Monday, 12 July 2010

[Paintlog] Imperial Guard Tank Madness

Afternoon all,

I've been meaning for a bit now to do a Paintlog update with the madness of painting I had last weekend.

Next weekend there's going to be an Apocalypse game at the club that I've ended up volunteering to use my Imperial Guard for, so I thought it'd kick start me into painting up some of the Imperial Guard tanks I had boxed up. So last Saturday afternoon I went out and sprayed them all up and left them to dry.

I then spent Saturday evening and most of Sunday painting them up using my typical "drybrush everything" approach to the Imperial Guard.

So here goes:

2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks
1 Leman Russ Demolisher
1 Leman Russ Vanquisher
1 Colossus (back right)
2 Hellhounds.

So yeah, 7 tanks in 24 hours. If only I could crank out Infantry at the same speed I can manage with tanks! Unfortunately for the Guard though, until I can afford some spray, this will probably be the last of them that gets touched since I've got a ton of Orks I (foolishly) volunteered to paint up.

They're not the best painted Tanks you will ever see, but I'm proud that I can get them done in such a short period of time and it'll mean Apocalypse games look better when photographed... as opposed to a blob of grey/black plastic.

Peas and Glove,


  1. 7 tanks in 24 hours, you're a painting machine, sent from the future to ensure your guard army has shiny tanks to make war with.

  2. Funny thing is that I bet half of this stuff won't get used. Oh well, at least it's painted up!

  3. Its always better to have a painted army that you dont use than an unpainted army that you wish was painted, besides, they will look great on Sunday!!