Saturday, 20 March 2010

[Rumour] Dark Eldar in Q3 2010?

Well, it's been going round and round for a looooooong, long time, but it seems the Dark Eldar players are finally getting a new Codex. Having played Dark Eldar only a handful of times, this should inject new life into the army - I know a lot of people have been giving GW stick over "Why would they re-do the Dark Eldar, they're the worst selling range!".
It's pretty clear why they're the worst selling range:
- 11 year old codex which doesn't have big shiny super units.
- Large amount of Metal miniatures
- Generally ugly range of miniatures
- Limited range of competetive playstyles.

That doesn't mean to say they're the most unpopular army though. Not by a long shot. Every time the DE rumours crop up, they're met by tons of people saying "I've wanted to start this army for years! But the models and old codex put me off!". So I think it's high time GW got around to it and do what they can.

I feel that provided they're not ridiculously Uber powerful, to shift models over the counter, and can support varied playstyles then they'll do extremely well. Plus, if they stick to the recent concept art we've seen of the Dark Eldar (namely, the image above and the one in 5th ed rulebook) then we should be in for some absolutely awesome models.

So does anyone have any suggestions what they'd like to see done with the Dark Eldar, both in terms of rules and in terms of miniatures?

Either way, I look forward to seeing them on the tabletop post-Britcon!



  1. Moar fluff!

    I can honestly say I like every model in my army. I also win plenty of games against competetive opponents.

    But I am jealous of other armies codexes because they are so rich with stories and general literature to help you get inside the army.

  2. I'm not that knowledgeable on Dark Eldar fluff, but to my knowledge there was only 1 Dark Eldar major city which was Commoragh?

    Supposedly in Planetstrike they mention a 2nd major city - Sodomarr (or something along those lines), which bodes well for Dark Eldar fluff!

  3. I cannot stress how over due this is. I like everyone of the units in the codex and you can still get some brutal army builds but many a lot of them are one trick ponies.

    I hope they keep the glass hammer feel of the codex but just generally give them a good update like come on a strength 3 rapid fire weapon on an assault army and no option for assault grenades on general troops. I'm looking forward to this and think it will my cabal a much needed boost.

    I also think the expanded fluff will be good, i hope they include 'The Torturer's Tale.' by Gav Thorpe this was a brilliant piece of writing and inspired me to get a Dark eldar Army despite the outdated rules.

    May they suffer to silent her screams!!!!!!

  4. I think because of the amount of time that has passed since the last codex and the fact that the dark eldar have almost been ignored by GW id like to see a whole new range of plastic minis, lots of fluff, a rich choice of units and characters, just everything that will bring them upto date with the other new codexes (after codex eldar of course)

  5. plastic wyches
    plastic talos with interchanging arms
    Grotesques being re-done
    More powerful haemonculus
    Upgrades to reaver jetbikes like Eldar
    Second transport type other than raider webway portals