Friday, 28 October 2011

Badger's Log - Deathwing Progress

Morning folks,

It's been a bit since I posted on here, and to be fair, it's been a slow few hobby weeks for me. I've been tracking the Necron rumours online and was planning on doing a post compiling them all and posting my thoughts, but I've not had chance to do a big write-up and it'd probably just end up being a few hundred Ctrl+V's of "I AM DISSAPOINT".

So, in other news, I made some serious headway with my Deathwing army over last week, chipping away at the bone armour on the 25 Terminators, a few at a time each night.

Now I'm trying to find the time to get the red and green detailing done, so I can add some extra detail to the command squad (Apothecary and Banner bearer mostly) and then finish them all off to make a start on the characters.

So yeah, that's where things are going. I'm hoping to get the Deathwing finished over this weekend whilst catching up on some TV and then get the characters done over next week. Then hopefully I can get some more of the Dark Angel army progressing.

The hope is that I can have all the Dark Angels bits painted up before the end of December, then have some progress done on assembling the Dwarf boxes I have piled up. Which should be fun during the Winter months.

That's all for now folks, I'll do another when the Deathwing Termis are finished or when I summon enough energy to write a new Necron codex thoughts.


Monday, 17 October 2011

Badger's Log - Daemon Prince and Bloodcrushers

Morning again folks,

Another productive weekend for me and my Khorne Daemon army. I started Saturday morning with 2 Bloodcrushers, a Herald on a Juggernaut and a Daemon Prince all sat in grey plastic. Lucky for me, Saturday morning was clear of rain and I managed to get them sprayed up before lunchtime.

I then spent the evening painting the models up, with the hope to get them all finished ready for gaming on Monday night. Thankfully, my Daemons take next to no time compared to my Deathwing and before I went to bed, I had all of them done with the Black wash drying.

Sunday morning I got the bases done and that was the end of that chapter! They're quick and dirty again, but they're painted and that's all that matters to me at the moment with the Deathwing I need to finish off, Brotherhood of the Forge to do and (from reading the rumours over the weekend) planning for tons of Necrons to do.

So here's the pics:

Apologies for the pics being a bit rubbish, it was bad lighting when I took them and the flash on my phone is utter rubbish.


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Badger's Log - Hitting the Hobby Wall

Hello all,

Recently I've been finding hobbying a little difficult whilst at home. Last weekend I managed to finish painting up 3 Bloodcrushers and a Deathwing test model in pretty good time.

Spirits were high and I felt like I had the painting bug once again, that I wanted to finish all the half-started projects I had around. First up, were the rest of the Deathwing army.

At first it was pretty good going, they were already sprayed up, so on Saturday night I went over the undercoat to cover any gaps and get a proper solid coat. Then Sunday night, I drybrushed any Metal areas.

I got pretty confident, I thought to myself "It's only 25 models. I can get these done in a couple of nights or so at this rate..." and now, nearly 4 days later, all I've managed to do is paint about 3/4 of the bone armour on 1 terminator.

I feel like I've hit the wall...

When I get home, I don't feel like picking up the brushes to tackle the Terminators anymore, I've got no motivation to assemble and convert my Dwarfs into 40k models and I've yet to have a night where I've got home from work, in daylight and it not be raining, in order to spray my remaining Daemon models.

I'm in a hobbying lull at the moment where things don't seem to be going my way with painting especially. Personally, I like to go for quick paint jobs that get models on the table faster and I thought with Deathwing, that was pretty achievable. I underestimated how long the Bone armour colour takes to get on in a solid and even coating, which is what's consuming the vast majority of time.

Then we get onto assembling my Dwarfs, where I look at the stack of boxes and think to myself "I really can't be bothered hacking away at arms to make them have Bolters..." or other such excuses. I do want to get them done, so I can try out the Sisters of Battle WD codex for myself, but looking at the boxes and thinking how much assembly work there is to do, I'd rather suffer through painting Deathwing.

And lastly, the weather in Manchester over the last week has been absolutely shocking. Any time that I've been home and able to spray, it's been raining or vice-versa, anytime it's been dry enough to spray I've been away from home. I suppose the weather being rubbish helps in the fact that I'll stay in more and get painting done (or at least attempt to...).

So yeah, that's where I am at the moment - I thought I'd try and vent on here and also, ask for advice.

What do you guys do to try and get around "Hobby Block" ?


Friday, 7 October 2011

Baby Got Back(log)

Morning folks,

As it's nearly that joyous time when we're free from work and you can be dragged around shops, do some DIY and more importantly, get some serious hobby time in, I thought I'd post up about my escalating backlog of hobby items.

