Friday, 1 August 2014

Parallax Campaign - coming soon - intro part 1

"You have been wronged my friend!"

Teutoge Del Castillo jumped from shock more than fright.  He had been in isolation for…. for … He wasn't quite sure, but he had been here for some time now shackled in this small cell.  Had he really missed a new arrival?  No surely he would have heard the door open, the shackles being clasped, and the prisoner's protestations, with claims of innocence or defiance!

He had been awoken a few times by the echo of footsteps drifting down the hallway beyond his cell door or the infernal clanging and rattling of pipes that preempted the arrival of his nutritious ‘slop'.

At first he had thought there had been some terrible mistake, a case of mistaken identity or another one of those terrible pranks that his ‘fellow' Officers had played.   He had been due for one, it had been too long since the last one, and they had been getting progressively worse.

As the four hulking behemoths that had man handled him into his current confines had grabbed him he had given his name and rank and thrust his commission papers under their noses.  He had received a blow to the head for his protestations and the papers had been knocked from his grasp and kicked into the gutter.  How very dare they, he had worked his rear end off to get those papers, no matter what anyone else said.  As the papers sank into the cesspool of human waste and detritus he had threatened these imbeciles' with the Emperors fury.  The first and last noise he had heard from these hulking brutes was that of grating raucous laughter.

He had been brought to this place and shackled like some common miscreant.  As the brutes left a shadow had appeared in the door way.

"Do you have anything to tell me?"

"I am Lieutenant Teutoge Del Castillo of the Troodon Planetary Defence Force, attaché to Captain Wibertus Mehler, personnel number DC7564321 …………."

"You are not a prisoner of war Leu…..  Where are your papers?  Impersonating an Officer is punishable by death."

His face could not be seen but from the tone of his voice Teutoge could tell there was a smile on his face as he had closed the door and Teutoge's world became black.


  1. Was seeing if there was any interest first as there hasn't been much activity on previous posts :)