Friday, 26 October 2012

Terrain and Terra Genesis

Morning all,

Yesterday afternoon I had a bit of a thought where I wanted to be able have a gaming table at home, rather than be at the mercy of club timings and what not. Especially if there's a tournament coming up since I can't fit big games in on a Monday night.

So, I've got myself a dining room table, had the board cut and used it for the last 2 years or so but struggled with terrain. Either someone has had to bring it round or we've played with very low, small objects. Which is a bit harsh when using Dark Eldar.

And also, at the moment, the stuff we have at the club is taking a bit of a battering and if we would like to host any tournaments would need some more, and more varied, scenery.

So I'm planning a bit of a terrain push soon. I'm going to sort myself out with a terrain bits box and drop bits and bobs of interesting finds in there. Then try and do a few different pieces each month. It'll probably never happen though, since I've got models I bought or was bought last Xmas, that are still sat in a box.

But I spent some time looking around a website called Terra Genesis and came across some interesting, easy enough looking and pretty cool terrain pieces. There's all sorts of cracking work on there, but I'm going to focus on some of the things I'm planning on actually attempting that can be done over the space of a weekend or evening, whilst taking care of a 6 month old baby daughter.

I'm also trying to avoid Polystyrene wherever possible. I know it's really good for terrain and storage, but it's been expensive to get hold of the pink stuff in the past, hassle and mess to work with and would mean buying / making a wire cutter. I used a bread knife last time when I made a castle for LOTR and there's probably still bits of polystyrene stuck to the carpet in my parent's house.

Here goes:
Alien Plants made from straws -

Palm Trees made from cocktail sticks and scouring pads -

Warpgates made from bottle bits and screws -

Craters made from a CD base and foil pie cases -

Ping pong ball and computer cable alien plants -

Wrecked Cars made from tin-foil and plaster -

Rocks in a box, handy for storage -

Tall Birch trees made from floral wire and tape -

Alien spore things made from the tops of Coke bottles and FIRE! -

Cheap and easy trees made from green shredded paper -

Hills that are easy to transport and store, made from Sponge -

Plants made from sandwich bag ties -

Plants made from plastic sprue -

Hedges made from green pan scourers -

Ruins and outposts from Cardboard casing -

Tree stumps made from Pumpkin stalks -

Ruins made from cardbord and polyfilla -

All images used belong to Terra Genesis and the respective article authors.

So yeah, that's my plan and some ideas. Maybe not for rest of this year, it could be my Wargaming resolution for 2013

I figured I'd do a brain dump here and I can use the links to refresh my memory later on.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Batman Miniature Game from Knight Models

YES. It's happening.

As some of you may know, I like Batman.

I like Miniatures.

Lowe and behold... I surfed the blog-verse this morning whilst my PC updated, I came across this post from Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher: NEW- Batman Miniature Game from Knight Models

I'd been planning on working on rules / miniatures for a Batman demo game for ages and hadn't got round to it. Now I know this is coming, all I can do is wait like a giddy kid before Christmas.

Even better is the fact the models are based off the Arkham games, as they're two of my favourite games of all time.

It's an official DC licensed product and I cannot wait for them to release stuff from it. From scouring their Facebook page, I can't get any more info about it, but Knight Models make some fantastic stuff. I can remember they had the license for Marvel stuff a while back. I thought about getting some to paint, then thought I can't do the models justice.

More info, taken from

Batman Miniature Game is a skirmish game based on the broad Batman universe. You can command one of the most famous criminal bands in Gotham City to expand your territory and control the underworld, or stop their evil plans with the Dark Knight and his allies.

The game includes the most important characters created by Bob Kane, like Batman himself, Robin, Nightwing, etc. aided by the Gotham City

Police trying to stop the gangs led by the most infamous criminals and psychopaths of the DC Comics universe, like The Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, the immortal Ra´s al Ghul and many others.

Knight Models team has created incredible detailed miniatures to accurately portray these characters and their sidekicks, 30 mm scale ready to assemble and paint. This is a licensed and official DC Comics product.

Batman Miniature Game is an innovative and original game system, easy to learn and tactical deep, that features thrilling combats and frenzy action, where bands of 5 to 12 characters fight to achieve their objectives in games of 40 to 60 minutes duration.

Choose side and get ready for the ultimate battle to control the streets of Gotham City!.
So yeah. EXCITED.

Best start saving up my pennies!


