Monday, 30 April 2012

Design a character

Hi all,

Angryman here.  I was recently inspired by an old pod cast episode where the cast members created 2 40K characters.  They all had a full 'entry' comprising of name, statistics, wargear, special rules and points cost.  This got me thinking that we could do the same.

The Gauntlet has now been thrown down

Who can create their very own character to use in 40K games at the club?

The character doesn't have to be 'independant', it could be a named monster like Old One Eye, it could be a unique 1 person unit or a unit upgrade such as Tank Commander Pask.  The character would need to have some sort of background fluff, even a few lines to give everyone an idea of where the character comes from.  obviously the biggest stumbling block would be deciding the points cost of the uber character.  All stat lines, abilities and wargear must be represented by an appropriate cost, you couldn't have someone like the swarmlord at 115 points.

Once we have a few characters the next step would be to build and paint them and then run them out against someone elses army, after putting them on the blog of course!!!

so there it is, any takers?

All comments welcome

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Club tournament - Round 3

So the last game was three objectives, spearhead. The objective in the middle was worth 2pts, the opponents objective was worth 2pts and your own was worth 1pt.

I lost in the last turn (3 times as it went to turn 7) after holding the middle and my opponents objectives from turn 2, but the attrition was against me and he whittled me down. I ended up with a 1-0 loss

Mike B lost 2-0 against a Blood Angels list

Sanguinius lost 3-0 against a Chaos Marine list including Kharn, with the Chaos player making 3 repair rolls on his Rhinos.

Mr One got a draw 0-0 against a Khorne Daemons list.

Angryman won 5-0 against a Space Wolf "Loganwing" army with the opponent conceeding.

Mike F lost 3-1 against an Imperial Guard army with a lot of Vets and two Vendettas.

So there you go. I will post up the results shortly.

Club Tournament - Round 2

Second round we were drawn against the Northern Warlords in a 5 objective pitched battle.

I was put against an Eldar list with an abundance of strength 6 shots and Eldrad. My opponent got first turn and got some really lucky rolls imobalising one of my Storm Ravens and crippling my attack. My luck was out until turn 3 and by then my numbers were too small to make a difference. I ended up with a loss of 2-0

Mr One also got a loss but only 2-1 against a Space Wolf list with a large amount of troops.

Mike F. Got a loss of 3-0 having one plague marine left of the board facing an Imperial Guard army.

Angryman lost 2-0 against an all bike Space Marine army due to a bad first turn (good opponents turn 1).

Sanguineus lost 1-0 after killing Shrike, Cassius and a full unit of Storm Shield Terminators.

Mike B managed to get the only win in the team with 2-1 against an Ork bike army.

Lets hope round 3 goes better.

Club tournament - Round 1

We have just given Paul away as a mercenary and have now been drawn against Lost Boys in the first round which will be Dawn of War Annihilation.

So for the first game, I managed to scrape a 6-5 win from a very close game that came down to who could get the kill first.

Angryman got a 12-5 win against a guard army with 3 vendettas

Mr One. Lost 4-1 against an eldar army

Sanguinius won by tabling our own Paul for a loss of none giving him a 13-0.

Mike B lost 12-3 to a beautiful Ork counts as army which was modelled as mutants. (see picture)

Mike F also got a win at 6-5 against a pristine White Scars army.

Call back shortly for round 2

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Friendly List??

Mr One here. Right I'm not usually a blogger. Face to Face is how I roll. We have an Inter Club Championship on Sunday and as a result I have been dragged kicking and screaming out of my semi retired state.

When I was first approached I was told that this was a friendly tournament no net lists or spamming etc. A meeting of fellow gamers with a few games thrown in.

But after seeing some lists its seem to be less about friendly lists and instead about how far can people push the friendly boundary before it's called spamming or a beardy list. If something is Codex legal should it be allowed after all its a war game and army's never play friendly when at war or can they be any such as a friendly game.

At MAWS we used to seem to have a nice balance of friendly and spam within our Meta as if anyone really spammed out then they would start to lose opponents. Though as you can see via the recent blog posts the beard emerges.

So what do people think are friendly competitions possible are is everyone an ard boyz wanting to disperse pain and retribution to fellow gamers.

Now Rant over:

List for Sunday a Standard Vanilla Marine Half Company List (no Spam):

Cpt Sicarius

Chaplain Bob (jump pack Chaplin with melta bombs) - Thought Cassius was a step too far for a friendly tourney.

