Friday, 19 October 2012

Upcoming Event - Toy Soldier Doubles

Another quick post, whilst scouting for upcoming events I found that the Northwest Gaming Centre are hosting a doubles event.

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Toy Soldier Doubles 24th-25th Nov

Toy soldier doubles will be held again at the Northwest gaming centre on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of November.

Ticket price will be £25 per team (not per player) where solo play with two forces are aloud ticket price will be £20. Tickets can be bought in the northwest gaming centre or via PayPal

flames of war tournament pack

warhammer 40k tournament pack

warhammer fantasy tournament pack

hordes and warmachine tournament pack
At the moment the 40k rulespack link isn't working but I've asked if they can sort this out to look at.

From what I believe, it's 1000pts per player and 2000pts per team although I could be wrong (that might be Fantasy). That's according to Unseen Lerker's listing for the tournament anyway.

Myself and Sanguinius went last year, which you can read HERE along with Angryman and Col. Straken forming their own alliance HERE.

In past experience, as with most tournaments there has been good experiences with some really exciting games against enjoyable opponents, followed by some really bad experiences - flat out cheating, lists not being checked properly, arguments over rulings "that's how we've always played it here" etc. But hey, that's the same with any tournament I suppose.

As I've said before, I always prefer Doubles Tournaments as they take the pressure off me and it's more of a social thing.

By the sounds of things, allowing individual players to buy a "Team" ticket is a bit iffy, I'd rather there be less teams than flood the field with solo players.

So is anyone interested? I'm not sure if I can make it or whether after past experiences it's worth me going, but I'm looking for events to attend either way.



  1. Unfortunately me and Angryman won't be attending this year and I am hoping that Badger and Sanguinius will also not be attending as we are having my Sons first birthday party and naming ceremony on the 24th.

  2. Turns out we won't be going then, Mrs Badger failed to inform me of the birthday party!

  3. To be fair, Mrs Straken only informed her when I read this post, I tried to text you and Sanguinius, but ran out of credit, so made the wife text everyone to make sure that you were all available.