Sunday, 22 April 2012

Club tournament - Round 3

So the last game was three objectives, spearhead. The objective in the middle was worth 2pts, the opponents objective was worth 2pts and your own was worth 1pt.

I lost in the last turn (3 times as it went to turn 7) after holding the middle and my opponents objectives from turn 2, but the attrition was against me and he whittled me down. I ended up with a 1-0 loss

Mike B lost 2-0 against a Blood Angels list

Sanguinius lost 3-0 against a Chaos Marine list including Kharn, with the Chaos player making 3 repair rolls on his Rhinos.

Mr One got a draw 0-0 against a Khorne Daemons list.

Angryman won 5-0 against a Space Wolf "Loganwing" army with the opponent conceeding.

Mike F lost 3-1 against an Imperial Guard army with a lot of Vets and two Vendettas.

So there you go. I will post up the results shortly.


  1. My 3rd game was v chaos marines with loads of bezerkers, 2 squads of chosen, and few squads of chaos marines. With so much melta I lost stormraven, baal pred, lost assault cannon off other baal pred & a furioso dread all in turn 3. This decimated my army & it was only a matter of time. In the end the repair rolls on his immobillised rhinos were amazing 4 out of 6, I think, and were the main reasons I lost. One managed to move across & shelter a lone bezerker on his base within storm bolter range from drop pod and another managed to get across & contest mine.

    The best moments of the game were:

    1. Kharn after slicing straight through my furioso & consolidating on died to bolt pistol shots from Tychos 5 man tactical squad.

    2. Tycho & 5 tactical marines holding their ground on middle objective taking down 4 or 5 times their number. Tycho was eventually left on his own & went down valiantly, as he always should, with only 7 enemy, across 2 squads, walking away to tell the tale.

  2. Thanks guys for coming along hope you all had 3 good games.

    My game against James was very bloody and in the end very close, which I must say I really enjoyed. I can't wait for the return leg.

    On a side note did Paul manage to remember where he lived?

  3. Ill go back to my box now. And polish my calgar. Rueing the fact that i forgot my smoke launchers on my landraider and the man with golden dice in the second game. My epic draw in the 3rd against khorne daemons. Well back to my rocking chair and reminiscing about hero quest and the good old days of epic space marine.

  4. Hi all. Thanks for a brill day and a lend of a merc. Thanks to Marcus and Josh for keeping Dylan entertained for the day, especially Josh job well done mate.

    The pics Dylan took are on the link below


  5. My 3rd game was against an elite Logan army, 2 land raiders, lone wolf, thunder wolf, wolf scouts (I can't remember the rest of the list). I managed to pop both land raiders early on with lucky melta rolls off my dread and tactical squad, from then on I could choose my targets and las / melta his terminators and lord, after i took out his scoring units and his scouts turned up on the wrong side of the board it was game over, my opponent concedeced the match.