Thursday, 13 October 2011

Badger's Log - Hitting the Hobby Wall

Hello all,

Recently I've been finding hobbying a little difficult whilst at home. Last weekend I managed to finish painting up 3 Bloodcrushers and a Deathwing test model in pretty good time.

Spirits were high and I felt like I had the painting bug once again, that I wanted to finish all the half-started projects I had around. First up, were the rest of the Deathwing army.

At first it was pretty good going, they were already sprayed up, so on Saturday night I went over the undercoat to cover any gaps and get a proper solid coat. Then Sunday night, I drybrushed any Metal areas.

I got pretty confident, I thought to myself "It's only 25 models. I can get these done in a couple of nights or so at this rate..." and now, nearly 4 days later, all I've managed to do is paint about 3/4 of the bone armour on 1 terminator.

I feel like I've hit the wall...

When I get home, I don't feel like picking up the brushes to tackle the Terminators anymore, I've got no motivation to assemble and convert my Dwarfs into 40k models and I've yet to have a night where I've got home from work, in daylight and it not be raining, in order to spray my remaining Daemon models.

I'm in a hobbying lull at the moment where things don't seem to be going my way with painting especially. Personally, I like to go for quick paint jobs that get models on the table faster and I thought with Deathwing, that was pretty achievable. I underestimated how long the Bone armour colour takes to get on in a solid and even coating, which is what's consuming the vast majority of time.

Then we get onto assembling my Dwarfs, where I look at the stack of boxes and think to myself "I really can't be bothered hacking away at arms to make them have Bolters..." or other such excuses. I do want to get them done, so I can try out the Sisters of Battle WD codex for myself, but looking at the boxes and thinking how much assembly work there is to do, I'd rather suffer through painting Deathwing.

And lastly, the weather in Manchester over the last week has been absolutely shocking. Any time that I've been home and able to spray, it's been raining or vice-versa, anytime it's been dry enough to spray I've been away from home. I suppose the weather being rubbish helps in the fact that I'll stay in more and get painting done (or at least attempt to...).

So yeah, that's where I am at the moment - I thought I'd try and vent on here and also, ask for advice.

What do you guys do to try and get around "Hobby Block" ?



  1. Looks like I've stolen ur painting machine status through all this doubles tourney practice lol. 10 pink horrors & 18 blue horrors in couple of nights, as well as my built & converted prince.

    The only thing that gets me painting is entering a tourney and taking one of my many unpainted armies. Or that demo game we did & i got the last 8 tactical marines, Dante, chaplain on a bike, 10 sanguinary guard & all that plasticard terrain for apocalypse cities of death board done in 2 weeks. Nothing like a deadline to give u a kick up the arse.

  2. Have had a few weeks since getting me Vossies done where hobby just didn't happen - would try so hard but work and flu just tired me out so much I didn't have the oomf! to do hobby.... It comes back but for me, only when exciting things present!

  3. I'm the same, i've hit the painting wall, I've assemebled stuff and i've got a few more bits to buld but i cant bring myself round to paint anything, i've got the rest of my salamanders to finish and a unit of hormagants, gargoyles to complete before i move onto another army - i just cant be arsed

  4. It's been nearly 18 months since I picked up a brush in anger. But since taking on a new job at work and no longer being on shifts I just never seem to have the time. As weekends are usually taken up with the boy and cricket. So in my case its not a wall its a fortress.

  5. every fortress has its weak points, just crack the fucker!!! I know what you mean though, its hard getting regular painting sessions, i've been doing it in mad rushes where i get loads done at once then nothing for 3 or 4 months then loads done again