Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Painting Pledge - October Eldar

Afternoon folks,

I spent most of Sunday afternoon this weekend packing up stray Hobby bits that were spread around the house and had a thought whilst doing so. Last month I managed to paint pretty much everything that was left of my Squat army (aside from an Immolator). Meaning now, I've got a full selection of Squats to use in games.

I thought to myself - Could I do this every month? Set myself a painting goal of an army, group of minis, boxset, etc. and get them painted up over the month dedicating time to that specific goal. Rather than haphazardly deciding what to bother painting, then deciding I don't fancy that race / model / system and then getting bored before I'd even picked up a brush - then spending an evening watching Tele or on the XBox instead.

So... onwards to the painting pledge!

This month, I'm looking at paint up the infantry sections of my Eldar army.

This comprises of the following:
- 1 Farseer
- 1 Autarch / Farseer on Jetbike
- 5 Jetbikes
- 10 Guardians w/ Weapon Platform
- 30 Dire Avengers

I think that's everything anyway... The other stuff is Vehicles and Walkers.

The idea is that the stuff on the list above, will be finished before November starts, hopefully with time to spare to start on other bits and bobs, or prepare next month's stuff with undercoats.

So far I've got 4 test Guardians done from last Summer, which rather than strip and re-paint them, I'm going to plough on with the Ulthwe colour scheme I used. It was quick, simple and extremely dirty. So I'm hoping that I can get through this lot pretty quick.

I'll try and blog and tweet (@MAWS40K) as much as I can of goings on and hopefully it'll keep me motivated enough to get on with them.



  1. Go painting machine !!!!
    Badgers quick dirty paint schemes always work well getting through large numbers of models and look great on the table top. His quick ork painting guide, on here somewhere, let me get through a fair number of orks.
    I only seem to be able to get painting done when I'm on a deadline. Seeing as I don't have the time or inclination to go to any tournaments anymore I don't seem to get anything done.

  2. If I can be fussed, I'll try doing a step by step for each of my armies as I come to batch paint them.

  3. I do like the Eldar pic. Tho what the frig he's shooting at the end I can't imagine !!!

  4. He's shooting at one of the 500 Necron Flyers that they're facing in 6th Edition.