Thursday, 22 September 2011

When is it acceptable?

So, I am sat on the tram with my new phone and I was wondering how long do you have to leave the flavour of the month before it becomes acceptable?

This has bugged me because after my absolute trouncing using an un-optimised chaos list at the last tournament, I wanted to use something a little more competitive.

I looked at the army and thought this looks like Marines nothing chaosy except the look. However, Space Marines aren't overly competitive themselves. That made me look at Space Wolves and I was tempted, but I already have a Space Wolf army. So that made me turn to Blood Angels and I saw a connection. I can still take two special weapons in assault squads, the Vindicators can move 12" and still shoot!!! But mostly they have psychic powers "fear the darkness" and "shackle soul" perfect!

I then looked deeper and saw that my Heresy era World Eaters would fit these rules as well. Everyone could get furious charge and fearless for 3pts less per model if I take assault squads.

So am I a horrible person for using my Night Lords with the Blood Angels codex? (not using mass jump packs). Will counts as ever be acceptable? Is there a point when the Bandwagon leaves and it is safe to grab the old flavour?


  1. Only if they change their name to the night angels & repent. penitent chapter. may the emperor have mercy on ur soul

  2. There's no real answer when it's acceptable. Usually if there's been a Codex or two in between or when the Internet deems them "not a top tier army".

    In short, it's your cash and time in the hobby.

    The only issue I have with people using multiple armies with different codexes is just keeping track what things are and not getting confused. 1 games Khorne Berserkers are the next games Assault Squad and so on.

  3. when u say could get its a slim chance for furious charge n fearless unless u take astrorath, I'm lucky if i get 1 unit. mind u based on ur luck with termie saves u might get all ur units.

  4. go for it, as badger said, your money, your time, as long as your opponant knows exactly what is what then it would become a 'themed' army so who cares what anyone else thinks!!!