Monday, 12 May 2014

Finally the heldrakes have risen during 6th editions death throes

I finally gave myself a kick up the backside to get my dragondrakes finished.

I did a post a while ago showing some progress so don't plan to write anything, just a quick splash of some pictures.  I really do need to learn to take better pictures.

The first 2 I had a rough idea of how i wanted them to look and just wanted to get them done.  The 3rd I got a little bit more confident and hacked up the base model a little so its hunched over its prey ready to unleash the fiery fury.

They will hopefully be getting their first proper run out tonight ......... I know 3 heldrakes in a list will make me  'THAT' guy but I doubt they will all make it out for a dragons night out again any time soon.  "Hey, whilst we are all together why not invite our very grounded cousins".

It's a family reunion.

I think I've done a fairly decent job.  The maulerfiend & forgefiend have had really positive responses as they have stuck to the GW concept.  I'm thinking that the drakes will get a mixed reaction.  My simple reply will be it only cost me about 12 to make the 5 of them & I have enough to make another.

Criticisms aside, though please do leave any you have, should I make another maulerfiend or a plasma-dragonfiend ?