Thursday, 21 January 2010

[HOBBY] The New Boys Pt.3

I have returned after debating on the colour scheme for a long while I have come up with a few ideas, I know that I want the basic colour a shade of white, probably along the lines of bleached bone, but with white highlights to lighten it up and a wash of blue to make them look more spectral. This first model is my favourite at the moment but there is still room for improvement.

I also know that the secondary colour would be red, this would be to represent the bloodiness of their raids and culture however I couldn't decide on a definite pattern. I was going to have some form of Heraldry or a Skull icon on the left shoulder. The right shoulder is going to have a scroll on it with the Marines name written on and maybe some squad markings. The fists are going to be red to represent the blood of their enemies over years of raiding, similar to the crimson fists.

In the bottom picture I considered the red reaching up the arms in a flame or blood spatter pattern as a sign of veterancy the higher it went the more senior the marine.

I have posted a picture of the three main ideas I have, however if you find any better ones, feel free to comment and give your feedback.

If you want to see the first two parts follow this link and the link at the end of that article, this is the only way we know of linking them together.


  1. I like the 1st one, but with the bloody cuffs of the last one. My 2 cents.

  2. Thanks, it was something I was considering, I think it makes them look more tribal and less Codex, even though they do follow it to a certain degree.

  3. I do believe that that is Japanese, and I dont read Japanese... but thanks... I think

  4. rob, put it into a translation website

    its either 'giving one hand drum' (possibility means well done round of applause)

    or encourages for you

    either way it means well done.

  5. my nids are still going to eat them

  6. I did say thanks, so its ok.

    No they are not