Friday, 26 October 2012

Terrain and Terra Genesis

Morning all,

Yesterday afternoon I had a bit of a thought where I wanted to be able have a gaming table at home, rather than be at the mercy of club timings and what not. Especially if there's a tournament coming up since I can't fit big games in on a Monday night.

So, I've got myself a dining room table, had the board cut and used it for the last 2 years or so but struggled with terrain. Either someone has had to bring it round or we've played with very low, small objects. Which is a bit harsh when using Dark Eldar.

And also, at the moment, the stuff we have at the club is taking a bit of a battering and if we would like to host any tournaments would need some more, and more varied, scenery.

So I'm planning a bit of a terrain push soon. I'm going to sort myself out with a terrain bits box and drop bits and bobs of interesting finds in there. Then try and do a few different pieces each month. It'll probably never happen though, since I've got models I bought or was bought last Xmas, that are still sat in a box.

But I spent some time looking around a website called Terra Genesis and came across some interesting, easy enough looking and pretty cool terrain pieces. There's all sorts of cracking work on there, but I'm going to focus on some of the things I'm planning on actually attempting that can be done over the space of a weekend or evening, whilst taking care of a 6 month old baby daughter.

I'm also trying to avoid Polystyrene wherever possible. I know it's really good for terrain and storage, but it's been expensive to get hold of the pink stuff in the past, hassle and mess to work with and would mean buying / making a wire cutter. I used a bread knife last time when I made a castle for LOTR and there's probably still bits of polystyrene stuck to the carpet in my parent's house.

Here goes:
Alien Plants made from straws -

Palm Trees made from cocktail sticks and scouring pads -

Warpgates made from bottle bits and screws -

Craters made from a CD base and foil pie cases -

Ping pong ball and computer cable alien plants -

Wrecked Cars made from tin-foil and plaster -

Rocks in a box, handy for storage -

Tall Birch trees made from floral wire and tape -

Alien spore things made from the tops of Coke bottles and FIRE! -

Cheap and easy trees made from green shredded paper -

Hills that are easy to transport and store, made from Sponge -

Plants made from sandwich bag ties -

Plants made from plastic sprue -

Hedges made from green pan scourers -

Ruins and outposts from Cardboard casing -

Tree stumps made from Pumpkin stalks -

Ruins made from cardbord and polyfilla -

All images used belong to Terra Genesis and the respective article authors.

So yeah, that's my plan and some ideas. Maybe not for rest of this year, it could be my Wargaming resolution for 2013

I figured I'd do a brain dump here and I can use the links to refresh my memory later on.



  1. I have more than enough terrain to make an apocalypse sized city we used at phallanx but want some trees. Think I'll steal the green paper & pipe cleaner idea once I'm not painting the models I'm planning on selling. That reminds me I still need to do those tree bases for you, badge lol

  2. I'm on Terra Genesis a bit too, you may have missed them but I did a number of templates for making 40k foamcard buildings and ruins. They may be slightly more complex in places than some of the examples you've cited for solving your terrain issue quickly but still help yourself to the STCs on my blog:

    Additionally there are free wound, psychic power and objective markers. Not to mention a red planet terrain mat to pritn out, if you've got access to a large printer [or many small ones and sellotape ;) ] So tell your friends

  3. Cheers for the comment Dwez. The templates look good, but probably more than I'm wanting to do with this terrain especially since I've not got any Foamcard, where as Cardboard I can get easily and for free.

    But the wound and other stuff markers are excellent, thanks for sharing them!

    1. Not to worry, they're always there if you need them and anyone else at MAWS is free to have a go if they want. Lost Boys Gaming in Southport mentioned the next inter club challenge hosted by you lot in December, i may try and get a 'pass' from the wife and joing the team...