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Why You Should Always Read The FAQ - Dark Eldar

I'll keep this short this morning, had what feels like the worst nights sleep ever although on the bright side I had a really enjoyable first game against a new-ish player at the club last night.

I've been working on a 1500pt list for Dark Eldar that I'm tweaking so it's my "go to" and can get left in a box ready to go, but we were due to play 1,000pts. Since I didn't have much time after work, I decided rather than write a new 1k list, I'd just drop some stuff out of the 1500pts.

So I chopped out the Scourges, Beastmasters and tweaked the Wargear on my Archon.

Anyways... over the last few weeks I've always realised after the games that I'd done something wrong.

1. Huskblades are AP2. 
Page 58 – Dark Eldar Wargear, Huskblade.
Change the last sentence to read “A huskblade is an AP2 melee
weapon with the Instant Death special rule.”
In the words of the great man above... D'oh. I had my Archon with Huskblade and Shadowfield stuck in a unit of  2 Terminators for about 6 or 7 assault phases with both sides doing nothing. Had I realised it was now AP2 I could have done something useful with him.

Had I read the FAQ properly (Why not put it up with the Klaive and other weapon profile clarifications???) I would have been able to hack through the Terminators and maybe contest a nearby objective.

2.Enhanced Aethersails.
Q: Can a vehicle move Flat Out in the same turn that it has used
enhanced aethersails (p63)
A: Yes.
I had been taking these on my Raiders because I wrote my list up before I realised how "Flat Out" now works. So I'd always thought that since Aethersails means you can't shoot, you couldn't go Flat Out.

Turns out you can!

Which means Raiders with Aethersails going Flat Out can go between 32" and 42" (if I've worked it out correctly), with a 4+ Jink save. If I'm right, after the initial 12" move they can then only go in a straight line, but it's still quite nasty.

3. Torment Grenade Launchers
Page 63 – Torment Grenade Launcher.
In the last sentence, change “must pass a Morale check” to
“must pass a Leadership test”.

This was one from the week before but I thought I'd chuck it in here. This now means that Fearless troops have to take a leadership test in order to charge a Raider with a Torment Grenade Launchers. (As far as I can see anyway).

But we also had the issue that neither of us had the Rulebook FAQ to hand and weren't sure whether a walker would need to test. Soooooo... we wasted half an hour of game time flicking through the rulebook and codexes.

Had we had the rulebook FAQ to hand, we would have spotted this, and clarified it pretty quick:
Q: Can psychic powers or other effects that cause a Leadership test,
for example the Tyranids’ Psychic Scream, affect vehicles or units
embarked upon transports? (p76 / p78)
A: No.

Moral of the story kids? Read your bloomin' FAQ.


Monday, 22 October 2012

Painting Pledge - October Eldar Update #3

Morning folks.

Quick one to break the Monday morning blues.

I managed to get all the bone sections finished on the remaining Dire Avengers last night, would have made more progress over the weekend but Saturday night I wasn't feeling too good (light sensitivity and my eyes) so didn't get anything done.

Sunday night I made a bit of headway before bed and got the 10 remaining Dire Avengers bone sections completed.


Now, I'm currently trying to work out whether it would be faster to reset the black areas now, then paint all the gem stones or I should leave resetting the black sections until last.

It's a big step in progress though since the bone areas are the most numerous, largest surfaces to paint using this scheme. Hopefully now I can plough on with the rest of it, maybe get the lot of them done in a single evening and onto the final details.

There's a few helmet-less models I need to have a look at, which will increase paint time and also try and incorporate squad markings into the Dire Avengers. I was thinking of doing...
  • Painting the gem stones on each squad different to mark them out (1 Green, 1 Red, 1 Blue)
  • Painting the Dire Avenger helmet mohawks a different colour for each squad.
My issue is I want them all to look uniform but slightly different. Red is the go-to colour for detailing on my Ulthwe, so one squad (red gems / mohawk) is going to have a LOT of red on it.

To give you an idea of the scheme I'm going for, I've used this as a basis:

Image from "Nathilien" on CMON

Anyway, that's enough for the time being. I've made a dent in the list for this month but it's not looking promising to get finished.

Probably won't be any progress tonight either if I go out and roll some dice... so fingers crossed I can plough on and get at least a chunk of this done before October ends!


Friday, 19 October 2012

Upcoming Event - Toy Soldier Doubles

Another quick post, whilst scouting for upcoming events I found that the Northwest Gaming Centre are hosting a doubles event.

