Sunday, 15 April 2012

apocolypse game 10,000 points

Hi all,

Angryman here, not too long ago 4 of us from MAWS played a 10,000 point apocolypse game.  We played it on a sunday (and it lasted most of the day) and we started with the usual pre-weekend gaming ritual, a visit to Mc'Fatties.  The forces were Chaos Space Marines V's and alliance between the Space Wolves and The Grey Knights.

There were 5 Daemon Princes, 9 Oblitorators, a Shadow sword and a Baneblade in the assembled Chaos host

The Grey knights had the formidable Stormlord at their disposal

The Space Wolves had some nasty characters in their midst

The mighty Thunderhawk gunship

Between the two armies there was a lot of firepower and superheavy goodness assembled, this was going to be a good game.

the gaming table in all its glory, it measured 6ft by 8ft and had about 48 terrain pieces, it was played over the city's of death gaming mats.

After the deployment lines were defined the Chaos forces deployed dead center of the table, superheavies leading the attack.

The space marines had left just under half of their points worth of models / units off the board, including the Thunderhawk, both storm ravens and all of the terminators.

The chaos side started off by moving all the troops around and towards the objectives (there were 6 in all) and spreading out the daemon princes in support of their troops.  The superheavies moved into better firing positions.

During the shooting phase the shadowsword took 2 structure points off the stormlord but more importantly it destroyed the vulkan mega bolter (thank god!!!)

That, unfortunately, is where this blog ends for 2 reasons, the others who took part can continue the battle report and mainly because i cant remember what happened.

All comments welcome

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