Friday, 30 October 2009

UPDATE: Getting our behinds in gear!

Now that everyone's back from Weddings and other obligations, I'm intending on getting behind this blog, especially now I have an actual Digital Camera - as opposed to using my (and other's) mobile phones and transferring pictures.

So I'm going to aim to get a weekly update (probably Sunday evening / Monday morning) of goings on at the club and any other random thoughts, articles etc.

Hopefully we should draw in a few followers and random viewers, so if you are reading this, live in the Manchester area and are looking for somewhere to play, check out our main page on the right hand side.

Game 09 Manchester Results

MAWS have once again been busy organising another tournament, this time in Manchester at the Palace Hotel, organising a 1 day tournament for Warhammer 40k.

The end results were:
1st - Jay (Liverpool Gaming Guild) - Orks
2nd - Ste (MAWS) - Tyranids
3rd - Andy (Liverpool Gaming Guild) - Salamander Space Marines
4th - David - Imperial Guard
5th - Jamie - ME! (MAWS) - Orks
6th - Mike - Tau

Best Painted Army (Judged by Brian from CMON) - Jay's Orks
Most Sporting Opponent - Jamie

All in all, a good day was had in our first out of club hosted Tournament and will definitely be on for running the event at Game '10.

We would like to thank Paul Reid for organising prizes on the day and all participants that played.