyranids avoided the newly arrived Terminators and rushed towards the Vehicles of the Guard, but failed to do any lasting damage, leaving them open to a counter attack. The Guardsmen opened fire on the Tyranids but inflicted little damage to the large horde, the massed confusion left their ordered guns firing wildly. The Space Wolves got their Discipline back immediately and the Last Drop Pod Smashed into the Ground amidst the Tyranids, pouring Squad Leonis out into the wastes, they wasted no time and opened fire on the Alpha Warrior and his Brood, Terminator Squad Vulkan poured their own fire from the deadly assault cannon into the fray as well, killing off a couple of the Warriors, while the Long Fangs kept their Focus on the Valkyries.

Squad Leonis charged into the Alpha warrior hoping to bring it down with their weight of numbers, while the Terminators of Squad Vulkan secured the chapel with the help of Logans personal retinue. The Long fangs finally took off the weapons of one of the Valkyries. Leonis was able to kill off all the remaining Warriors but failed to wound the Alpha at all, leaving them open to a counter assault from a large swarm of gaunts, which hit them hard and despite a hard effort the Grey Hunters fell. The Alpha warrior took lead of the gaunts and headed towards the chapel under a hail of Lasfire from the Guardsmen. The Ogryns charged fearlessly into a looming trygon, wanting to prove they were worthy servants of the Emperor and through their ferocity almost felled the giant beast before they were cut down leaving the Commisar to face off against a monster three times the size of him.

Then the air screeched as if in pain, Logan Knew the sound, he saw the fleshy pod head straight for the chapel and as it burst open the horrific form of a lone Zoanthrope floated out. He knew that it was no ordinary Tyranid from the way his hackles raised, it was the Doom of Malan’tai. The first waves of Nausia washed over him and his squad and he could see Squad Vulkan suffered the same, he watched as the souls of his warriors were sucked into the creatures body and their lifeless forms crumpled to the ground, he could feel his own will being sucked away. He saw Squad Lykan jump from their Rhino and burn a large number of gaunts to a crisp before charging into the Alpha Warrior determined to avenge their fellow Grey Hunters. Then everything went black, once again, he would have to get used to this. Sergeant Vulkan was the only Terminator to survive defending the Chapel and told Logan how the Guard Squad had blown away the Mycetic Sport before the Long Fangs ripped the Doom apart before it could absorb the last of his soul.

The Guardsmen were not so lucky, the Trygon ripped into the Commisar and moved towards the Hovering Valkyries, and ripped one apart with its razor sharp claws, while the dreaded Zoanthropes used their great minds to blow another apart by sheer force of will. The Long Fangs were not kind towards their would be allies and destroyed one of the Chimeras while the Razorback blew apart a second Valkyrie from behind. Lycus had spent a while getting into position behind the Hive’s base spawning pool and charged straight into the largest creature they could find, which was a hulking Tervigon, Lycus entered a feral rage ripping shreds from the creatures armour and the Melta gun found these weak spots causing untold damage, while the other Scouts darted in and out stabbing and slashing at the large creature, it could not withstand the assault and a final drive into the creatures skull saw it die, but had also sealed the squads fate. The Rest of the Hive felt the loss of one of their birthing creatures and turned towards Lycus and opened fire, killing 3 of the squad, only the Melta gunner remained standing, and protected Lycus like a wolf protects its cub. The Space Wolves held the chapel securely with Vulkan stood sentinel while Lykan moved his squad in support, they had also managed to destroy the Tyranid Spawning pool, but would not be able to hold the area while the Scouts retreated back into the shadows, but it was at a cost and the Imperial guard base had been devoured by the Tyranids. The guardsmen put up a hard fight and destroyed the weakened Trygon with a single well placed Melta Shot, blowing its head apart in a shower of roasted gore.

The Imperials held the Chapel and it would be a long clean up to rid the infestation of Tyranids. The Misunderstanding between the Guardsmen and the Space Wolves was settled and they worked together to remove the foul Xeno from the planet.


  1. i dont know why this battle erupted, there the alpha warrior was, hungry and bored and the other 2 sides decided to have a fight - totally unjustified in my book!!!

  2. The wolves thought the Guard were Xeno lovers, the Guard just shot at the Nids, and the Alpha Warrior was hungry.