Sunday, 22 April 2012

Club Tournament - Round 2

Second round we were drawn against the Northern Warlords in a 5 objective pitched battle.

I was put against an Eldar list with an abundance of strength 6 shots and Eldrad. My opponent got first turn and got some really lucky rolls imobalising one of my Storm Ravens and crippling my attack. My luck was out until turn 3 and by then my numbers were too small to make a difference. I ended up with a loss of 2-0

Mr One also got a loss but only 2-1 against a Space Wolf list with a large amount of troops.

Mike F. Got a loss of 3-0 having one plague marine left of the board facing an Imperial Guard army.

Angryman lost 2-0 against an all bike Space Marine army due to a bad first turn (good opponents turn 1).

Sanguineus lost 1-0 after killing Shrike, Cassius and a full unit of Storm Shield Terminators.

Mike B managed to get the only win in the team with 2-1 against an Ork bike army.

Lets hope round 3 goes better.


  1. My 2nd game was very bloody on both sides although I lost by an immobile dread being with 3" of an objective and my drop pod finally being popped on turn 7 I won on victory points 1042 - 1035. Not much was left on the table. Suprisingly Shrike, Cassius & 8 TH/SH Terminators went down quite quickly with Tycho leading the charge from the stormraven with a 5 man tactical squad and a Furioso.

  2. My 2nd game was against an all bike marine army, I thought I stood a good chance until my opponent got first turn, infiltrated and scout moved his scout bikers with combi melta and melta bombs. My land raider was popped first round. It didn't start well for me. It then went from bad to worse, all my scoring units were eventually killed but my terminators avenged my fallen marines and kicked bike marine ass. Unfortunately I didn't have the time or speed to contest any objectives, a well deserved win to my opponent .

  3. The old Melta alpha strike. Works well with storms too!!