Monday, 9 December 2013

Warhammer 40k on a budget part 2

Progress on the heldrakes has come to a halt as my wife rather unhelpfully threw away her hair pins I had set aside for the 2nd & 3rd drakes arms.

If you read my last post the baby we were expecting was a girl.  I haven't had much free time to venture to the pound shops to get some replacements.  With heldrakes on the back burner and whilst my 19 month old slept my mind moved onto other shelved projects for something to do.

I bought these some time ago on good old flea bay for a steal, £6 including P&P.

For this I got 6 teams of 10 'rangers' including a squad leader & a variety of heavy weapon options.  I'm thinking autogun, plasma/melta & lascannon.

in addition to the basic bolter marine. (Apologies for the photo quality but they were taken quickly in case it was a long labour - it wasn't.  I suppose I could have just retaken them then -- but this has been put together whilst trying to get the toddler to sleep).

The poses are a little static for these guys but they make perfect models for thousand sons.       I didn't even need to buy the backpacks for these guys as I make use of my own or friends bitz boxes.  When it came to the aspiring sorcerers to lead each squad I wanted these models to be a bit more individual.  I bought 10 kromlech heads from ebay think they were £5 from flea bay, but a good deal I think for what you get.

A few chops here and a bit of green stuff later and I had my first 2 sorcerers:

Soon they will be ready to play alongside the big boys, which are currently sitting in my so far unused in 6th ed tzeentch daemons army box :

So, I have 2 squads of 10.  I plan to make another 2 squads & then decide what to do with the rest.  I was thinking of adding in 3 squads of 5 havocs and the last 5 for character/hq conversions and/or differently equipped sorcerers. 

What do you think--- not bad for £11 --- but would it be straying too far from the rubric ???


  1. Really good awesome on a budget. Makes a good read in between changing nappies.

  2. Long time no see Mr One ;p
    Bring back Uriel Ventris

  3. I miss those models. I had a box and made up plenty of my own wargames with them before I got fully into playing 40k. I might have to look them up and find a box.

    Great idea for saving cash and for making some good 1k sons :-)