Monday, 12 May 2014

Finally the heldrakes have risen during 6th editions death throes

I finally gave myself a kick up the backside to get my dragondrakes finished.

I did a post a while ago showing some progress so don't plan to write anything, just a quick splash of some pictures.  I really do need to learn to take better pictures.

The first 2 I had a rough idea of how i wanted them to look and just wanted to get them done.  The 3rd I got a little bit more confident and hacked up the base model a little so its hunched over its prey ready to unleash the fiery fury.

They will hopefully be getting their first proper run out tonight ......... I know 3 heldrakes in a list will make me  'THAT' guy but I doubt they will all make it out for a dragons night out again any time soon.  "Hey, whilst we are all together why not invite our very grounded cousins".

It's a family reunion.

I think I've done a fairly decent job.  The maulerfiend & forgefiend have had really positive responses as they have stuck to the GW concept.  I'm thinking that the drakes will get a mixed reaction.  My simple reply will be it only cost me about 12 to make the 5 of them & I have enough to make another.

Criticisms aside, though please do leave any you have, should I make another maulerfiend or a plasma-dragonfiend ?


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  2. Very nice work! Even if doing like THAT guy sucks, fielding such nice models would be enough to please your opponent and go over an overpowered list. Usually, nobody wants to see 3 unpainted badly glued Helldrakes which is usually what field *THAT* Guy. Better losing against a nice worked army

  3. Thanks.
    been over n left comments on your blog.
    anyone reading this would highly reccomend reading through his narrative campsign "The Reich of the Thousand Dead".
    I can't wait for the next installment.