Thursday, 3 June 2010

[Paintlog] More Imperial Guard

So over the past couple of weeks I've been trying to hammer out a batch of 30 Guardsmen in assorted flavours - mostly the old metal command squad models.

Last night I finally finished the batch, and then this morning whilst I had the AM off from work, I managed to finish some special characters too! So I thought I'd share them on here.

First up is my Plastic Lord Commisar. He was made out of the plastic Senior officer bits, and the Cloak and Power Sword arm came from left over plastic Empire Pistoliers. He's painted Black and Red mostly to emphasise the fact he's a Commissar and not an officer.

This is my Manutian variant of Veteran Sergeant Harker. A tough as nails Guardsman who's carrying a Heavy Bolter. He was made from the Heavy Flamer plastic Guardsman in the Command squad, with the Flamer removed and a Valkyrie Heavy Bolter in it's place.

This is my Manutian variant of Ursarkar Creed, who didn't quite turn out like I planned. I was originally going for a "Rally to me Chaps!" look, but then realised I gave him a hat already - so why would he have a helmet? - and then the fact I painted him like Cyclops from the Xmen.

On the bright side, the way he is stood and the way his chin sinks into his neck makes him look like a chubby commander.

The Master of the Fleet was made from a Valkyrie gunner body, with a Warhammer Fantasy Zombie head - to try and make him look like a wisened yet non-Combat officer. The comms unit in his hands was made from a Heavy Weapon Gunner arms, with the "plug" bit painted to look like a screen.

The Master of Ordnance made from a Tank Commander with a peaked cap, along with a good pair of spotting binoculars! I painted him in a blue scheme so that he was visibly different from the rest of the Command squad.

3 Sanctioned Psykers I had with the batch of Guardsmen, that will either take the place of a Primaris Psyker, or form the basis for the begginning of a Psyker Battle Squad. If I get chance, I think I'll go back and touch up some more of the details on their jackets. I'd also like to have a go at making them look more stressed, maybe darkening the eyes or something.

3 More Ratlings, taking my total up to 8 now, which I think will be the maximum the unit reaches. Looking forward to using these guys on the Tabletop, despite many people considering them to be not as good as other units in the codex.

And this is the rest of what I painted... something like 2 full command squads and plenty of special weapons and Vox casters.

So yeah, I've had a busy time painting and now I've got about 5 tanks and a loooooot of Guardsmen to finish off this army. The aim is the end of the Summer hopefully!

Comments and Critiscism as usual guys!



  1. I really like the Command squads, and the Ratlings.

    I think your Creed looks really good, I assumed he had picked up a Privates helmet and was telling him to get it back on (saving his life). I also really like the Cyclops look!

    As for your Sargeant Harker, I think the gun would have looked better if it was underslung, maybe something like out of Doom (The Movie) or a Smart-gun out of Alien Vs Predator (The Game), but that is just my personal preference.

    Very good work, looking forward to seeing them all on the table and painted!

    Now, on with my own Projects!

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