Copied from

Toy Soldier Doubles 24th-25th Nov

Toy soldier doubles will be held again at the Northwest gaming centre on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of November.

Ticket price will be £25 per team (not per player) where solo play with two forces are aloud ticket price will be £20. Tickets can be bought in the northwest gaming centre or via PayPal

flames of war tournament pack

warhammer 40k tournament pack

warhammer fantasy tournament pack

hordes and warmachine tournament pack
At the moment the 40k rulespack link isn't working but I've asked if they can sort this out to look at.

From what I believe, it's 1000pts per player and 2000pts per team although I could be wrong (that might be Fantasy). That's according to Unseen Lerker's listing for the tournament anyway.

Myself and Sanguinius went last year, which you can read HERE along with Angryman and Col. Straken forming their own alliance HERE.

In past experience, as with most tournaments there has been good experiences with some really exciting games against enjoyable opponents, followed by some really bad experiences - flat out cheating, lists not being checked properly, arguments over rulings "that's how we've always played it here" etc. But hey, that's the same with any tournament I suppose.

As I've said before, I always prefer Doubles Tournaments as they take the pressure off me and it's more of a social thing.

By the sounds of things, allowing individual players to buy a "Team" ticket is a bit iffy, I'd rather there be less teams than flood the field with solo players.

So is anyone interested? I'm not sure if I can make it or whether after past experiences it's worth me going, but I'm looking for events to attend either way.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Painting Pledge - Octobe Eldar - Update #2

Morning folks,

Quick one on this. Last two nights I've got a bit of painting time in on the Eldar.

I've managed to get all the bone areas done on the Guardians and made a start on the Dire Avengers, it's just taking forever. As I learnt by painting Deathwing, painting bone over a black undercoat takes forever to get a good consistency coat.

So, as it stands on my painting pledge list for this month:

Black, Metal and Bone done:
- 10 Guardians w/ Weapon Platform
- 3 Dire Avengers

Black and Metal done:
- 26 Dire Avengers

Black done:
- Farseer

- 6 Jetbikes.

13 Days to go until the end of October, and it's not looking too good.... Although once the bone areas are completed, that's the vast bulk of the work completed (hopefully!).

It's also been a bit slow going as I've not done a test model for Dire Avengers, I'm just winging the scheme as I go and hoping it turns out alright. And if not, tough!

Only other thing I was concerned about is going overboard with the bone areas on the Weapons platform since it looked a bit bare just being blac, but we'll see once it's all said and done.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Things You Never Get Round To #1 - Wargear, Vehicles and Squad Markings

So, after playing a game v Chaos Marines on Monday night, there were a few things that crept up that I'd been meaning to get around to doing for a while and thought I'd blurt them out on here.

There's plenty of little tweaks we always want to do to our armies, some are brought out of rules changes others just for the sake of clarity on the table top.

Squats and Power Weapons:
Originally when I assembled my Squats up, I left the Sergeants of the units with just out-stretched hands to try and keep the squads cheap. However, with 6th edition and the rules difference between Power Axes and Power Swords, I've wanted to add Axes to each of the Sergeants.

Dark Eldar Vehicle Markers:
Currently, GW only make "hanging-off-the-side-of-a-Raider" models for Wyches and Kabalite warriors. However, I've been running a Raider filled with Incubi and an Archon in my last few games and I like the unit.

Currently, what that means is that I have to cram the base of an Incubi underneath the middle sections of the Raider and hope he stays on when moving.

Likewise, the armour on my Archon (who I tend to use as the hanger on) looks very similar to the Kabalite Warriors so it's hard for opponents to tell exactly who is in what Raider.

So I'm toying with the idea of making detachable flags that can be plugged into each Raider with a laminated bit of paper on, that I can use a Whiteboard Marker to write on what unit is inside each.

If I do get around to this, I'll try and get a tutorial up.

This would also help with my Venoms, as I'm currently balancing them precariously on the end of the vehicle.

Squad and Vehicle Markings:
One of my other issues is how to differentiate between certain units and vehicles on the table.

For Imperial armies it's pretty straightforward, they have shoulder pads I can put numbers, symbols or colours onto. However for armies like Necrons and Daemons, it's not as clear as that.

Angryman, for example, has painted the bases on his Tyranids different colours to mark which squad they belong to. This is also really clear to look at on the table. The only problem with this is, I like all my bases to be the same style and colour. I think it'd annoy me to have 1 squad with blue bases, 1 with red and then all the elites and other units to have black bases.

