Saturday, 5 March 2011

Badger's Log - Dark Eldar Warriors and Archon

Morning all,

Despite the fact it's a Saturday morning, I'm here in work waiting for my work to update, so thought I'd show off some of my Dark Eldar that I've been working on this week.

Last blog, I showed you the tester model for the scheme, which was amazingly quick to paint. Thankfully, since it didn't require a basecoat of colour on the armour, it makes it even quicker to paint.

So I've managed a batch of warriors over a few odd hours this week - one night for the armour, one for the other bits and bobs, one for the wash to set and one for the bases.

So here goes. First squad of Dark Eldar Warriors from my Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue offshoot.

I think they've come out looking really good. They match my other armies in terms of the darkened style (Gotta love Badab Black wash!!) and also are a change to paint. The armour is different from the Orks or Guard, their skin isn't done in human style (I used Dheneb Stone) and they look really good grouped up.

The one thing I can see I've missed from the picture is the Sybarite's Agoniser. I used Gretchin Green for it, as I didn't have anything I could think of using and had already used Ice Blue for the armour and Mechrite Red for the spot colour on the warriors.

Then, I also painted up my converted plastic Archon. She's currently un-named but since this is a Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue offshoot, she'll be Lady Malys related and go alongside her when I convert a Malys model.

I converted the model from a Raider crew member (the one's that hang off the sides). I compensated for the crouched leg by making her stand on the head of a defeated Ork Nob, which nicely ties them into Waaagh Nobrot and provides a link between my armies.

She's armed with a Huskblade (Dark Eldar knife hilt and pommel, with a Zombie scythe for a blade), Soul Trap (the cursed skulls) and then the cloak to bulk the model out.Basically, anything Haemonculi related in the army is made from Skaven, so I imagine the cloak is a trophy taken from a skinned Haemonculi / Wrack as a punishment for defying her in some way.

Looking at the blade, I could have done with maybe some blood splatters on it, but looking at it, I like the clean and almost ghostly look to it.

So what do you guys reckon? I'm going to hopefully start painting my Wych squad over the weekend and also spray up the remaining bits and bobs.



  1. Nice job, how do you paint these?

  2. Thanks Anon.

    I've used a really quick and dirty scheme on all my Dark Eldar.

    0. Undercoat everything in Chaos Black

    1. Dryrbush any metal with Boltgun Metal. Any sword hilts or Splinter Barrels are done with Tin Bitz.

    2. Be very careful and drybrush the plated armour with Ice Blue. This step takes a bit as you'll want to try and catch the ridges only and leave the plated black.

    3. Any flayed skin draped on them / "Cloth" areas are Tallarn Flesh.

    4. Any leather is Calthan Brown.

    5. Bone parts (Skulls, Huskblade, etc.) and actual Flesh of the models are Dheneb Stone.

    6. Hair and Gems are Mechrite Red.

    7. Re-coat any of the Suit part of the armour back in Chaos Black (Anything that's not armour plating).

    8. Wash everything with Badab Black

    I don't bother highlighting or layering, I didn't have time for that when painting these!

    Hope that helps :)