Thursday, 5 April 2012

Club Tournament: The Build Up (now with oversized picture)

MAWS has arranged a interclub tournament with a few other clubs, The Lost Boyz, and Warrington Warlords to name a couple. The idea is it will be a one day tournament of three games at each clubs home. Angryman has been MAWS's representative for organisation and knows more information, what I want to talk about is my army.

The tournament will be played in an European Team Championship style, which means each team will have six members and each member will be pitched against a random member from the opposing team, each team member from MAWS has chosen a different army, I will be taking my Grey Knights as we already have a Wolf player and my Night Lords just aren't competitive enough.

So here is my slightly competative, but hopefully fun to play with/against Grey Knights


Grand Master 175
Halberd 5
Psybolt Ammo 5

Librarian 165 (Quicksilver, Sanctuary, Shrouding)
Psybolt Ammo 5


Vindicare 145


5 Terminators 200
Psycannon 25
Psybolt Ammo 20

5 Terminators 200
Psycannon 25
Psybolt Ammo 20

Fast Attack

Storm Raven 205 (TL Plasma Cannon, TL Multi-Melta)

Storm Raven 205 (TL Assault cannon, TL Heavy Bolters)
Psybolt 20

Heavy Support

Purgation Squad 100
4 Psycannons 80

Total: 1600

Normally I would run my terminators as one squad, so that I can combat squad them and save some points. This time though, because I am on low points, I couldn't afford a Strike Squad and the Purgation Squad which has proven so effective in the past. I also had to drop the two Dreadnoughts in favour of a Grand Master (for his Grand Stratergy) and to keep the Vindicare Assasin in the list (he is rediculous awesome). The Dreadnoughts were always an effective and stable part of my army, but I decided on going with synergy and a more reliable anti-tank/anti-character.

Let me know what you think of the list, and how you would change it, I have to take two Storm Ravens as I forked out enough cash for them. The Vindicare has been in every Grey Knight army I have ever made for the last 6 years, so he is also a vital part of my gameplay.


  1. Is this all being painted & based beforehand ??? :D

  2. That's the plan. It's the ravens that will take the longest.

  3. Hows the painting going??

    i see the dirty broken vindicare is in there still!!! how can that unit have better stats than a daemon prince or a hive tyrant