Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What I've been up to this last month...

Morning all,

Realised it's been a bit without a blog post containing some pictures of my stuff, so over the weekend I took a few pictures of what I'd been working on.

Whilst in the madness of painting up the rest of my Imperial Guard infantry, I found these 4 Commisars (Far left was already done) in a box tucked away. Thinking they might be good to attach to some infantry platoons in games, I got them painted up pretty quick.

This is the first Dark Eldar model I've painted, and is the tester for the rest of the army. This guy took absolutely forever to get a scheme I was happy with. Originally I started with a Necron Abyss basecoat on the armour, but it was so dark to paint on that I could barely tell where I'd gone over the black undercoat.

So I gave up on that one and after a few attempts at drybrushing I stumbled on Ice Blue and got this "Tron" sort of look going on

So yeah, what have you guys been up to recently? Hopefully I'll have a full squad of Dark Eldar Warriors painted up by the weekend (work permitting) and get some pictures online.


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  1. Last week I tore apart a couple of old Assault squads from my Raven Guard and a Tactical Squad and transformed them into a unit of Grey Hunters, a Unit of Blood Claws with Lukas the Trickster and a Unit of Skyclaws (or maybe even Wolf Guard with Jump packs). I also got Ragnar Blackmane, a Rune Priest and a Wolf Priest with enough legs left for 5 more Wolf Guard or some more HQ's. I still have 4 Terminators to transform into Wolf Guard and Arjak Rockfist and 5 Bikes to turn into Wolf Guard on bikes, this will then give me about 4000-5000pts of Space Wolves (mostly from Upgrades) and plenty of units and builds to pick from rather than my fairly limited 1500pts I started with a couple of weeks ago. I will get a few pictures of the full force once I get them painted up (and repainted in some cases)