10 Man Assault Squad with 2 plasma pistols and power fist.
10 Man Devestator Squad with 2 Missile Launchers and 2 Heavy Bolter- Thought 4 missile launchers was spamming out.

10 Man Tactical with Missile Launcher & Flamer. Sgt with CCW and BP in Rhino.
10 Man Tactical with Melta Gun and Multi Melta with Sgt with PF in Rhino.
10 Man Tactical with Plasma Gun and Plasma Cannon Sgt with CCW & BP in Rhino.

Predator with TL Lascannon and HB sponsons.

So I will head to the competition with my head held high safe in the fact I have taken a balanced friendly all comers list. I have a feeling I will either scape a draw but will more likely come away with 3 defeats but we shall see. So Mr One signing off.

Fight the Beards!!!
If you are reading this YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE!!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Interclub challenge

Hi All,

Angryman here, this Sunday 7 of the club members are taking part in the first northwest interclub challenge, 4 clubs, 6 members each will play each other over 3 games.  Our 7th club member will be a mercenary for one of the other clubs.  I'm taking my Salamanders for their first tournament outing.  Each army is 1600 points, my list consists of


5 assault terminators with thunder hammer and storm shields
land raider redeemer with extra armour

Ironclad with heavy flamer and drop pod

2 tactical marine units each with a flamer, multimelta, powerfist and a razorback with twin linked lascannon

5 man devestator squad with 4 missile launchers and razorback with twin linked lascannon.

The practise game I had on Monday went well,  I fought against an Ultramarine list run by Mr 1.  I'm calling him that because of the amount of 1's he rolled, he was very unlucky!!

He had just rolled another 1 and was calling me unpublishable names as I took this picture
We had to nominate a team referee who would be impartial and able to impart his wisdom for the team and to make crucial decisions that would effect the outcomes of games.  We couldn't find one so we opted for our own rules nazi - Col Straken

I'll be taking pictures of the tournament and publishing the results after Sunday.

All comments welcome

Sunday, 15 April 2012

apocolypse game 10,000 points

Hi all,

Angryman here, not too long ago 4 of us from MAWS played a 10,000 point apocolypse game.  We played it on a sunday (and it lasted most of the day) and we started with the usual pre-weekend gaming ritual, a visit to Mc'Fatties.  The forces were Chaos Space Marines V's and alliance between the Space Wolves and The Grey Knights.

There were 5 Daemon Princes, 9 Oblitorators, a Shadow sword and a Baneblade in the assembled Chaos host

The Grey knights had the formidable Stormlord at their disposal

The Space Wolves had some nasty characters in their midst

The mighty Thunderhawk gunship

Between the two armies there was a lot of firepower and superheavy goodness assembled, this was going to be a good game.

the gaming table in all its glory, it measured 6ft by 8ft and had about 48 terrain pieces, it was played over the city's of death gaming mats.

After the deployment lines were defined the Chaos forces deployed dead center of the table, superheavies leading the attack.

The space marines had left just under half of their points worth of models / units off the board, including the Thunderhawk, both storm ravens and all of the terminators.

The chaos side started off by moving all the troops around and towards the objectives (there were 6 in all) and spreading out the daemon princes in support of their troops.  The superheavies moved into better firing positions.

During the shooting phase the shadowsword took 2 structure points off the stormlord but more importantly it destroyed the vulkan mega bolter (thank god!!!)

That, unfortunately, is where this blog ends for 2 reasons, the others who took part can continue the battle report and mainly because i cant remember what happened.

All comments welcome

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Back in business - Dark Eldar, Necrons, Squats and new Eldar army!

Morning all,

Been a while since I had the time or energy to blog about anything. However, work and personal life has chilled out a bit in the last day or so. Which means here comes a blog about what I've been doing over the last few months.

Brotherhood of the Forge
Last summer I spent some pennies on a fair amount of Dwarf boxsets and bits in order to finalise my Sisters of Battle / Squat army. I posted stuff up about these a while ago: HERE

These guys are all sanded and ready to be sprayed up, along with an Immolator. But again, I've just not had the time to get them done.

Dark Eldar
From the Warboot in November I "rescued" a big horde of Dark Eldar models. I spent most of Xmas holidays high on fumes stripping the paint off of them: HERE

In the mean time, I managed to convert up some more Blasters (splinter rifles with torment grenade launcher bulbs on the end) and tidy up 3 Vypers to use as Venoms.

