Monday, 17 October 2011

Badger's Log - Daemon Prince and Bloodcrushers

Morning again folks,

Another productive weekend for me and my Khorne Daemon army. I started Saturday morning with 2 Bloodcrushers, a Herald on a Juggernaut and a Daemon Prince all sat in grey plastic. Lucky for me, Saturday morning was clear of rain and I managed to get them sprayed up before lunchtime.

I then spent the evening painting the models up, with the hope to get them all finished ready for gaming on Monday night. Thankfully, my Daemons take next to no time compared to my Deathwing and before I went to bed, I had all of them done with the Black wash drying.

Sunday morning I got the bases done and that was the end of that chapter! They're quick and dirty again, but they're painted and that's all that matters to me at the moment with the Deathwing I need to finish off, Brotherhood of the Forge to do and (from reading the rumours over the weekend) planning for tons of Necrons to do.

So here's the pics:

Apologies for the pics being a bit rubbish, it was bad lighting when I took them and the flash on my phone is utter rubbish.


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