Wednesday, 5 May 2010

[Blood Angels] Stormraven Gunship Ebay

This is one of the best looking stormraven models/kits I have found you can buy --- Isn't Ebay great !!!!! Don't really like the valkyrie mod that seems to be everywhere at the moment -- and this one is cheaper from the ones I've seen. Might have bought 3 of these if I hadn't already nearly finished my first scratch build.
The engines I'm using arrived today. Just got to hack them to pieces as they are too big, then I can make the wings. Will post a few pic's when its done.
This one comes with 4 missiles and 2 twin linked weapons plus magnets --- how thoughtful :-)


  1. where there any other pictures?

  2. yeah, but this was best one. Link would help. It's from Phillipines so postage is about £15 though :-( but £5 for additional items. Do some nice thunder wolves mith marine leg. LINK ----

  3. cheers dude, I'll have a look now, thats a very good ebay find!