Friday, 4 December 2009

[POLL] The Greatest Chaos God?

It is a long standing debate over which Chaos God is the greatest. Khorne the god of blood and war, Nurgle the god of plague and pestilence, Slaanesh the god of pleasure, or Tzeentch the god of change.

All four gods have benefits and negatives the choice is yours who to follow.

Or is there a greater path to hold them all as equals and worship them together, does that give you greater strength or does it dilute the power?

Lets start with Khorne. he is bloodthirsty and his troops are just the same, at just over 20pts per model, they are fairly cheap for an extra attack and furious charge they are also able to have up to 3 plasma pistols in one unit. The daemon weapon for the lord is particularly devastating allowing up to 18 power weapon attacks.

But Khorne does not have the staying power of Nurgle who are toughness 5 making them alot harder to kill and effectively having two saves thanks to Feel no pain. they can be equipped like a standard squad and have both offensive and defensive grenades, their Daemon weapon can kill any creature

Tzeentch has the staying ability and killing power of both by having a 4+ invulnerable save so that even lascannons are not a threat to them and AP3 bolters means even the Power armour of Space marines is useless. however their disadvantage is high cost and slow movement having to be lead by a sorcerer champion who does have a force weapon (bonus)

Slaanesh has high initiative and multiple weapon settings allowing movement and a high number of shots or stationary firepower. They also have a weapon which strips the armour of Space marines. I don't know too much of Slaanesh so you will have to fill in the gaps

As for going "Black Legion" this is the path i have started to fall down, the increase in effectiveness outweighs the loss of power that each unit suffers from only having one or having normal marines with a banner for them as then the Tzeentch can give the Khorne a cover save while getting their Invulnerable, Nurgle chosen can infiltrate and stay around, the Tzeentch can whittle down any opponent before the Khornate close in and finish them off. It all works in Harmony.

Now you get your say.
Which do you think is best, or do you believe in uniting the Chaos powers for the greater evil.

[Update] You can now vote in the poll on the right hand side of the page :)


  1. If it all works in harmony then where the hell is Slaanesh in your Black Legion. Slaanesh rules and he will send his daemonettes of fury to rend you senseless with this insult !!!!

  2. well i am actually thinking of using some Noise Marines. So i think you will find that my Black Legion will be complete, I am still tweaking the final list.

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  4. Slaanesh & then Tzeentch for me. I do like the staying power of nurgle but they are boring as hell going off my experience with daemons. Unless you want your opponent to start crying because a nurgling has 3 wounds and are eternal warriois :) and can usually kill not kill an awful lot . Khorne is prob my least favourite probably out of the 4.

  5. Poor poor Straken he has turned away from glorious light of the Emperor!!! They would all pay by bolt or blade they will be brought down..

  6. Khorne is probably my Favourite because of his simple minded way... "KILL, BURN, MAIM" as Kharn puts it best.

  7. Chaos are all just a bunch of Emo's all they are is pure emotions!!! Better not say too much as they might hurt themselves they are sensitive you know

  8. I've added a poll to the right hand side of the page now :)

    In two minds though, Khorne is my favourite Daemon God and in General, but I like the Emperor's Children :(

  9. and so it begins !!!!!!!!! Emperors children to compliment my slaanesh daemons :) . You shouldn't have tempted me with those noise marines badger