Monday, 22 October 2012

Painting Pledge - October Eldar Update #3

Morning folks.

Quick one to break the Monday morning blues.

I managed to get all the bone sections finished on the remaining Dire Avengers last night, would have made more progress over the weekend but Saturday night I wasn't feeling too good (light sensitivity and my eyes) so didn't get anything done.

Sunday night I made a bit of headway before bed and got the 10 remaining Dire Avengers bone sections completed.


Now, I'm currently trying to work out whether it would be faster to reset the black areas now, then paint all the gem stones or I should leave resetting the black sections until last.

It's a big step in progress though since the bone areas are the most numerous, largest surfaces to paint using this scheme. Hopefully now I can plough on with the rest of it, maybe get the lot of them done in a single evening and onto the final details.

There's a few helmet-less models I need to have a look at, which will increase paint time and also try and incorporate squad markings into the Dire Avengers. I was thinking of doing...
  • Painting the gem stones on each squad different to mark them out (1 Green, 1 Red, 1 Blue)
  • Painting the Dire Avenger helmet mohawks a different colour for each squad.
My issue is I want them all to look uniform but slightly different. Red is the go-to colour for detailing on my Ulthwe, so one squad (red gems / mohawk) is going to have a LOT of red on it.

To give you an idea of the scheme I'm going for, I've used this as a basis:

Image from "Nathilien" on CMON

Anyway, that's enough for the time being. I've made a dent in the list for this month but it's not looking promising to get finished.

Probably won't be any progress tonight either if I go out and roll some dice... so fingers crossed I can plough on and get at least a chunk of this done before October ends!


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