Monday, 14 December 2009

[Nids] 40K Tyranid Rumor overlook

We have all been hearing a lot about the new Tyranid infestation the last couple of months and the rumors are looking more and more solid. Even the Nids are moving towards transport options with the release of a spore capsule, this will work similar to a drop pod with the exception of the drop pod assault rule, as far as we know up to now. Also the spore capsule is going to have a toughness and wounds, which means harder to kill, but you can be locked in combat with it. A way of keeping those weak armour units alive from shooting maybe.

There is also a drop of the eternal warrior USR for synapse creatures, those warriors are going to be much easier to deal with now, even if they are troop choices. There looks to be some nasty HQ choices including the special Tryant “The Horror” and the Tervigon looks like it could cause a lot of problems spawning Termagaunts everywhere, reminds me of fighting the Vampire Counts.

I personally am not keen on the new weapon rules, I much preferred when the creature affected the amount of shots and the strength, but I assume this is how GW plan to simplify everything and it may turn out to make the games quicker and easier to understand. This is the same with the Biomorphs giving Universal Special Rules, I am undecided on this and will have to wait until the new Codex is released and I fight against them in their new form.

I am eager to see the new models on the board, especially the Tyrannofex because at the moment I have the image of a Tyrannosaurus Rex holding a couple of flamers and a big cannon on his back. We will be releasing a full list of all our gathered rumors and information later in the week.


  1. as an avid tyranid player / collector im really looking forward to the new codex, if half of the rumours for them are true the the galaxy should be quaking in their boots!!!! Im looking forward to the new trygon (ive pre-ordered 2) and the modelling options that the tyrannofex is offering.

    A lot of people in the forums have been complaining that the nids will be unstoppable, thats not true!! there are a lot of new models (if all the rumours are to be believed) but remember each player is limited to the FOC and to balance out some of the more uber units that points would have to be taken into consideration. Most games are played between 1500 - 2000, in those limits nid players will need a lot of scoring units, gaunts are cheap but stealer are not (if they can be taken as troops). You can have a max of 2 HQ's which most people will take a tryant or one of the newer HQ upgrade choices (alphas etc), will they take a retinue (tyrant guard), most players will want at least 1 squadron of 3 fexes (i know i will)but remember, this all costs points. Nids are not unbeatable, yes they are horrible to face but if eternal warrior has been lost those valuable warriors are doomed and points values will be adjusted to accomdate eliter units.

  2. We will see when Jan white dwarf is released. For me they were over powered already but were beatable in that most nid players took a massive amount of mon creatures and little else. I am sure it will be even worse if the squadron rumours are true about fexes. benefits of a squadron without the drawbacks i.e. stunned/shaken don't affect them so can always fire all weapons, no weapon destroyed, can't be imbolised-which would be destroyed etc etc. Oh can't use grenades against them so most infantry can do rock all (wheres the starship trooper mentality) . QUESTION: what can take on 3 fexes in combat where wounds will be allocated individually i.e. this fex has x, this one has y etc (armed differently). Only thing I can think of is 10 man tooled up nob squad all with pow klaws or 10 thunder hammer terminators but then the fexes would be attacking first :(

  3. "I am sure it will be even worse if the squadron rumours are true about fexes. benefits of a squadron without the drawbacks i.e. stunned/shaken don't affect them so can always fire all weapons, no weapon destroyed, can't be imbolised-which would be destroyed etc etc."

    They're not vehicles, so they've not a squadron and can't ignore this. They can always shoot as they're MCs. They're treated as a Unit of Monstrous Creatures, which before the Guard codex craftily sneaked a reference in, there was nothing ever mentioned of them.

    All it means is now you'll have to deal with them being a pain for wound allocation like, "This one has spore launchers, this one has Scything talons, this one has crushing claws". But it's only the same as people trying to take down a Walker with only 1 Power Fist in the unit, or a dude with Melta bombs.

    If rumours are true, the Fexes are also supposedly taking a toughness drop, which would mean T5 or T6, which makes them much easier to wound.

    It's not as bad as people make out, I remember in the rumour build up to the Guard being released, everyone claimed the sky was falling, but now according to people at the GT, no Guard armies even qualified.

    Nids will always be good, because apparently they're one of the popular alien races, it's just a case of getting on with it and dealing with them.

    Synapse will be a lot easier to deal with now I can insta-kill Warriors and Tyrants (with certain weapons / abilities). It's Zoanthropes you wanna watch out for!

  4. from rumours about squadrons the fexes have to be identically armed so no wound allocation, also with the toughness drop and supposed max armour sv of 3+ they will be easier to kill, your right about the squadrons, they will be hard to stop but easier to kill with shooting than they have been.

    also there have been no mention of costs of fexes etc ini any rumours, they have mentioned about points drop in gaunts and gargoyles and stealers but not fexes which makes me think they will cost more and be easier to kill.

  5. true but it was bad enough killing a single fex walking across the battlefield before it mashed your tanks. Hopefully fexes are down to T5, then i will invest in 2 more vindicators. Best chance of taking out a squadron of fexes. Or linked up fire prisms.

    but now the squadrons can trot across and tanks will probably be dead from those new 'plasma/melta?' shot pyrovore's meaning less need for loads of fexes anyway.

    The last few codex's released are starting to get me worried about the supposedly new blood angels dex out early next year !!! Don't ruin it GW.

  6. We can't explicitly put points costs on here, but apparently a fex will cost more than 150, but less than 200 (work out for yourself in the middle).

    And a tooled up Winged Tyrant will cost the same as a Land Raider and Bloodthirster.

    So yeah, the smaller stuff gets cheaper the bigger stuff, that gets spammed to death, now gets more expensive.

    Quite fair if you ask me?

  7. the supposed anti tank isnt as bad as people first thought, the heavy weapon (HVC)is S9 and has a minus 1 to any vehicle damage chart so a glancing hit is -3 on damage chart. fexes are apparently now double their cost (approx 160 points) so any benefits in squadrons or more choices etc are negated by increases in costs.

    It would be interesting to see what GW will do with the new angels of death codex (BA / DA) i can imagine the BA becoming even more assault based, more characters, a couple of more units etc.

  8. got some tyranids last week (carnifex) i must say it has proved worthy in battle already taking out a terminator squad! he he