As an example of this, my Ork army is a Deffskullz army which is predominantly blue in colour. I originally painted my second big mob of Boyz to have red warpaint which would differentiate them on the table. But they stuck out like a sore thumb in a sea of blue paint through the rest of the army.

This also extends to my vehicles as I found out on Monday. My 2 Dark Eldar Raiders are assembled pretty much exactly the same (bar some different heads on the crew) and painted exactly the same.

I'm thinking of going back to the bright coloured way, sheerly for clarity:
- Imperial Guardsmen have one of their shoulder pads coloured to show their Platoon
- Orks have just their arm paint as a different colour and then a splash of that colour on their attached Transport vehicle.
- Dark Eldar have the flags on their Raiders a different colour.
- Daemons of the same God have their Tongues painted a different colour to each other.
- Eldar I'm not sure on yet, but I was thinking about doing different coloured Jewels on the models. Red as one unit, Blue as another, etc.
- Squats are another awkward one as they have no shoulder pads or obvious place to put squad markings... so I'll have to have another look into these.

There's probably more stuff that I can't remember at the moment, these are just the ones off the top of my head as I was painting some Dire Avengers before heading to work this morning. The squad markings is a big one, although I'm put off somewhat just because it means if I mob some squads together to change lists a bit, it'll look a bit odd.

What do you guys do for your squad markings, showing what units are in what vehicle and do you bother updating a models Wargear for new editions, codexes and FAQs?


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Painting Pledge - October Eldar Update #1

Morning folks,

It's been 10 days since my initial October painting pledge started and I've yet to do an update about it, so here goes...

Last few weeks have been busy and I lost out on a week due to having my painting area being out of action for the week, so I only actually made a start on things last night.

I managed to get the Farseer, 10 Guardians, Weapon Platform and 10 Dire Avengers undercoated completely last night but eventually gave up because of the sheer amount of bits that were snapping off the model.

I'm not entirely sure of the reasoning for this, as at first I thought it was because the Dire Avengers were all 2nd hand so had been assembled using cheap glue. Then parts of my Guardians that I had assembled with GW plastic glue began falling apart.

So I ended up with a big pile of snapped off bitz (one Dire Avenger fell apart so bad I had the head, torso, weapon arm and legs in individual pieces again) that I was trying to glue, then undercoat once it dried. Which got me really annoyed so I had to stop painting eventually.

I also found that my Super Glue (non-GW) had congealed into a big glue blob inside the bottle, so the only Glue I have at the moment is GW plastic glue thick. I'm still not entirely sure on the reasoning why the glues have been so brittle recently... Whether it's to do with the fact that my paint desk has been near the radiator when I'm not using it.

Either way, it's really annoying and I'll need to pick myself up some superglue over this week for more repairs.

So tonight, if I get chance I'm going to finish off the Dire Avengers and start on Jetbikes.

21 days left.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Post-Game: Dark Eldar v 6th Ed Chaos Marines

Morning folks,

Last night I brought out my Dark Eldar again to see if their victory against the Tau the other week was a complete fluke - and mostly because it meant I didn't have to write a new list or pack models up.

I played against Angryman's Chaos army to give the new codex a try, so he'd not had too long to put a list together. So... we squared off with the following lists (ish - give or take a few upgrades I can't remember):

Dark Eldar:
- Archon (Shadowfield, Soul Trap, Huskblade) [Warlord: +1 to Charge Rolls]
- Haemonculis (Hex-Rifle, Shattershard)
- 8 Wracks
- 9 Incubi (Klaivex, Onslaught)
- Raider (Dark Lance, Torment Grenade Launcher, Night Shields, Aeither Sails)
- 10 Warriors (Sybarite w/ Agoniser, Splinter Cannon, Blaster)
- Raider (Dark Lance, Torment Grenade Launcher, Night Shields, Aeither Sails)
- 10 Scourges (2 Haywire Blasters, 1 Splinter Cannon, Solarite w/ Venom Blade)
- 3 Beastmasters (1 Agoniser, 10 Khymarae, 1 Clawed Fiend)
- Ravager (3 Dark Lances, Night Shields)
Chaos Space Marines:
- Daemon Prince (Khorne? Winged. Got +1 Strength on his Boon roll before game) [Warlord: Enemies within 12" use lowest LD]
- Daemon Prince (Khorne? Winged. Got +1 BS on his Boon roll before game)
- 15 Chaos Marines (1 Plasma, 1 Melta, Champion, Icon of Wrath?)
- 20 Chaos Marines (1 Plasma, 1 Melta, Champion, Icon of Wrath?
- 5 Chaos Terminators
- Defiler
- Vindicator

We played "Big Guns Never Tire" with 3 objectives and the diagonal deployment and I chose to deploy and go first.

