Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Painting Pledge - October Eldar Update #1

Morning folks,

It's been 10 days since my initial October painting pledge started and I've yet to do an update about it, so here goes...

Last few weeks have been busy and I lost out on a week due to having my painting area being out of action for the week, so I only actually made a start on things last night.

I managed to get the Farseer, 10 Guardians, Weapon Platform and 10 Dire Avengers undercoated completely last night but eventually gave up because of the sheer amount of bits that were snapping off the model.

I'm not entirely sure of the reasoning for this, as at first I thought it was because the Dire Avengers were all 2nd hand so had been assembled using cheap glue. Then parts of my Guardians that I had assembled with GW plastic glue began falling apart.

So I ended up with a big pile of snapped off bitz (one Dire Avenger fell apart so bad I had the head, torso, weapon arm and legs in individual pieces again) that I was trying to glue, then undercoat once it dried. Which got me really annoyed so I had to stop painting eventually.

I also found that my Super Glue (non-GW) had congealed into a big glue blob inside the bottle, so the only Glue I have at the moment is GW plastic glue thick. I'm still not entirely sure on the reasoning why the glues have been so brittle recently... Whether it's to do with the fact that my paint desk has been near the radiator when I'm not using it.

Either way, it's really annoying and I'll need to pick myself up some superglue over this week for more repairs.

So tonight, if I get chance I'm going to finish off the Dire Avengers and start on Jetbikes.

21 days left.


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