Monday, 30 April 2012

Design a character

Hi all,

Angryman here.  I was recently inspired by an old pod cast episode where the cast members created 2 40K characters.  They all had a full 'entry' comprising of name, statistics, wargear, special rules and points cost.  This got me thinking that we could do the same.

The Gauntlet has now been thrown down

Who can create their very own character to use in 40K games at the club?

The character doesn't have to be 'independant', it could be a named monster like Old One Eye, it could be a unique 1 person unit or a unit upgrade such as Tank Commander Pask.  The character would need to have some sort of background fluff, even a few lines to give everyone an idea of where the character comes from.  obviously the biggest stumbling block would be deciding the points cost of the uber character.  All stat lines, abilities and wargear must be represented by an appropriate cost, you couldn't have someone like the swarmlord at 115 points.

Once we have a few characters the next step would be to build and paint them and then run them out against someone elses army, after putting them on the blog of course!!!

so there it is, any takers?

All comments welcome


  1. Simple, in fact I could give you a squad plus a character for use in my night lords, fluff is already pre-written, in the books.

  2. When I get to a computer I will type it up.

  3. Talos WS6 BS5 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 LD10 SV3+/4++ Rules/Wargear: Force Weapon, Psyker lvl 2, Warptime, Night vision, Infiltrate, Eternal Warrior, Furious Charge, Combi-Bolter, Bolt Pistol Cost: 150pts

    First Claw (Infantry 4 models) WS6 BS5 S4 T4 W2 I4 A2 LD10 SV3+/5++ Rules/Wargear: Rending (CC only), Furious Charge, Infiltrate, Bolters, Pistol, CC weapon Cost: 150pts

  4. Character has very similar stats to tycho & combi weapon, force weapon similar to his iron hand-ish, but has eternal warrior is a master psycher with infiltrate but is 25 points cheaper ? I presume he's an independant character or is he on his own. mephiston doesnt have eternal warrior & he's 250 points ;-)

    Squad are comparable to old death company with rending but have 2 wounds & infiltrate. I'd say better than termies in a way. id say 40 points is fair (160) extra wound offsets lack of fists & infiltrate gets them closer without getting shot on way or mishapping on deepstrike

  5. here is my attempt

    Tyranid - designation Wolverine (commanly known as nanny nid)
    Elite choice 65 points each 1 - 3 per unit

    Each wolverine in the unit may be split off and attached to another tyranid unit (once attached in this way they become part of that unit and cannot leave it)

    WS4 BS2 S4 T5 W2 I3 A2 LD9 SV3++

    Rules / Wargear
    teeth and claws (standard tyranid CC weapons)
    scything talons (re-roll 1's to hit in cc)
    Psychic scream (psychic power)
    regeneration field (ability)

    Special rules
    Psychic scream - as per standard codex power (psychic shooting attack 12" range S3 AP3 assault D3) for each unsaved wound made by the attack the wolverine can heal a wound back to its starting amounts of wounds. Additionally, the healed wound can be transfered to another member of the unit the wolverine is attached to. This ability cannot revive killed models nor can it take a model beyond its starting amount of wounds.

    Regeneration field - before any shooting attacks or run moves are declared the wolverine can attempt to pass a psychic test, if successful it can bestow the feel no pain universal special rule onto itself, the unit it is attached to or a friendly unit within 6"

    Fluff - As hivefleet tattybojangles rampages its way deeper into the heart of the imperium it encountered increasing levels of resistance and suffered more and more casualties due to amount of space marine chapters it was fighting against, particularly the blood angels. The space marines use of apothecary's had not gone un-noticed. Due to recent encounters with dark eldar raiders and their extensive use of poisoned weapons the hive fleet had to adapt. Thus the woverine was born, a creature designed to help the tyranid hordes survive the incredible amount of resistance it faced without expending vast amount of resourses to replenish numbers.

  6. just realised the wolverine should have a 3+ save not a 3++ inv save

  7. forgot this too, under 'regeneration field' the feel no pain casting lasts until the start of the tyranid players next turn

  8. Bit late on this one, but I've just found an old character of mine that I created / adapted from a backstory in the Ork codex.

    Great Boss Tuska - 140pts
    Stats: Same stats as Warboss from Codex: Orks
    Wargear: Power Klaw, Twin-Linked Shoota, Cybork Body, Bosspole, Eavy Armour, Tuska's Elmet.

    Special Rules:
    - Tuska's Elmet: +D3 Attacks when charging, instead of +1.
    - Red Mist: Tuska takes a LD test at start of Assault phase, if passes, he can re-roll failed to-hit rolls. If he fails, then the enemy re-rolls their hits against him.

    What do you reckon?

  9. I like it, nice and straight forward, have you got any fluff for him?

  10. Pg 26 of the Ork Codex. Tuska the Daemonkiller.

  11. Just thought I'd give rules to a character with a cool story.