Last night I sat down and started assembling some more Bloodcrushers, then remembered that I was half way through undercoating my first Deathwing squad, so I was torn between each. Then while driving to work today and thinking about what I needed to do to finish off my Bloodcrushers, I remembered that I've got 4 boxes of Dwarf models and associated bitz sat in a cardboard box, yet to be opened.

At one point, I was well up to scratch on my hobby backlog. I had just finished my Dark Eldar off, along with some Brotherhood of the Forge tanks and I was on course to get Deathwing things assembled and painted as I bought batches. Then I started to get to the end of a project at work, which meant no hobby time. To keep me motivated at work though, I was still purchasing bits, had my birthday around that time and also bought some things on the cheap from people.

Then, after I came out of the darkness that is overtime, I started to realise that I had a lot to catch up on and also, the impending deadline of a Doubles Tournament in November, that requires me to upgrade some older models to a tournament standard with new models.

So here's what is currently in the Badger-Cave looking for some attention (as far as I can remember!):

To Assemble:
- 3 Bloodcrushers
- 50ish Dwarfs to be made into an assortment of Forgers
- 1 Immolator
- 40 War of the Ring Uruk-Hai (I'd forgotten about these!)

To Spray:
- The above, plus...

- Daemon Prince

To Paint:
- The above, plus..
- 25 Deathwing Terminators
- 1 Deathwing Chaplain
- 1 Deathwing Librarian
- 1 Belial + Magnetised Arms
- 2 Multi Melta Dreadnaughts
- 2 Drop Pods
- 2 Land Speeders
- 20 Marines
- 6 Ravenwing Bikers
- 5 Bretonnian Mounted Yeomen
- 2 Bretonnian Damsels
- 8 Bretonnian Grail Knights
- 1 Grail Reliquae with 20 Battle Pilgrims
- 3 Pegasus Knights
- 10 Knights Errant

- Wash Guard Vehicles to match the Infantry.
- Wash Necron Army to match other armies.
- Buy 2 more Daemon Princes to finish off my Khorne Daemon list.

And that's without including the other stuff I would like to buy over the next few months... I don't like having a backlog when it comes to the hobby, it's something I like to get rid of as quick as possible.

My aim for the rest of this month is to get my Daemon stuff assembled and painted, alongside the Deathwing section of my Dark Angels. From then on, the priorites are:
- Assemble my Dwarf stuff
- Finish the rest of the Dark Angels
- Make some headway with the Bretonnians, either to get playing Fantasy a bit more or to flog them on eBay.

Overall, I want to get my Dark Angels, Chaos Daemons and Brotherhood of the Forge completed by the end of the year. Any progress I can make on Fantasy / WOTR stuff is a bonus for when I get to play them.

What about you guys then? How are your backlogs looking (assuming you have one) and have you got any goals over the next weeks, months or years?


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tyranid Love

Hi all,

Angryman here, there's an article on Warseer regarding G.W's law-suit and release schedule wranglings but it makes mention of a possible new Tyranid monster, take with a pinch of salt


guess you all are aware that GW started a lawsuit against Chapterhouse to crush the company, because GW feels Chapterhouse is infringing copyright and trademark laws. But instead of going right for the kill, GW lawyers have not been able or willing for almost a year to even state what GW's IP is, that Chapterhouse is accused to have been copying. Details and discussion of the lawsuit can be found in this thread: . The lawsuit itself is NOT the topic of this thread.

But GW seems to have made changes in their release schedule because of the lawsuit.
1.) A.o. Tyranid and Eldar releases are on hold until the legal issues are settled.
2.) Esp. the tyranid second wave including the tervigon kit will not be released as planned. GW will invent a new similar monster with WD rules and release it in that context.
3.) Thunderwolves might not be released at all.
4.) GW gets back to its single release schedule, with every essential unit released at the start, with only some characters following later. The Ogre Kingdom release is a perfect example for that strategy.

Why? At first GW lawyers thought every name, concept and design mentioned in one of their books is per se protected and nobody may do a model based on that without their explicit permission. This proved to be wrong, because only models are protected, not ideas and concepts. Now GW lawyers fear that if they release Tervigons, Thunderwolves etc, the third party companies already doing these might successfully sue them. This is probably wrong as well, but the basis of GW's future strategies. Be aware that StraightSilver mostly presents GW's point of view (plus his own of course), so that the legal situation might be totally different in reality (maybe we have to wait for the end of the Chapterhouse lawsuit). Of course nothing here is officially confirmed by GW (only a hint at the new Tyranid monster), but I am convinced that these rumours are true. And Eldar will be a ways off just yet. Ther are all sorts of legal issues with Eldar and Tyranids that has meant they have been delayed, but that is a complicated issue for another thread unfortunately.

