Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year Plans

It's a new year and a new start so i'm going to start this years posts with an open thread abour what your new year resolution (for 40k) is.

What is this years plan for your 40k. Have you got a new army lined up, expanding on an old one, or are you waiting for a new release to come out?

I know my plans are varied and i probably wont stick to them. I'm planning to increase my Chaos army with a couple of Defilers and Noise Marines. I am toying with the idea of a Nid army, and also I am itching to get my Grey Knights off the shelf, but this time i am going to use them as Allies to either my Raven Guard, or maybe expand on the Marines possibly with Kantor or Karn as their leader, maybe even the Mighty Lysander.

Because of money obligations the Nids are looking unlikely but the Marines are a possibility.

So over to you and your plans, if any.


  1. well my new year plans are

    expand my nid collection with lots of new models

    expand my CSM with some khorne units

    expand my eldar by adding more troops and dire avengers

    AND start a salamander SM army from scratch

  2. paint, paint & more paint.
    few conversions to do.
    Put together my Emperors Children

  3. My new year plans:

    - Get around to painting my Guard army and get it out on the table regularly.

    - Expand the Guard to be a full Mech army with the Valkyries and maybe an extra Chimera or two if necessary.

    - Add some more scoring units to my Khorne Daemon army. So far it's done well in Kill Point games, but it's yet to take on an objective based game.

    - New Ork bits with the Fourth (or Third?) wave of Releases, like the Plastic Deff Dred. Possbily some converted Warbuggies or Skorchas.

    - Hopefully see some Necrons towards the end of the year, if so, add and expand with them.

    - Maybe... just maybe... finally finish painting my Bretonnian Fantasy army. In 5 years I think I've painted half of it. Then managed to buy a load more that require painting up.

    Merry 2010!

  4. we all seem to have plans to spend lorts of money at GW, how do they get us to part with so much of our money?

  5. Because we are all fools with too much time on our hands at work.