Wednesday, 6 January 2010

[Wishlist] What would you like GW to make in 2010?

Random question and post, but was discussing this afternoon what 3 models you really would like GW to release this year?

Me personally it would be

1. Cadian Rough Riders - Plastic, with dirtbikes, or failing that some kind of cyber-steed. I really want them to re-do the rules to make them worth taking in an army and move away from the Mechanized rules. Maybe swap them from being Beasts and make them Bikes!

2. Plastic Greater Daemons - Make them with a fair few weapon options and a couple of head choices, so you can create the special characters from the Daemon book. Skarbrand could have Wing Stumps instead of Wings, Fatewaver could have a second neck on the Sprue which is split in 2, meaning you can attach both heads and Ku'Gath could have a different arm, head and / or stomach?

3. More plastic Necrons - Since it's fair and I have to pick one, probably a Plastic Necron Lord torso that can be combined with a Destroyer kit to make a Destroyer Lord, Wraith-tail for a Wraithlord etc. etc. along with different arms that can be interchanged from other kits. So like Pariah / Flayed one arms to make a Pariah / Flayed Lord. That would be awesome!

What do you guys think then, your top 3 GW wishes for 2010 - what would you like to see?


  1. 1. More plastic kits for IG Armored, Leman Russ varients like the Laser Destroyer.

    2. Ad Mek forces, Catiphractii, Preatorians, ect...

    3. Other IG Infantry formations in Plastic.

  2. me personally id like to see

    1. Plastic daemon prince for Chaos Space Marines (having recently built a metal one it became a pain in the rear)

    2. Plastic Hive Tyrant (big nid fan)

    3. Id like a new race (in plastic) introduced, something like the 'supernatural inhabitants' of the ghoul stars region in the halo zone of the 40k galaxy

  3. Ad mech forces and more guard plastic variety. Amen!

    I'd love to see them release a plastic Greatcoat set of Guardsmen, then maybe release a series of Bitz packs so you can convert Valhallans, Steel Legion, Death Korps and Vostroyans from the plastic greatcoats.

  4. A new Xeno race that isnt coated in 3+ saves with ridiculous Strength 10 AP1 Lance weapons of doom and Despair. Something different with alot of character, make it fun to play like Orks used to be. Though I think Ste is a little too obssessed with the Ghoul Stars.

    Would love to see lots more plastic kits comming out. Plastic Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle would be good. Plastic Daemon Princes that give you some choices rather than everyones looking the same.

  5. I would also like to add a Defiler that doesnt look like a complete twat and comes with ALL the weapon options. You can give it two combat weapons, but we will only give you a way of building one, you can have a heavy bolter, but we wont give you one. Same with the Dreadnought, here is a load of options, we will box the Lascannon, Assault Cannon, Missile Launcher and a Combat arm with only a storm bolter, no heavy flamer. Sort it out.