A lot of GW releases are on hold until the whole Chapterhouse mess is resolved. There are issues over copyright which until resolved mean GW won't release some stuff until it's all over which won't be any time soon. This specifically relates to two models in the Chapterhouse range, but I don't want to derail this thread with that. However GW won't release some models but not others and so is having to hold off until they can release them all as a wave.

I cannot obviously corroborate it, but I have heard that is the case from credible sources, but again stuff said over a pint isn't always that reliable, but these are people that would normally know.
And yes that is apparently why the Tyranid wave has been held up and also why GW may never make Thunderwolves. Basically the third party companies that got there first can now challenge GW over copyright, not something they would ever allow to happen.

As I say it may only be a rumour, and unfortunately I can't specifically say where most of my rumours have come from in case I drop anyone in it but they do work for the company and aren't a black or red shirt.
And it is specifically a couple of things, but these are fairly important ones.
It's just that Chapterhouse is attesting that it owns the copyright on a couple of GW concepts because it produced the models first. GW are challenging that but don't want to release their models in case Chapterhouse then challenge ownership.
Of course always take with a pinch of salt, but rumours are rumours I guess.

It's more complicated than that.
Take the Chapter House Doom Seer. It isn't part of the GW vs Chapter House case but it makes a good example.
There isn't a single element of the Doom Seer's design that isn't (a) different to the GW Far Seer models and (b) modelled on existing historical designs.
Despite that it is clearly a "not" Far Seer, based on its overall similarity to GW Far Seer models, if you have seen a GW Far Seer first.
The question the court must answer is whether GW's co-option of historical elements into an overall design is sufficiently original as to create an entirely new copyrightable work, and secondly if this has been achieved, have CH violated the putative copyright by copying the overall design with different individual elements.
You can see how complex these questions can be.

Unfortunately GW were unable to release their Tervigon kit (see my other comments elsewhere) as they had intended and so are having to make do with a White Dwarf bolt on.
Essentially the WD rules will be a Tervigon and something else, and the kit will make both models, a bit like the new Ogre Kingdoms monsters.
At least this is what I have been told, don't know if it's true or not."
For me personally I welcome the news of a new Tyranid monster - providing its worth taking, a heavy slot thats something like a hive guard but BETTER.  I go for better fast attack TMC, the Harpie is shite, always has been and always will be,

All comments welcome

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Badger's Log - Bloodcrushers


Quick one from me again this morning, just to post my progress with goings on. Myself and Sanguinius are going to a doubles tournament in November and decided to take Daemons. So I'm having to upgrade my old count-as Bloodcrushers to the actual models now they're plastic.

I ordered and assembled them a while ago, but I only got round to painting them last week after I got some new paints.

I gave the Juggernauts black armour rather than red to give a bit of diversity with the model, rather than a big mass of red broken up by boltgun metal.

So far I've got 3, 1 of which has an Instrument, but I'm looking to add another set to make a bigger unit which can absorb  more fire.


Monday, 3 October 2011

Badger's Log: Deathwing Test Model

Morning all,

It's been a while since I got my paints out, between end of project overtime at work and various family goings on, I've not done much hobbywise, save assemble some Bloodcrushers and play some practice games for a doubles tournament in November.

But at the weekend, I got a few things done - painted 3 Bloodcrushers, assembled a Daemon Prince and then bought a fair few new paints as I'd run low on most.

As a non-Daemon treat I decided that it was about time I got myself into gear with my Deathwing army, so I figured I would paint a tester model to try out the scheme.

I'm really, really pleased with how it looks. Even more so with how the picture has some out on my new phone's camera.

The only problem I had was the sheer amount of time it took to get a good solid coat of Dheneb Stone on the armour. My concern is that I won't be able to breeze through these as quick as I normally would with an army.

I think overall, it took me about 1 hour 30 to get the model done, sticking to a basic colour palette of Dheneb Stone, Mechrite Red, Boltgun Metal and Knarloc Green. Then for assorted piping and the eyes I used Ice Blue and Camo Green. Top it all off with a Badger-Trademarked Badab Black wash and I'm really pleased.

I also had to be very, very careful with the application of the black wash this time. On other armies, I've just slopped it on and for all those it looks fine, but the Deathwing army needed to look battle worn and aged, rather than flat out dirty or patchy.

Make a start on the rest pretty soon I hope. I suppose the time it takes to paint them isn't too problematic as there's only 25 models in the entire army!