Monday, 18 November 2013

Warhammer 40,000 on a budget

Yes it can be done lol

Seeing as nothing has been posted on here in some time I thought I'd do a little post.

Warhammer 40k on a budget is not something I gave much thought to in the past.  If I wanted to add a new unit I'd just nip to my local GW on and pick it up - its dangerous having a store just round the corner but alas/thankfully it closed.  Most of my purchases were on a whim and a desire to build something there and then, usually at the weekend ready for a game on Monday.  With the closure of this shop I could think whether I really needed it and the whim of online purchasing wasn't the same.  Though I still got the occasional box or 2.  Its left me with a massive collection, too much,  but I just can't muster the strength to part with any :)

The crux of this post was with an unexpected arrival of my 3rd child (the others being 15 & 12) & consequently my wife leaving work there just isn't the money to purchase plastic krak anymore.  The speed at which codexes have been churned out hasn't helped either as its a must to keep your army current.  Then we decided baby 3 needed a playmate - baby 4 is due in 2 weeks yikes.

Anyway enough background to this post.With the release of the new chaos space marine codex I got a good deal on some cultists from eBay & was content with just adding these into my existing army, after a few conversions.  My friends bitz box came in handy for guard & empire stuff so thst was free.  It was only when my wife was clearing out the house that she came across some old kids toys.

 Mega blok dragons x2.  What a find !!!

I knew immediately what I wanted to do with these and a further route through the toy bin pile provided a few extra bits an pieces I would need.

Then it was time to stick the A-team music on loop.  With much blood, sweat and greenstuff along with many profanities when something went wrong, or I stuck my fingers together again for the seventh time.

Designers note:  you may get grief from your other half if you take bottle lids, all the drinking staws & other household items before they are finished with.

Eventually resulting in:

Maulerfiend - made this guy first purely for scary hitting power.

Forgefiend - After many an immobilised result on the mauler i finally got around to making Mr Big Guns.

After these were made but before they were painted I bought another 1 of these dragons with 3 slightly different ones,  more suited to another daemon engine.  Have a look on ebay they go for next to nothing.  I saved money as they were a job lot on ebay :)

I've only just got around to making a start on the next project, which has proved to be a lot faster.

 Helldrake - just the left hand claw to finish on this monstrosity then I'll probably get the other 2 done before painting.

Hopefully it will look as good as the mauler & forge fiends once painted - they looked a mess to before painting.

There's still much work to do but what do you guys think ?
Should I make another mauler or forge fiend ?
Would it make a huge difference to your decision if I told you that once finished I'll have 3 helldrakes & say 2 maulerfiens & 1 forgefiend for a total cost of £12?


  1. Solid conversions and smart use of cheap materials. We cannot let Orks have all the looting fun, can we? I would let you field these, if we played together. You did a good job at making them look like the official kits, so they are instantly recognizable.

  2. Cheers. I took these to a friendly tourney & I'm sure some people didn't even notice at a quick glance. Mauler & forgefiend are quite easy to get right but more time consuming.
    The helldrakes are along the same lines. I wanted to go off similar shape as the hell talon but u can tell what its supposed to be.

    So what do u reckon - 2nd forge or mauler?
    The heldrake