Thursday, 18 October 2012

Painting Pledge - Octobe Eldar - Update #2

Morning folks,

Quick one on this. Last two nights I've got a bit of painting time in on the Eldar.

I've managed to get all the bone areas done on the Guardians and made a start on the Dire Avengers, it's just taking forever. As I learnt by painting Deathwing, painting bone over a black undercoat takes forever to get a good consistency coat.

So, as it stands on my painting pledge list for this month:

Black, Metal and Bone done:
- 10 Guardians w/ Weapon Platform
- 3 Dire Avengers

Black and Metal done:
- 26 Dire Avengers

Black done:
- Farseer

- 6 Jetbikes.

13 Days to go until the end of October, and it's not looking too good.... Although once the bone areas are completed, that's the vast bulk of the work completed (hopefully!).

It's also been a bit slow going as I've not done a test model for Dire Avengers, I'm just winging the scheme as I go and hoping it turns out alright. And if not, tough!

Only other thing I was concerned about is going overboard with the bone areas on the Weapons platform since it looked a bit bare just being blac, but we'll see once it's all said and done.



  1. Progress is progress. I'm not having much sucess

  2. Got the rest of that first squad finished last night, along with the Exarch from the next squad. Progress, progress, progress!