Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Interclub challenge

Hi All,

Angryman here, this Sunday 7 of the club members are taking part in the first northwest interclub challenge, 4 clubs, 6 members each will play each other over 3 games.  Our 7th club member will be a mercenary for one of the other clubs.  I'm taking my Salamanders for their first tournament outing.  Each army is 1600 points, my list consists of


5 assault terminators with thunder hammer and storm shields
land raider redeemer with extra armour

Ironclad with heavy flamer and drop pod

2 tactical marine units each with a flamer, multimelta, powerfist and a razorback with twin linked lascannon

5 man devestator squad with 4 missile launchers and razorback with twin linked lascannon.

The practise game I had on Monday went well,  I fought against an Ultramarine list run by Mr 1.  I'm calling him that because of the amount of 1's he rolled, he was very unlucky!!

He had just rolled another 1 and was calling me unpublishable names as I took this picture
We had to nominate a team referee who would be impartial and able to impart his wisdom for the team and to make crucial decisions that would effect the outcomes of games.  We couldn't find one so we opted for our own rules nazi - Col Straken

I'll be taking pictures of the tournament and publishing the results after Sunday.

All comments welcome

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