As well as the Dark Eldar stuff, I had a big backlog of Necron stuff that I'd gotten for Xmas that needed to be built and sorted.

10 Immortals with Tesla Carbines, 5 Lychguard with shields, Imotekh the Stormlord, Trazyn the Infinte and a Cryptek.

After I'd done these, I had a Ghost Ark which was one of the most time consuming kits I'd done for a while. As well as a Catacomb Command Barge / Annihalation Barge which very nicely can swap between each if you don't glue stuff. And since I've not been able to paint / play with it yet, it gives me the option to choose which I prefer.

Around the end of February, I bought the remnants of an Eldar army off another club member who has stopped playing 40k.

This has kept me busy over the last 2 months, chipping away where I can at building, repairing and converting stuff.

In all, the army consists of:
- Farseer
- 6 War Walkers
- 3 Wave Serpents
- 1 Falcon
- 20 Dire Avengers
- 6 Jetbikes

I've got a few missing bits here and there, which I'm scouring eBay to get hold of. I'm also planning on converting the Jetbikes into Dire Avenger style riders, as opposed to the really old and pants looking Guardians riding them.

The plan is also to convert another Jetbike rider into an Autarch with Power Weapon, so I've got a 2nd HQ choice and to pad out my points a bit more.

I've not done a list yet, so I don't know exactly how many points I have of the Eldar. All I know is that I'm after a unit to ride in the 3rd Wave Serpent. Fire Dragons maybe? Who knows... Eldar is still really new to me and I'm having a "I want everything" moment.

I'm also yet to decide on a colour scheme for the army. Red is a no, no because of my Khorne Daemons. Green is also bad because of Orks and Dark Angels. Blue I'm also not keen on as I want the Dire Avengers to stand out, and also it's too close to my Dark Eldar army.

At the moment, I'm thinking about a Yme-Loc craftworld, but that could be another blog post entirely!


So that's me for now. Baby Badger is due any time now, so I'm sure just as I've escaped one thing stopping me from hobbying, I'll have another reason to neglect my plastic crack mountain.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Club Tournament: The Build Up (now with oversized picture)

MAWS has arranged a interclub tournament with a few other clubs, The Lost Boyz, and Warrington Warlords to name a couple. The idea is it will be a one day tournament of three games at each clubs home. Angryman has been MAWS's representative for organisation and knows more information, what I want to talk about is my army.

The tournament will be played in an European Team Championship style, which means each team will have six members and each member will be pitched against a random member from the opposing team, each team member from MAWS has chosen a different army, I will be taking my Grey Knights as we already have a Wolf player and my Night Lords just aren't competitive enough.

So here is my slightly competative, but hopefully fun to play with/against Grey Knights


Grand Master 175
Halberd 5
Psybolt Ammo 5

Librarian 165 (Quicksilver, Sanctuary, Shrouding)
Psybolt Ammo 5


Vindicare 145


5 Terminators 200
Psycannon 25
Psybolt Ammo 20

5 Terminators 200
Psycannon 25
Psybolt Ammo 20

Fast Attack

Storm Raven 205 (TL Plasma Cannon, TL Multi-Melta)

Storm Raven 205 (TL Assault cannon, TL Heavy Bolters)
Psybolt 20

Heavy Support

Purgation Squad 100
4 Psycannons 80

Total: 1600

Normally I would run my terminators as one squad, so that I can combat squad them and save some points. This time though, because I am on low points, I couldn't afford a Strike Squad and the Purgation Squad which has proven so effective in the past. I also had to drop the two Dreadnoughts in favour of a Grand Master (for his Grand Stratergy) and to keep the Vindicare Assasin in the list (he is rediculous awesome). The Dreadnoughts were always an effective and stable part of my army, but I decided on going with synergy and a more reliable anti-tank/anti-character.

Let me know what you think of the list, and how you would change it, I have to take two Storm Ravens as I forked out enough cash for them. The Vindicare has been in every Grey Knight army I have ever made for the last 6 years, so he is also a vital part of my gameplay.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Round 3 of the beard!

So seeing as Mike and I have been bearded out, Paul has also decided to grow his beard. He started the game by looking at me and asking "3 vendetta's in 1600pts is not beardy is it?". Enjoy the weekly beard update as we all try out something a little different just for a laugh.