Tuesday, 1 December 2009

[APOC] The Eye of Terror

So, last Sunday all the regular 40k lot from MAWS participated in a semi-recreation of the Eye of Terror:

Jamie's Imperial Guard led by Ursarkar Creed teamed up with Marcus' Ultramarines went toe to toe with Rob and Ste's Chaos Marines led by Abaddon and James' Chaos Daemons who were summoned into battle with a host of massive Greater Daemons.

Unfortunately, we only got through 2 full game turns in this epic 9,000 point per side battle, including a massive amount of Imperial Guard and Ultramarine tanks (including Ste's Baneblade fighting for the Imperium!).

Find some piccies below :)
Thousand Sons secure a Bastion objective as the forces of Nurgle cross the board.

Fiends of Slaanesh surround the defending Ultramarines as they materialise from The Warp.

The Imperial Gunline prepares for the incoming Chaos Marine attack!

Any questions or comments are always welcome, and feel free to ask for more information!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun.

    You guys need to paint your stuff. ;)

  2. Yeah, I'm in the process of starting to paint all the Guard stuff.

    Only recently got it in a trade with a friend from MAWS, so was really eager to use it.

    Next big Apocalypse game should involve lots of Orks!

  3. I try and get some stuff painted but I have been in the process of building 3 armies (not been playing that long but get bored easily :) )so i've been buying more stuff than I can paint. I also had to paint a few thousand eldar and chaos marines for my 2 boys last x-mas in a few weeks --- so it kinda took it out of me. I've more or less finished building my armies --- so next year can concentrate on painting. It takes a long time to build over 8000 points of marines, daemons and orks. My marines have quite a lot painted but not full of randomness of chaos daemons.

  4. If you ever want a game ??????

  5. looking forward to playing the big ork game, armageddeon recreation, saying that i want to get my nids on a maccragge recreation.

    If you ever want a game let us know

  6. I have only just recently obtained my Chaos Marines and this was their second outing. once i get some money together (after Christmas probably) then i will start on Painting them in their future Black Legion Colours.

  7. Ahh well just short of 4k painted now!!! What next maybe honour guard