We also rolled so that Night Fighting was present on Turn 1.

Turn 1 - Dark Eldar
So, first turn for the Dark Eldar I tried to get my guns just on 36" to mean I could fire, but any return fire and I'd be getting +2 cover save (meaning 2+ on my very obscured Incubi raider) and combined with Night Shields try and minimise fire back.

I kept my Scourges in reserve to deep strike in, hoping they'd be of some use later and also to minimise the fact there wasn't a lot of cover.

I ploughed the Beastmaster unit forward to behind the big central building, kept the Raiders obscured but moved them and the Ravager up to 35"ish so they could hope for some cheeky lance shots.

I think I managed to wound a flying Daemon Prince but that was about it.

Turn 1 - Chaos Marines
Both the Daemon Princes flew directly towards the Dark Eldar meaning I'd still need 6s to hit the following turn.

The 2 Chaos Marine blob units budged forward (or at least, tried to. They both rolled really low on difficult terrain) as did the Defiler.

The Vindicator attempted to fire at one of the Raiders, but thanks to my lovely, lovely Night Shields, was out of range.

The Defiler then cast it's gaze upon the other Raider with my Incubi unit in. But fortunately for me, I was behind cover and Shrouded so I passed the cover save.

Turn 2 - Dark Eldar
Turn 2 for the Dark Eldar and no sign of the Scourge reinforcements.

I moved the Incubi Raider up it's full distance and flat out to try and head towards the backfield objective.

The 2 Daemon Princes were still up in the air so they took the brunt of fire as they were the closest and biggest threats. But I didn't manage to do much to them at all.

I chipped a Hull Point off the Defiler using some cheeky lance fire.

Then I assaulted a Chaos Marine unit with my Beastmasters, lost the resulting combat (partly for going at I1 for charging through difficult) and then ran back towards my edge.

Turn 2 - Chaos Marines
Turn 2 for Chaos and the Terminator unit showed up from reserve, ready to deep strike onto the table. Trying to land close to my Wrack unit holding an objective. However, a really unlucky scatter landed them on top of their own Daemon Prince and Angryman rolled a 1 for the Deep Strike mishap. Goodbye Mr Terminators!

The 2 Daemon princes chose to land and go after a Ravager and a Raider (Warriors) each, and the Marine squad that defeated the beastmasters chased down the final Raider (Incubi).

Between shooting and assault, the Ravager was destroyed along with the Warrior's raider meaning they piled out on the other side of some cover to the Daemon Prince - ready to return fire.

The Chaos marines failed to destroy the Incubi raider between all their attacks - although thinking back about it, I'm sure if they could have used Krak grenades rather than going at S4 (albeit with 1 less attack).

Also, the Defiler with it's "It Will Not Die" rule got one of it's lost Hull Points back.

Turn 3 - Dark Eldar
In turn 3, the Scourges showed up and performed a pin point landing just outside the Chaos objective building and the Beastmasters regrouped ready to fight on.

The Incubi hopped out of their Raider ready to face down the Marines outside, as the Raider itself made a "tactical retreat" away from everyon, but still in Lance range.

The Kabalite Warriors hopped into terrain, ready to deal with the Daemon Prince that was on their doorstep and the Wracks shifted themselves about to deal with a fresh-from-Ravager-Killing Daemon Prince.

Shooting time and the Scourges managed, after about 40 shots, to kill 1 lowly Chaos Marine in the building. Pitiful...

The Kabalite Warriors however managed to fare much better and took 3 wounds off the Daemon Prince nearby. Lastly, my Haemonculus failed for the third time in a row to hit with his Hexrifle. Abysmal.

Onwards to assault and the Beastmasters declared a charge on the nearby Chaos Marine squad, took the overwatch fire and then got into charge. The Incubi and Archon decided to leave the hulking Daemon Prince and take some frustration out on the Chaos Marines too - charging in.

The Chaos Marine champion then issued a challenge to the Dark Eldar elite swordsmen and the Archon. The Dark Eldar noble scoffed at the thought of fighting such a lowly opponent and sent the Incubi Klaivex forwards instead.

