Friday, 26 March 2010

[Tyranids] Under-rated Units: Termagaunts

Hi all, Angryman here with the 2nd of my posts for under-rated or hardly used units. This week its the turn of the Tyranid Termagant.

Looking at the basic statistics of the Termagaunt they are nothing impressive. They are no better than your average Imperial guardsman or Eldar guardian. If you take into consideration their 6+ save then this unit hardly seems worth taking. WRONG. These units have a considerable advantage over other troop choices.

  1. They can be taken in units numbering up to 30 models. This means they can 'tarpit' other units, holding them up for a turn or 3 and having large numbers they can withstand a lot of enemy fire power.
  2. They can be given a number of upgrades to enhance their basic statistics.
  3. They are relatively cheap (points wise).
  4. Kept in synapse range they become fearless.
  5. As they are classed as infantry they benefit from the large amount of cover saves now available in 5th edition.

The Termagunt can be equipped with a variety of different weapon and biomorph options (each with their own advantages and disadvantages) that can supplement a variety of Tyranid army builds Each of these choices comes with an increase in points so the price of your humble Termagant increases. This means you have to weigh up the option to have abilities such as furious assault or poisoned attacks with less points available for other units in your list.

Fear not as there is a unit in the newest Tyranid codex that can turn the humble Termagant into an almighty killing machine.

The Tervigon

The Tervigon is a monstrous creature which can be given biomorph upgrades just like the Termagant but with a difference. The abilities of these biomorphs are extended to EVERY Termagant unit within 6 inches. This means that you don't have to waste points upgrading individual Termagant units when you can keep them within 6 inches of a Tervigon and benefit from any furious assault and poisoned attacks upgrades for free.

I'm not finished there, if your unit is within 6 inches of the Tervigon it automatically gains counter-charge for free. What does this mean for the Termagant? Well not only do you have a scoring, possibly 30 strong unit of Termagants which can potentially take on monstrous creatures and win, if they are charged they gain the extra attack for counter-assault.

The last ability of the Tervigon is probably the best of the bunch. It can create new units of Termagants for FREE. Yes, FREE. This means that all the abilities and bonuses described above are given to even more units of Termagants. Besides killing the Tervigon there isn't a whole lot your opponent can do about it. This ability does come with one drawback, the upgraded Tervigon isn't cheap. Taking one (or more) in your list does mean that the humble Termagant unit is something to be feared.

That's it, I hope I've inspired other players to use the Termagant or at least comment on this post.


  1. Termagants are great for tarpitting units with nasty but limited in number attacks. Like terminators. 50 points of termigants will hold up 5 thunderhammer a full turn. And if you get lucky and take 1 or 2 down in the process that is just bonus.

    To bad the new weapon upgrades are so poorly priced/thought out. I have whole rundown here:

  2. I really like gaunts as a tarpit unit, cheap and cheerful but really annoying to anyone you play against

  3. Gaunts are cheap almost limitless infantry used right they can hold up important parts of the enemy force used badly especially in kill point missions the spawned units can be kill point fodder. Still as with most units in the 40k universe used right they can be awesome.