Friday, 7 October 2011

Baby Got Back(log)

Morning folks,

As it's nearly that joyous time when we're free from work and you can be dragged around shops, do some DIY and more importantly, get some serious hobby time in, I thought I'd post up about my escalating backlog of hobby items.

Last night I sat down and started assembling some more Bloodcrushers, then remembered that I was half way through undercoating my first Deathwing squad, so I was torn between each. Then while driving to work today and thinking about what I needed to do to finish off my Bloodcrushers, I remembered that I've got 4 boxes of Dwarf models and associated bitz sat in a cardboard box, yet to be opened.

At one point, I was well up to scratch on my hobby backlog. I had just finished my Dark Eldar off, along with some Brotherhood of the Forge tanks and I was on course to get Deathwing things assembled and painted as I bought batches. Then I started to get to the end of a project at work, which meant no hobby time. To keep me motivated at work though, I was still purchasing bits, had my birthday around that time and also bought some things on the cheap from people.

Then, after I came out of the darkness that is overtime, I started to realise that I had a lot to catch up on and also, the impending deadline of a Doubles Tournament in November, that requires me to upgrade some older models to a tournament standard with new models.

So here's what is currently in the Badger-Cave looking for some attention (as far as I can remember!):

To Assemble:
- 3 Bloodcrushers
- 50ish Dwarfs to be made into an assortment of Forgers
- 1 Immolator
- 40 War of the Ring Uruk-Hai (I'd forgotten about these!)

To Spray:
- The above, plus...

- Daemon Prince

To Paint:
- The above, plus..
- 25 Deathwing Terminators
- 1 Deathwing Chaplain
- 1 Deathwing Librarian
- 1 Belial + Magnetised Arms
- 2 Multi Melta Dreadnaughts
- 2 Drop Pods
- 2 Land Speeders
- 20 Marines
- 6 Ravenwing Bikers
- 5 Bretonnian Mounted Yeomen
- 2 Bretonnian Damsels
- 8 Bretonnian Grail Knights
- 1 Grail Reliquae with 20 Battle Pilgrims
- 3 Pegasus Knights
- 10 Knights Errant

- Wash Guard Vehicles to match the Infantry.
- Wash Necron Army to match other armies.
- Buy 2 more Daemon Princes to finish off my Khorne Daemon list.

And that's without including the other stuff I would like to buy over the next few months... I don't like having a backlog when it comes to the hobby, it's something I like to get rid of as quick as possible.

My aim for the rest of this month is to get my Daemon stuff assembled and painted, alongside the Deathwing section of my Dark Angels. From then on, the priorites are:
- Assemble my Dwarf stuff
- Finish the rest of the Dark Angels
- Make some headway with the Bretonnians, either to get playing Fantasy a bit more or to flog them on eBay.

Overall, I want to get my Dark Angels, Chaos Daemons and Brotherhood of the Forge completed by the end of the year. Any progress I can make on Fantasy / WOTR stuff is a bonus for when I get to play them.

What about you guys then? How are your backlogs looking (assuming you have one) and have you got any goals over the next weeks, months or years?



  1. for me its.....

    assemble an ork mega force
    assemble 60 blood letters
    assemble a baneblade

    spray all of the above plus
    the rest of my orks, deamons, CSM, half an eldar army, 4 boxes of terrain.

    Paint all of the above PLUS
    12 space marine terminators
    10 sternguard
    a 10 man dev squad
    2 tactical squads
    master of the forge
    techmarine with thunder fire cannon.

    I'm gonna bu busy for a long time!!!!

  2. Paint up the remaining 5k worth of blood angels, 1k nurgle daemons, 5k of orks, 2k emperors children including building rhinos with Gw doors ive haf about 2 years, thousand sons. More importantly get my half of the doubles list painted in 4 weeks. Luckily an upcoming tourney is only reason I get stuff painted these days. I need to plan to go to lots of tournies over next 12 months taking different unpainted armies as above & I might get up to date. Well if I can afford the paints with baby on way & disappearance of overtime :( at least I cant really afford to buy more models. Maybe with the exception of a daemon prince or 2 & another box of pink horrors

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