Sunday, 22 April 2012

Club tournament - Round 1

We have just given Paul away as a mercenary and have now been drawn against Lost Boys in the first round which will be Dawn of War Annihilation.

So for the first game, I managed to scrape a 6-5 win from a very close game that came down to who could get the kill first.

Angryman got a 12-5 win against a guard army with 3 vendettas

Mr One. Lost 4-1 against an eldar army

Sanguinius won by tabling our own Paul for a loss of none giving him a 13-0.

Mike B lost 12-3 to a beautiful Ork counts as army which was modelled as mutants. (see picture)

Mike F also got a win at 6-5 against a pristine White Scars army.

Call back shortly for round 2


  1. 1st game I came up against Paul who was playing as a merc for another team. It was ideally suited for my army - Dawn of war/annihilation. I placed scouts in middle of table & everything else zoomed on fast first turn. Paul moved on or into cover so had nothing to fire. By turn 2 I had dreads in combat & tanks firing full capacity. It was a blood bath & I lost only 2 or 3 men. Had it been for some better dice rolls & more importantly not dawn of war Paul would have had much better chance to take some things down on turn 1. Congrats to Paul on his draw in third game against a hard hitting very fast ork army

  2. My first game was against an imp guard list, 3 vendettas and 2 lemun Russ tanks, I wasn't holding out much hope for me. Thanks to good rolling by me and extremely unlucky rolling by my opponent I managed an extremely rare tabling of a guard list. It was a good game