Monday, 4 July 2011


Hi all,

Angryman here.  Recently I've not been buying models or painting them (I really should, I've got more unpainted than painted), I've been buying and trying to make terrain and scenery for my little plastic men with swords to play in.

I'm a big fan of the Games Workshop scenery and terrain pieces.  I've got quite a large collection but I've been wanting to do differant types of terrain rather than the old ruined buildings and hills that dominate most battlefields.

The Orks we're keeping watch as the local gypo's had nicked the lead and copper pipes from their battlewagon
What I was wanted to make was some really eye catching, differant, awe inspiring terrain but what I ended up with was the crashed Aquila Lander stuck to plywood and sand glued onto it

I hang my head in shame
I did a search online for some inspiration and found some fantastic boards and terrain pieces

I had hoped to use those images as a template for my own terrain pieces, I got some modelling supplies, set up an area on my diningroom table and told my wife to leave me alone for the rest of the day, 30 mins later all I had was a big pile of sh*t

I've come to the conclusion that I need to invest in a well known book

I should get the 'for dummies' version
Well thats what I've been upto recently, how about you lot, are you any good at making terrain or painting it or both?

all comments welcome


  1. The GW terrain book has a lot of good ideas and techniques. But the only thing that really helped me was practice. I cringe when I look at some of the terrain pieces I made even one year ago. Keep at it.

  2. thanks for your advice, i think the hardest part for me is visualising the terrain i want to make in my own head

  3. I enjoyed my hastily built cities of death terrain over the course of about 3 weeks for that wargames demo. Looks good considering the actual time spent on it. Though thinking up ideas in such a short time is difficult. The first few I knew what i wanted so they turned out as I planned.

    Now just few odd chaos bits to paint n base n done.

  4. Hi Angryman
    a chat with the rest of the guys in the club would be an advantage
    I have built lots of terrain peices over many years, scratch building is my speciality, see tau waround on youtube for the kind of stuff i make. i like wargaming, but i enjoy building and painting stuff more!
    I am a professional modelmaker and also worked in special effects for films many years ago....hellraiser, nightbreed etc
    i think an ideal project for 40k battles would be a huge spacecraft with lots of different levels to fight and capture.
    I am normally at the club every monday night in the small back room playing black powder or force on force and you may already now me!

    we'll have a chat then if you like


    Mark German

  5. Hi Mark,

    that sounds like a very interesting idea, what did you have in mind for the spacecraft?