Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Road to Stockport

I am going to start doing a kind of Battle Report, but putting the battles into stories to set them apart from any other Battle Reports on this site. Here is the first part, where my newly built Space Wolves are facing off against Angrymans Tyranids. It is a 1500pt game in preparation for our Stockport Tournament (hence the title)

As Logans pod Burst open he looked around and could see that the Grey hunters had taken up effective positions one Rhino was speeding towards his own position to help him destroy the foul Tyranid Spawning pool while another rumbled slowly forward keeping some xeno warriors within its sight and a clear path towards their own rally point. He turned and looked to see if his Long fangs were in position, but there were nowhere to be seen.
“Sven, report your position!” he rumbled into the comm-link.
“We are having problems, the rubble is denser than first thought, ETA. 3 minutes.” Came the reply

Logan looked back onto the battlefield and spotted a foul Tervigon heading towards his squad, without cover and backup he could get easily overpowered by its firepower, and there had to be more nearby. He started towards the solid plascrete wall of a building with his Wolf Guard in tow, but he wasn’t quick enough and he saw the rest of the horde appear from the rubble. They were in range and he could see the guns spasm as they prepared to fire. It was too soon, they hadn’t expected this. The entire horde opened fire on his position and he managed to throw himself behind some rubble, taking only a glancing hit, his squad wasn’t so luck and three of the Wolf Guard fell their armour no protection against the living and thinking ammunition of the foul xenos.
As he assessed the situation he heard an increasing roar from above him, he recognised it as another Drop Pod, and heading for his position and he grinned showing his long fangs.

“Lycus, in position ready to pounce.” Came a soft voice over the comm-link.
The Scouts had flanked the Tyranids, the plan was beginning to play out as he had hoped. The pack were converging and about to strike from all sides, just like a pack of wolves hunts is prey back on Fenris.
“Prepare to pounce when Brother Torvald lands. Strike in unison.” He roared back, the xeno knew he was there and they couldn’t understand human speech and even if they could it was unlikely they knew the native Fenrisian tongue.
Just as the pod crashed into the ground mere metres away from Logan a Rhino drove recklessly through the wall next to him skidding to a halt as a Flamer wielding Grey Hunter hung out the side hatch. The trap was sprung and the Tyranids had walked right into it, he saw the other squad of Hunters pulling back slightly supported by a razorback keeping the Warriors in their sight.
“Sven, are you nearly ready the trap is already sprung.” Logan was becoming impatient they should be setup by now to support his assault.
“the stairs have collapsed, we are having to make the climb another way, ETA still 3 minutes.” Came the frustrated voice from the Long Fang Sergeant.

He turned back and looked to his arriving brother, more hulking terminators strode out of the drop pod already pointing the massive assault cannon at a looming Carnifex while the scouts could be seen sneaking up from the enemy rear. Then the killing began. The Assault cannon opened up at the same time as the flamer from the Rhino. There was a hiss of superheated air as the melta in the scouts opened up at the carnifex at the same time. Gaunts screeched as they were roasted alive but the carnifex just shrugged off every bullet and even the melta shot only managed to score its carapace. Logan heard the sound of bolter fire coming from behind and saw a mighty Tyranid warrior fall to the Razorback and second Hunter Squads fire.

He went to jump from his cover but he had left it too long and his scouts were already charging in, slaughtering more gaunts and hoping to distract the Carnifex, then a Trygon roared and smashed the rhino apart with its guns before charging into the Grey hunters followed by the Tervigon they had first seen. Dispite the Scouts attempt to keep the Terminators free to bring their firepower to bear again they were swamped by gaunts. Dispite all this every warrior fought on bravely and died like a true Fenrisian. Logan was stunned into inaction by the ferocity of the xeno and even his own wolves although fighting like cornered beasts couldn’t match it. It was over in a matter of minutes, every last battle brother lay dead, except himself and his lone Wolf Guard. It had been his fault, his inaction had led to this, he saw the Long Fangs finally in position and begin to open fire, but it would be too late. He also watched as the second squad of Hunters fought bravely and killed off the warriors and gaunts heading to the rally point. Not that it was any use anymore, there was no-one to rally. The Trygon loomed above him and a third pod cam roaring down, but this one was living and contained the most horrific creature possible. It crashed next to the Grey hunter Sergeant and his Melta wielding squadmate, and ate their souls, just as a second Tervigon scuttled around the corner, he didn’t know which fate would have been worse, but he planned on doing something to repent for his inaction and charged headlong into the Trygon.

He heard missiles loose and caught a glimpse of the horrid creature that had spawned from the pod get blown apart then he saw the Trygon getting larger, it was much bigger than he thought, with a sweep of its tail it sent Logan flying into a wall under the Long Fangs, he heard bones snap, then he blacked out just as he saw the contrails of four missiles lash out and rip the Trygon apart. At least someone could claim glory this battle. He awoke in the apothecarion in a sombre mood, they had lost the world to the foul xenos, and it had been his inaction that had cost the lives of many battle brothers. It was going to be a long road to Stockport, if he survived that long.

Tune in Next week for the next installment, hopefully the Space Wolves wont die this time


  1. Probably easier for them Just to take the 192 bus from picadilly gardens?

  2. very Probably, but that would be a very short Battle Report/Story :)

  3. i almost choked when i read that

  4. "there are no wolves on fenris"

  5. they're all on the 192 bus!!!!!!!

  6. Magnus could & should have taken Leman Russ out

  7. or drove the 192 bus into the ship canal

  8. then they would all have that wet dog smell

  9. He didn't take them out because of reasons explained in "Rise Of The Tau"!

    Plus, no-one likes the smell of wet dog.

  10. Yet Magnus lives on outside of his mortal body

  11. Magnus could be the bus driver