In the resulting assault, the Dark Eldar lost 2 Khymarae and in return killed about 6 or 7 Chaos Marines, meaning they needed snake eyes to pass. Which they failed and were hacked down by the Incubi.

The Chaos Champion was cut down by the Klaivex combining his Demi-klaives.

Turn 3 - Chaos Marines
In retaliation, the Chaos Marines unleashed a torrent of fire on the Scourges from the Chaos Marine unit in the building and a Vindicator, wipining the Scourges out of existence, with not a single save being passed.

The Defiler then turned it's attention on the Incubi unit and the Daemon Princes prepared to charge their respective targets - a Kabalite warrior unit and the unit of Wracks with Haemonculis.

Assault 1 - Daemon Prince on Kabalite Warriors. I think this was the first and only time my Overwatch has ever done anything, killing the Daemon Prince off thanks to a torrent of Splinter weapon fire.

Assault 2 - The Defiler on the Incubi and Archon. That unit had nothing that could deal with the Defiler for a turn, so I thought to myself "I'll pile the wounds on the Archon, he's got a 2+ invulnerable save, he'll be fine!" and lowe and behold... first dice rolled... a 1. Archon and 2 Incubi insta-killed. The Incubi then chose to fail their morale test, as per "Our Weapons Are Useless!" and flee.

Assault 3 - Daemon Prince on Wracks. This was a mega nulled combat with I don't think either side causing a wound thanks to FNP on the Wracks and the Prince's Armour. However, what it did do, was cause the Wracks to pile in 3" and down a level taking the top 3 of the unit away from the objective.

Then I had to finish the game there due to the time...

Chaos 4
(1 Objective, 1 Heavy Support Killed, 1 Warlord Killed, 1 Linebreaker)

Dark Eldar 2
(1 First Blood, 1 Warlord Killed)

All in all, was a good enjoyable game of 6th ed. I got my first taste of how hard it can be to hit Flyers / Flying Monsters and more practice with my Dark Eldar is always good. I think if I can add a decent anti-flyer solution to the force, I've got a nice enough list for me to stick with.

Stuff I Forgot:

Now, like usual there's some stuff I forgot during the game, either from rustiness or lack of familiarity with 6th ed.

1. Forgot to give my Pain Token to the Incubi and Beastmasters after they killed the Marines. Would have helped some shooting I took in Turn 3, but oh well.

2. It was a bit pointless letting my Archon take the Defiler wounds. If I'd drawn combat, I would have been locked in. I should have accepted the 3 Incubi casualties and then failed my Morale.

3. Beasts, even though they ignore difficult terrain for movement and charging, still are Initiative 1 when they go through it. Meaning they don't get to make use of the Dark Eldar high initiative. This combined with Overwatch meant I lost most of my Khymarae before doing anything.

4. REMEMBER TO PUT THE BLOODY DARK ELDAR FAQ IN MY BAG. For the second week running, I brought the Chaos Daemon FAQ.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Painting Pledge - October Eldar

Afternoon folks,

I spent most of Sunday afternoon this weekend packing up stray Hobby bits that were spread around the house and had a thought whilst doing so. Last month I managed to paint pretty much everything that was left of my Squat army (aside from an Immolator). Meaning now, I've got a full selection of Squats to use in games.

I thought to myself - Could I do this every month? Set myself a painting goal of an army, group of minis, boxset, etc. and get them painted up over the month dedicating time to that specific goal. Rather than haphazardly deciding what to bother painting, then deciding I don't fancy that race / model / system and then getting bored before I'd even picked up a brush - then spending an evening watching Tele or on the XBox instead.

So... onwards to the painting pledge!

This month, I'm looking at paint up the infantry sections of my Eldar army.

This comprises of the following:
- 1 Farseer
- 1 Autarch / Farseer on Jetbike
- 5 Jetbikes
- 10 Guardians w/ Weapon Platform
- 30 Dire Avengers

I think that's everything anyway... The other stuff is Vehicles and Walkers.

The idea is that the stuff on the list above, will be finished before November starts, hopefully with time to spare to start on other bits and bobs, or prepare next month's stuff with undercoats.

So far I've got 4 test Guardians done from last Summer, which rather than strip and re-paint them, I'm going to plough on with the Ulthwe colour scheme I used. It was quick, simple and extremely dirty. So I'm hoping that I can get through this lot pretty quick.

I'll try and blog and tweet (@MAWS40K) as much as I can of goings on and hopefully it'll keep me motivated enough to get on with them.